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  2. United top four race is over... Their back to being utter s*** So their will chuck the game weds i guess.. Mind you not like their would do anything against City with how poor United r at the minute
  3. Solskjaer has done a superb job of taking United from 6th to 6th.
  4. Man U now haven't kept a clean sheet in 11 games it's the worst run they've had since 1998
  5. Here the general trend is towards wetter months but not by much. However increased water demand, poor infrastructure and poor land and river maintenance probably haven't helped much.
  6. I despise high pressure mid April onwards as it brings very boring weather like we have currently, roll on unsettled weather wed onwards with some convection hopefully, shows you how warm our climate has become though when 15C will feel cool in just bleedin' April.
  7. Sunny Sheffield at 7.8C +0.1C above normal. Rainfall 5mm 7.9% of normal.
  8. Happy Easter to all. I will now post up the Racing Post link to the runners for tomorrow's Irish Grand National, at Fairyhouse: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/182/fairyhouse/2019-04-22/725584 You will need to choose 3 horses in this Race and **NAP** the selection you think, most likely to win. Failure to **NAP** one of your sections will result in your **NAP** being taken, as your first named selection. Please Copy/Paste your 3 selections into the boxes, provided below: Category 1. 5.00 FAIRYHOUSE (Irish Grand National) SELECTION 1: SELECTION 2: SELECTION 3: Your selections must be posted up by NOON, on Easter Monday 22nd April. Thank you. I will now send out a second "courtesy" invitation to enter, to those Members who entered the Aintree Grand National Tipping Competition. Regards, Tom.
  9. Mild and cloudy in winter with temps around 12-14 degrees. It’s boring. Much prefer temps of below 10c with cloud, to make it more seasonal. Warm and humid between May and August when you expect plus 20c days, but end up with longer spells of cloudy dull days, which can last for weeks at a time, and even if the temps are over 21c, it doesn’t feel summery. Just humid and depressing. At the same time, it can be cold also, if we go a long time without sunny days, so a 20-22c day can go from being humid to feeling cool. I just despise that type of set up between May and august, especially if it dominates the summer. 2015, and 16 spring to mind. 1996 was also like that.
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  11. Why do folk appear so invested in both a long solar min and a low number for cycle 25? Surely we will see what we will see? If by Aug we have not seen a growing flux and new cycle spots becoming more common I'll rethink my acceptance of the earlier projections but until then we are sat at solar min and about to see cycle 25 ramp up over the next year.
  12. Craigers

    Sunset at Saltburn

    Amazing to see the sunset at the eastcoast! Such a nice perspective. Starting to like saltburn more than Whitby at moment.
  13. Thursday onwards has certainly felt like a step change in the spring so far, even the wind is warm and it's hard to escape work and feel cooler outside. The nights have gotten nice towards early morning but it's still warm into the evening. All in all a pleasant spell.
  14. Happy Easter Sunday, to all S.E.Regional Members. Regards, Tom.
  15. It wasn't easy, in fact it was very difficult but I managed to find a good one from the GEFS 6z
  16. Friday 26 Apr - Sunday 5 May A band of showery rain is likely to reach the southwest on Friday, pushing eastwards with strong winds though the day. The weekend could be very unsettled, with often heavy rain and the risk of gales, especially in the west and southwest. Thunder and hail are also likely at times. Thereafter, for the remainder of April and early May, unsettled conditions are likely to dominate, with a chance of showers or longer spells of rain and some periods of stronger winds, especially in the west and southwest. Whilst some rain is expected at times, there could be a shift towards more settled conditions later. Temperatures will most likely be near normal in the west, and warmer than average in the south and southeast. Monday 6 May - Monday 20 May For the start of May, some rain and unsettled conditions are likely, but a shift towards more settled conditions is probable. Whilst some rain is possible at times, a good deal of fine and dry weather is most likely, with temperatures above the seasonal average. Any warmer conditions are most likely in the south and southeast. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  17. Got up to 25C here in Torquay yesterday under full blue skies all day, it was as busy as it is in the summer which really surprised me. Currently 21C and sunny. Some pictures from yesterday:
  18. Absolutely glorious out again with open clear blue skys and temp already 19.5c here.
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