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  2. Think we will see something close to this chart,sometime this winter,ok ,the early signs are extremely promising.watch this space ...
  3. Glenshee looks superb this morning. M.WEBCAM-HD.COM
  4. -2c this morning bright sunshine and a bit easier to get about without the mud.Snow down to sea level near the cliffs at Dunbeath across the Firth.
  5. Yep, snow arrived overnight. Measured nearly 60cm. Pictures taken this morning and still snowing hard. Get some more later. C
  6. BBC app showing a lot of mostly dry weather (after this morning's pesky showers scuttle off) until this time next week...not completely reliable of course due to reactive 'real-time' updates but we could be favoured to at least dry out a bit after a wet start to November....other parts of the UK not so lucky.
  7. Obviously, I thought that was in the small print when a member of this forum .
  8. Been back at work in Caithness for aa couple of weeks now, it's been frosty most mornings but today for the first time we woke up to a frozen splattering of overnight wet snow which looked nice from indoors but is lethal. Also I missed a photo opp of the moon peeping out from behind a cloud with snowy hills lit in the dawn light. Would have been special but work was pressing. I'm guessing we're getting a cold November followed by a dreich rest of winter? Has anyone dared to issue a winter forecast yet?
  9. Wish UK had a continental climate,so much more exciting with huge temp drops or rises,in a short space of time.
  10. Think we're going to need an emoji at this rate!
  11. After yesterday's miserable weather, a complete change today. A dry, clear and cold morning, with sunshine forecast until dusk. Temp currently -3C which has resulted in the car doors being frozen solid.
  12. Always best but as a safeguard retaining the right to reconsider this hasty decision if they suddenly switch to cold and snow
  13. Somehow i thought that would be the case after the brief flertation with it on the GEFS suite.
  14. Any still showing the potential easterly next week? As per a few of the GFS ENS of late?
  15. Today
  16. A dry, calm and bright start to the day. Hard overnight frost, temp currently -3C
  17. Well, it looks like the chance of a decent cold spell late Nov is slowing ebbing away which is a shame - the PV still hasn’t got its act together though but that massive LP over the U.K. next week seems to have scuppered most decent wedges/WAA/blocking etc. Can we get a late swing back towards blocking, and more importantly a drier spell , my fingers are certainly crossed !! Still a strat disconnect and few other positive things for coldies, we just need to ignore what the professionals and their long range are forecasting Waiting for the next chase now, and the massive dump of snow in the french alps tomorrow
  18. Incidentally, If anyone is wondering, the eps cluster with low uppers headed west was limited to one suite ....
  19. It's a gorgeous, crisp, cold and colourful sunrise on the Bonnie Banks this morning: (Loch Lomond with a snowy Ben Lomond centre right)
  20. This November will go down as very wet indeed for some UK locations because of this southerly tracking jet stream. You are not alone with the rain though, my region in Slovakia has received some 60+mm over last 24hrs, totaling 230mm so far for November at some stations. Now that is a lot
  21. Little to add vis the ext EPS. Slight adjustments to the vortex lobe/ridge combo and the Euro high cell still elusively too far east
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