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  2. T216. Like the ecm but gfs having nothing to do with it.
  3. Looks like there are more signs appearing for colder conditions. Some making it into the more reliable time frame now... NW seems to be the key to this set up. However, for us in the south eastern corner we will have to be the most patient if we see hoping to see anything remotely white fall from the sky.....northerlies are worse, since by the time their impact is felt, they've all but finished, especially topplers, so Am more optimistic with this set up, especially if there are upgrades and that euro high sinks further south.....
  4. Meanwhile back on the farm, not so cold this morning in the midlands and north, some medium and high cloud?
  5. It’s all gone kaput again judging from the lack of comments
  6. By midday Friday there are significant differences concerning the depth and position of the developing frontal wave between the gfs and Exeter to keep in mind as the continuation is based on the former By midday Saturday the deep low is just south east of Iceland with the associated front bringing rain (snow on the mountains) and strong winds to the north. But as can be seen the attack on the ridge is two pronged with a lobe of the vortex dropping down near Iceland and energy sweeping north east from the southern States/ Thus quite complex synoptics over the next few days with further developments on the trailing front and a deep surface low to the north. Quite strong winds will be the order of the day over the UK and quite wintry in the north if the front does as indicated by the gfs
  7. Today
  8. Destructive thunderstorm in Canberra on Monday. Apparently one of the worst the city has seen
  9. Morning all, Up early again (5 AM), but no Breakfast with the Wife this Morning. Fortunately no work either Today for Colette, after 3 consecutive 12 Hour shifts. She's still wrapped up snuggly in Bed and having a well deserved, lie-in. We'll probably get out for a bit of shopping later on. I'll concede to the Weather Presenters, that it's a little bit nippy this Morning with at last, a decent Frost to report. You'll also be pleased to hear, no rambling monologue from me this Morning!! But I would like to Post up a few Screengrabs, to illustrate my Post. First some from MeteoGroups' extended Forecast, last Night with Stav Danaos: Our intense High Pressure eventually recedes away S.E., with the Atlantic "waiting in the wings", to turn it wet, windy and milder again. Stav, explaining that a reinvigorated Jet Stream will start to throw Low Pressure at us again, the coming Weekend and beyond. Finally a Screengrab of Alina Jenkins and Todays' Forecast, depicting Lassies', messy Wednesday Regards, Tom.
  10. I remember a severe thunderstorm over North Yorkshire in August 2001. I fiest remember hearing rumbles of thunder at around 8 am, that became louder with extremely frequent lightning. In fact, the sky appeared to be constantly lit up for over two hours. I remember fork lightning, torrential rain crashing thunder and large hail. There was a severe thunderstorm the evening before too, with reports of a funnel cloud. I remember witnessing some quite severe storms in the 80s when I was little. They seemed to be a lot more frequent then. My Mum and Dad used to unplug the TV whenever there was a thunderstorm.
  11. A return to mild weather early than forecast and cloudy Temp 4.3C, low 3.1C, Barometer 1044mb falling slowly, Wind F1 SSW, Rainfall Nil
  12. That's fine when you first post, what about the edit screen? The menu is smaller (no size or colour options).
  13. Are you using a PC/Laptop or phone? As the toolbar should come up like shown below on a PC, with the font size option near the end If the text has already been typed up and needs a size change, drag your cursor over the text you want to change, and just select a different size from the drop down box
  14. As you may have noticed I have begun to post the results of the Toronto study. It would help me if anyone could explain how one can edit type size in a post, as the toolbar that appears does not contain an option for that. I need to reduce some of the placeholder posted words to a better (smaller) type size. TIA. It will no doubt take a week or two to fill out all the posts that I set up. Just wanted to have all the data eventually appearing in sequence with any discussion after the data have all appeared. So kindly don't post in that thread until the data sets are complete. The excel file will become available in March when we have 180 full years of data (the series began on March 1st of 1840).
  15. That ridge looks key to me, if that develops under an already cold scenario then will make my winter. Every snow lover wants an early taster, never happens really though. I believe that the ice, cold and snow is coming. . . Could do with hurrying up though
  16. Reading 1050.1hPa here.. tried to calibrate it the best I can to Exeter Airport's Met Office site etc.. which was also reading 1050.1hPa at midnight. Kind of ironic that it has also turned cloudy! Wasn't on the forecast and we are/were heading for the coldest night of winter at least so far
  17. A lovely couple of days at last. Kind of funny though, record breaking pressure here at 1050.1hPa, heading for the coldest night of the winter so far, but it has still managed to turn cloudy!
  18. That's one of the things that put me off getting a 24h FARS so I opted for a DFARS in the end, which retains open slats all around it and performs quite well when the fan is off. In certain conditions, I suspect that it performs better with the fan off, though I can't prove it - but the throughput of air seems to be quite low when it's running so that may be an issue.
  19. According to the BBC Wednesday will be a messy day, what should we expect.....any ideas?
  20. I see Plymouth and Exeter have just squeaked in at 1050.1 at midnight and Mumbles hit 1050.5 earlier but many places look likely to just miss out on the magic figure. I touched 1049.4 at 11pm but it's now 1049.1. +0.6°C currently and -1.1 on the grass, it's mostly clouded over now.
  21. Next weekend and beyond MILDER , There you go from the horses mouth, don't get stuck on charts that never deliver but fail
  22. feel like free to scroll through all available data. .its a high format probability! !.. via many supports! ! to which some myself have already posted! !!(some) this isn't 1 operational model going off on 1. ...
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