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  2. Certainly another wet start across the south east maybe even a bit earlier than forecast ... so much for just clipping the south east corner !
  3. Pouring down again... Certainly making up for the dry spells... Today looks rather interesting but also quite worrying for any flood prone areas.. Some big rainfall totals in places today Could be some sparks later too!
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  5. Continuing with the gfs this is the position by midday Saturday with another trough tacking east in the NW Atlantic whilst the subtropical zones amplify encircling our trough mow nestling neatly over the UK Thus another unsettled day of sunshine and showers and quite windy . This is really the beginning of a transition as the Atlantic pattern shifts east over the next couple of days and our trough is shunted south east. Resulting in another unsettled day on Sunday before calmer and drier conditions prevail on Monday as the ridge tales closer order Now the big question. Will the ridge keep the energy crossing the Atlantic at bay? Need to await the GEFS
  6. Its been a very wet few months in Weston super mare August 152.8mm September 104.4mm October 109.4mm and counting It would be highly unusual if it continued this wet through the rest of Autumn and Winter.
  7. The North Atlantic 500mb and surface analysis for midnight and the 03300 sat image.(the low pressure area east of southern Greenland is going to be the main influence on our weather over the coming week) Y Once yesterday's rain finally cleared it has been a dry night in most areas with the odd mist/fog patch but the two waving fronts (already much discussed) have already brought rain into Ireland and the south east of England The former will bring heavy rain to N, Ireland through this morning whilst the belt of heavy rain associated with the latter will track north through the day ( perhaps the odd rumble in the south east) to be in the border area by dusk. The rain should clear during this evening as the main wave edges into the North Sea, resulting a relatively dry night for most areas with just some showers in western areas. The likelihood of Stratus/mist/fog patches again in many northern, eastern and central areas. These might be a tad slow to clear but generally Tuesday will be not a bad day with sunny intervals with perhaps a few showers in the south west. But the upper low mentioned at the beginning has deepened and become a complex low pressure area dominating the eastern Atlantic and the associated frontal system will bring rain into N. Ireland by early evening As the main low drifts slowly east the frontal system will sweep across the country through Tuesday night and Wednesday bringing rain, with some heavy pulses, to all areas Over Thursday and Friday the now filling low, and the wrap around occlusion, will continue to drift east so a couple of days of sunshine and showers, which could be heavy with thunder in the mix as troughs run around within the circulation and it also will be quite windy
  8. It's certainly more like the Autumns I remember as a kid with this wet weather. It's been commented on that it's like 2000 but I agree with Damien, it feels much more like 2012 in fairness. All we need is an Atlantic storm barreling in and then we can settle down to Winter. Ex Lorenzo had potential but fizzled out.
  9. Dry and cool with patchy cloud Temp 7.7C, Barometer 1010mb steady, Wind F1 SW, Rainfall since midnight Nil
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  11. Funny how weather happens like that sometimes.. such as the three wet Saturday nights into Sundays events that we've had atm.
  12. That winter certainly was extraordinarily wet and stormy the lack of high pressure for so long was crazy. Was an angry winter.
  13. Golden rule is: Dont trust The Turks. No apology required from me.
  14. A very nice pronounced halo around the moon tonight,does this signal a cold winter?,it's one of the folklore's that i have heard of.
  15. Exactly. We’ve had more than enough rain now and the ground is thoroughly waterlogged. What we need is a drier period, otherwise we might end up with a similar situation to December 2015 - and I’m sure no sane person wants that. This certainly isn’t typical autumn weather unless you live in the Lake District. In Leeds, for example, we don’t exceed 60mm of rain on average for any month of the year - our wettest month is actually August with 58mm - and yet we’ve reached that figure with more than half the month to go - certain people perhaps forget that most of England is actually quite dry, even in autumn.. ..and besides, one of the best aspects of autumn is mellow, cool sunny days with frosty mornings, misty evenings and the sun shimmering on the colourful foliage - surely nobody thinks the current weather is preferable to that?!
  16. Personally satellite broadband would be the option of last resort for me due to the latency (pings upwards of 800ms compared to around 20ms for adsl broadband). You can do better than £50/mth for 500Gb, especially if you buy your own unlocked mobile router and antenna (if needed), which would be around £200. Three also do better home broadband deals, including the router, than EE. I only get a 3G signal from them though (still faster than my BT line). Unlimited Data Plans on UK Mobile Networks: With No Download Limits KENSTECHTIPS.COM Unlimited data plans allow you to download as much as you like, with no download... Until you move in though it's going to be difficult to know what mobile network, if any, is best. Thier coverage checkers should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you have an unlocked phone, grab a free sim from each of the main networks and check what you get once you've moved in. That's if the kids won't lynch you if they don't have "WiFi" the second they enter the house.
  17. This Autumn reminds me more of 2012 than 2000 so far. What set 2000 apart (bar the flooding by the end of October) was just what a sting the systems from mid-October onward, severe gales.
  18. Rain during Sunday eventually cleared during the early evening to leave it dry and increasingly clear allowing the temperature to fall quite quickly Temp 9.1c
  19. A bit more amplification on this run at day ten with more trough disruption west of the BI and with more WAA north toward Svalbard compared to the flatter 12z,also watch for the back door to open up as the Scandi high develops that could produce cooler air round the back(red arrows),one to watch in future runs. yes it's looking like drying up and warming up a tad thank god,but it will be interesting what happens from here, now this looks a bit interesting from Judah Cohan with a HP cell developing over Scandinavia https://twitter.com/judah47/status/1183458842404933634/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1183458842404933634&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.netweather.tv%2Fforum%2Findex.php%3Fapp%3Dcore%26module%3Dsystem%26controller%3Dembed%26url%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fjudah47%2Fstatus%2F1183458842404933634%3Fs%3D19 And chio has just posted recently over on the strat thread.
  20. As a weather enthusiast it’s nice to have something slightly different for a change rather than above average temps and anticyclonic conditions persisting in autumn, I love all weather types if they don’t persist for more than a month or so, we had endless dry weather throughout summer (at least here anyway) so it’s nice to see a wetter period for me
  21. Job creation great for the economy, the tax man will be aware though that if you get paid several 100 pounds to glue yourself to a cat, you will be liable to pay tax.
  22. A breezy day with yet more rain, finally clearing to sunny spells mid afternoon. Maximum 16.3, minimum 11.9. Wind moderate SW.
  23. Early indications suggest a strong autumnal Strat vortex in the coming weeks. I’d rather see it now than the start of winter. We may have to suffer a wild late autumn but I am cautiously optimistic for mid winter. I suspect that teleconnective conditions, from low solar to neutral to weakly positive ENSO will reflect this though with unprecedented arctic melt long term forecasts will be more unpredictable than ever.
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