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  2. One hundred years ago this valley was a wasteland as the mining era came to an end The photo was taken from the path where once the tramway ran from the East Basset Stamps to Marriott's Shaft The village of Carnkie in the foreground. In the background Can Brea and the monument. In the center foreground the remains of the Stamps of the West Basset Mine and to the left Lyle's engine house, once of the Wheal Basset Mine.Over the slope to the right lies Camborne and the north cliffs.
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  5. I've been searching, it seems hard to find the answer. Can't even find what it is for the UK but here are some countries mentioned on forums: http://www.city-data.com/forum/weather/2112708-your-countrys-highest-recorded-dewpoint.html https://forums.infoclimat.fr/f/topic/11816-record-absolue-de-la-température-du-point-de-rosée-dans-le-monde/ France 26-28C Ireland (and British Isles) 23.8C Sweden 23.8C Germany ~24C I'm sure somewhere in southern or eastern Europe could beat that. Anapa, Russia (on the Black Sea) looks like it can get pretty steamy in summer; seems to get 23C dewpoints quite regularly, 25 or 26 occasionally, looking through a few years on Ogimet records it has recorded 34C air temperature with a 26C dewpoint (44C heat index).
  6. Continuing dry but cloudier a moderate breeze developed on Friday afternoon but this has died down since sunset Temp 11.2c
  7. That means a reprieve for Aldershot Town, jammy buggers...
  8. Even the ECM solutions concern me because they maintain high pressure across the Bering and Beaufort, working away at the usual stronghold ice in the latter while piling heat into the ocean in the former, while the cool and cloudy weather is focused across the Atlantic margin ice that’s most under assault from oceanic import anyway. The 12z is worse than the 00z in this regard as the HP stays stronger with less of a break induced by the LP from Svalbard - not a good trend. I sense a Pacific blocking, Atlantic margins LP pattern may be favoured as the weak El Niño battles on for another month or two (assuming it does, as tropical cycles suggest it will). In which case, there could be big heat builds across W Europe that then transfer NE to move across the Arctic via N Asia. Something else to watch closely for signs of during the coming weeks.
  9. missed the rain that affected areas further east today so all in all another pleasant day !!
  10. It's quite striking (excuse the pun) just how much thunder says have declined. I can also remember numerous instances as a kid in the 90s and early 2000s where there were some great night time light shows. It's not just nostalgia.
  11. Does anyone have answers for the decline ? , big decline here too over the last decade Or just theories ? its very notable now the lack of big storms , last humdinger here was july 2015 , however we have had the odd thundery shower in the following years but not many , But 2018 was the worst year ever , just one thunder day over the 12 month period , ludicrous and shocking. And no night time lightning, forgot what that looks like in reality, In the seventies and eighties its was not uncommon to see evening heat lightning in the distance on warm summer evenings now and again , sometimes it came overhead, that just does not happen here anymore, not even the distant night lightning
  12. ICON 18z at T120: Compared with 12z at T126: Latest run looks more aggressive with the ridge, The connection of this ridge with the heights to the north is what gives us the UK high later, more details of course from the pub run and the FV3 pub run, but others will have to commentate on those, as I am knackered (busy week), but maybe it's good on two counts that May is nearly out. Roll on June....
  13. Ooops thought I posted that earlier. Next year.
  14. Climate Change is Destroying a Barrier That Protects the U.S. East Coast from Hurricanes https://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/news-events/climate-change-destroying-barrier-protects-us-east-coast-hurricanes?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=twitter&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=
  15. EC seems to be pushing the Azores high agenda this evening- Interesting period incoming..
  16. Mainly dry and warm with sunny spells, cloudy for a while in the afternoon with a light shower amounting to no more than a few spots of light rain. Maximum 21.0, minimum 10.2. Wind light WNW.
  17. i bought myself a bike last summer and now walk and bike at the weekends..but still drive to work and to meetings...always have taken showers instead of baths for the last 20 years..i don't recycle as there is no recycling policy in the city of Edmonton..they still haven't even started using wheelie bins for rubbish yet..only use my washing machine and dishwasher when they are full..will be flying home twice this year.
  18. Met office showing max temps only in the mid teens next week, and that's for the tropical south! cool for the time of year.
  19. We appear to be staying firmly to the west of this activity!
  20. Love it Karl, and especially has your from up North its good to see how you always flag up the better conditions further South... Certainly no bias on your behalf mate... Good stuff
  21. Thought I would post this up here. Just wanted to know if any Members who are Cricket Fans, would like to enter my Cricket World Cup "Fantasy" Competition. Please see link to Competition Thread, below: If you'd like to enter, please indicate your intention on the above thread. Regards, Tom.
  22. Talking of the World Cup, the Cricket World Cup, which is in England and Wales this year, is about to start. Had it been last year it would have been perfectly timed to be during the long dry spell we had last year, wonder how lucky they'll get with it this year?
  23. Given the continued eastward propagating tropical wave activity (e.g. MJO) expected in the coming weeks, there's likely to be some fight back from the surface conditions against those cooler than usual subsurface conditions. So it could be that those subsurface anomalies are kept waiting for another month or two as upwelling to the surface continues to be reduced or halted. For what it's worth, GFS/GEFS seems to be having a bit of trouble locking onto the next eastward propagating tropical activity, while ECM/EPS is already well onto it. So probably worth viewing extended GFS/GEFS output with even more scepticism than usual. For ECM/EPS we can stick with the usual confidence levels (i.e. only falling to low in the 8-14 day range... as opposed to very low to negligible for GFS/GEFS).
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