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  2. I just dont get it. ive tried i really have Pete but what good will it do
  3. Not quite brightened up as I would hope still warm though but not the ginger blue skies of yesterday
  4. A look at where our warm air is coming from over the next few days, the top temperatures expected for quite a stunning Easter Weekend. Read more here
  5. I would think so. The more warmer, humid days with flows between the South and East could certainly support temperatures in the mid-twenties! Especially where skies are clear and sunny. As you mention though, there could always be a chance of the pattern moving back further East on the models allowing Lows from the West to invade more of the U.K with a risk of the warmer air getting mixed out. Particularly towards Western UK spots. Probably feel for now the pattern may not shift back further East, or at least maybe just a little nudge Eastwards. But you never know. Eastern UK blocking Highs never appear to be particularly easy to model, and the same for the way they handle Low Pressure to the West/South-West of the block.
  6. So the dream of a quad is finished. A mate of mine a city fan ( i know city fan and lives here) said Var has cheated them out of it!. Unreal dont take long to forget Brighton.
  7. Reminiscent of summer 2018. Troughs getting cut-off to our south and west, warm continental air ruling over the UK. Still enough wriggle-room for this to move back east so not a done deal - but currently favouring many days at 22C/23C to come - I'm guessing an absolute maximum of 25C?
  8. Today
  9. Just finished work until Wednesday, it's disappointingly hazy this afternoon,hope it clears later , was hoping to light the BBQ for the first time this year
  10. Expect an all English Final Spurs still my tip to win the cup. Lpool should overcome a overrated barca and i expect Chelsea to win the euro league
  11. Thanks Callum, no problem. You should get a decent run, for your "virtual" money, with the Aussies!! Regards, Tom.
  12. mass arrests currently in Oxford Square also reports of two people glued to the underside of a truck for 2 days Lol
  13. Prepare yourselves for a "Pollen Bomb" https://www.independent.co.uk/weather/uk-weather-forecast-met-office-easter-weekend-latest-pollen-hayfever-a8874231.html
  14. Hazy sunshine back at home when I left not long ago. Sunny and warm in Southampton with blue sky overhead now.
  15. Hi Tom, I dont have a clue about cricket but I will give it a go for a laugh OUTRIGHT WINNERS: AUSTRALIA 5/1 4/1 £10 Win
  16. Interested to know how you know this- people seem to put forward predictions all the time about this but it's hard to know. Mainly because the official final figure is averaged out from a different set of stations than the running mean. So unless you have the data for those particular stations it's really hard to say. Especially when minima look like being above average from now on for most, and maxima well above average for the foreseeable future.
  17. For those who expect warming to be a consistent straight line ascending line on a graph. Do you understand climate inertia? Do you understand long and short natural forcings can either add into warming of pull warming down? Do you understand 'global Dimming' and the causes for such? We are emerging from another period of our fossil fuel pollution causing significant dimming (esp just down wind of the source) We are now into the positive phase ( 15 to 30 years?) of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation Both of these augment our warming. You enjoyed your time when the pollution and naturals mitigated warming well now the opposite is occurring.
  18. I take it the skies will clear tomorrow? Very pale sunshine through thick haze today.
  19. What's with all the high level cloud? Watched the forecast this morning and no suggestion of haze? Just sunny and warm. The haze is almost completely obscuring the sun which is disappointing. Hope this high cloud dissipates after today! Its warm currently at 19c with an easterly breeze
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