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  2. Do you have access to GRL3, Sam? Or anybody else? Be good to get a few radar scans on here for the when the velocity couplets really tighten up.
  3. is it possible to ask? We can track them on gr3 radar then ..
  4. Cant usually go wrong with Bob Pack and Mark Drees, near Childress now.
  5. A dry day with long spells of sunshine. Cloud built up during the late morning and into mid afternoon but any showers were well to the east of here. At 1700 g.m.t Temp; 16.2c Max today; 17.9c Min last night; 7.0c Grass min; 4.6c Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; 0.0 mm Sunshine today so far; 10.18 hrs Mean wind speed; 15 mph N/NW Highest gust today; 29 mph NW at 1540 g.m.t 4 oktas Cu congestus and Sc Vis; over 80 km.
  6. We're just bothering them on messenger. Or Ed is. Stop it Ed.
  7. This is from the Mesoanalysys pages for +4 hours - uses the HRRR radar forecasts, and the RAP model for other parameters - I haven't seen ESRH values like this in the warm sector since the El reno day!
  8. There's some stonking and stinking potential in early June according to the 12z perturbations.
  9. Some big cities directly in the firing line for strong tornadoes - really scary stuff. What a day for the Netweather/Tour 2 team!
  10. What do they show up as on the spotter network ? THanks -
  11. Ah maybe that's just the WAA cells .. either way - ITS GONNA BLOW!
  12. Hoochie Woman: Down By The Riverside: The Liquidator:
  13. Don’t die folks looks a dangerous situation...
  14. Evening all. Looking juicy tonight! Cell going up near Clarendon it looks like ….
  15. The GEFS 12z mean is, for the most part nae bad, there is a brief intrusion of cooler and more unsettled weather from the north but before that and more especially afterwards indicates the azores high becoming more influential which would mean a better chance of fine and warmer conditions into early June!!
  16. Paul and the guys are currently in Shamrock, Good Road options to grab the first storm and see what it can produce.
  17. First of the ‘hyper’ cells firing N of Childress. In about half an hour anything that fires in the free warm sector will explode and rotate within 10 minutes
  18. https://livestormchasing.com/map https://www.severestudios.com/livechase/
  19. https://www.earthcam.com/usa/oklahoma/vinita/?cam=route66east Vinita, with sound and high quality stream, could be good for later Already some lightning and thunder on this one
  20. Jeff Piotrowski has stream up and running. Well he did say he would be live so maybe check in later.
  21. It usually takes me a while to find a decent cam - so probably wise to start now
  22. 6000j/kg CAPE Absolutely ridiculous! Twice as powerful as our best of the best Spanish plume scenarios get!
  23. Nothing major happening yet quite a lot of people out and about already as well, think it'll take a while before the real action gets going.
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