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  2. Milder than yesterday (max 2.7C) here but feeling cold in the brisk at times North Easterly breeze. Max 5.7C with a min of -1.5C. Mostly sunny with just a few clouds in late afternoon though staying dry. Interestingly the 6th to 13th November is one of the Buchan cold spells. These are where he measured temperatures over a period of years against a linear graph of changing temps between Summer and Winter in the UK and found they were below on those dates. There were six cold and three warm spells identified. The November spell was certainly below this year. His next one is 7th to 14th Feb but in between he has a mild period from 3rd to 14th December.
  3. Horrific in Doncaster. I'm not far from the floods and its atrocious, worse than last week in how heavy it is, key is how long it goes on.
  4. Having said all this, it’s been hammering it down the last few hours. A thoroughly horrible walk home from work.
  5. tci=38.0 billion watts neutron count=8.9%=high
  6. Looks to me like these are for 6 months and very little chance of an SSW - unless i have totally misinterpreted the data.
  7. Well done At about 7 pm it suddenly turned to rain after about 4 or so hours of heavy drifting snow,the centre of the depression suddenly moved North,allowing milder air into the South and a rapid thaw. The original forecast was for the centre of the low to stay in the channel,so a pretty poor forecast,by morning only the drifts were left the level snow cover had gone.
  8. Taken by me today. Vague convective structure beneath the stable mid level cloud!
  9. Now up to 35mm and we aren't even in the MetOffice yellow warning zone. I think the rain has been further north than forecast.
  10. Also known as the place where the traffic jam to your holiday destination starts
  11. Okay so the plots from last night looking at January >>> scrub that... these are for next month Thanks to Simon Lee for messaging to highlight as the way the dataset presents on Copernicus caught him out too!
  12. I realise that this isn't particularly interesting as lowland England has also seen snow this week, but Valence, at just 100m in the Rhone valley and known as where the south of France starts, has seen an unusual November snowfall.
  13. GEFS 12Z again quite a few others with weaker signs of warming. Look forward to the winter forecast @Catacol best of luck @Mike Poole another single run going for a reversal of the zonal winds again a CMC / GEM ensemble member
  14. My wife said there was some thunder earlier this afternoon but nothing showed up on the storm radar. At first I wondered if it was something else but Beverley Lass also has also reported thunder and lightning We are about 25 miles from Beverley so obviously some convection in the rain band.
  15. Hello from the other side. Its just as vile here in Hadfield although we haven't the flooding (yet) that you are suffering. Heavy rain with a sleety element to it and some very string wind gusts curtesy of the Pennines.
  16. Ground above about 600 metres has retained a snow cover since Sunday now, not bad going given we've had quite a bit of sunshine, proof the uppers since have been cold enough to maintain such cover. In some recent winter months, to get 5 days on the trot of such cover has been hard to achieve, so not bad at all at this early stage in the season. We've had a preety decent week overall since last Thursday deluge, a bit of rain, and a few showers but nothing on a par with regions further south. Again evidence of the southerly tracking jet which has meant we have been on the north side of any frontal systems and they haven't managed to pivot our way. Much of Scotland away from the east has also had such weather. Expecting some further light snow for the tops overnight, and don't expect the snow cover to go away in a hurry even though uppers do look like creeping up a bit later tomorrow and into Saturday.
  17. if it was abandoned due to snow then that would be okay, but crappy rain
  18. The odd big wet snowflake here just now within the very heavy sleet.
  19. The ext GEFS has the Aleutian/Arctic vortex lobe continuing to gain ground and thus has the European ridge pressured south into eastern Greenland, But there is an extension of the vortex south of this with an energy conduit running around the west N. American ridge to link with the main westerly upper flow exiting the eastern seaboard All of this results in the latter diverging in mid Atlantic with one arm continuing on to the trough south of the UK Once again a tricky looking surface analysis with systems stalling against the block Lets see if NOAA and the EPS agree
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