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Please share your photos from the long weekend to our Easter weekend 2019 photo gallery!


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  2. Monthly outlooks still point towards above average temperatures and drier than usual for May, with high pressure rises to the north. No real signs of this happening any time soon on models, hopefully once we get this low pressure out of the way we will start seeing some positive signals.
  3. He was. He told Dennis Taylor that he'd have him shot if he ever returned to Northern Ireland. He was an absolute tool, but somehow likable, and a 100 times more entertaining as a player than the dreary stun robots like Hendry that followed him.
  4. River Feugh, Forest of Birse.
  5. Ronnie O'Sullivan is 2 frames away from one of the biggest shocks in Crucible history he trails amateur James Cahill 8-5 at the mid-session interval
  6. It has been a perfect Easter weekend with lovely warm and sunny days. Not too warm and not too cold, just right. This morning the temperature is 16°C and it is expected to go up to 18°C.
  7. Friday looks like being a rather convective day, as the entire UK is under a trough:
  8. Actually the longer term GEFS 00z mean looks encouraging and might suggest high pressure building in during early may.
  9. Atmospheric pollution and CO2 emissions from these fires must be huge. It also seems so ironic that they're often called 'wild-fires', when they're obviously anything but wild - just reckless, f e c kless and untouchable crofters 'continuing the tradition of muirburn'. Yet another unchallenged planet-wrecking activity.
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  11. 9.0c to the 22nd 1.5 above the 61 to 90 average 1.0 above the 81 to 10 average _______________________________ Current high this month 9.0c to the 22nd Current low this month 5.9c to the 4th
  12. A taste of armageddon this morning with a smoke filled sky to the east and the fire most definitely not out.Breeze getting up too which won"t be helping. Currently bright/hazy and 18c
  13. Spell of cold wet and windy weather now inevitable looking at the 00z runs. Must not grumble as its been a glorious Easter .. Hopefully the upcoming phase will not be a long one.
  14. Not doing too badly down here - 709mm since this day last year so only a tad below average. That does mask some very dry and very wet periods though. For example June and July last year. July's rain almost all came in the closing days. October was also a dry month. Conversely, November and December were wet. December 01st-23rd brought 127.9mm, but then there was no rain until the 15th of January. January was again very dry, as was February but less so. March's first half was wet, and had the same amount of rain fallen in the second half would've possibly brought the wettest March on record here. April has been slightly below average so far but with a week to go and plenty of showers on the way, we're far from short of rain at this stage here.
  15. Looking at the Ecm 00z ensemble mean longer term the trough(s) are filling and temperatures are recovering from the south.
  16. I've decided on an additional Category, Category 5 The Punchestown Double. This will comprise of 2 of the feature Races at the Punchestown Festival, the Punchestown Gold Cup (Weds.1st May) and the Punchestown Champion Hurdle. You will be allocated a "virtual" stake of £2. You will be required to choose 2 Selections, in each of those 2 Races. Your "virtual" stakes will be placed on 4 Doubles (2x2). You decide whether you want: 4 x 50p WIN Doubles or 4 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles. Here is an early Betting Show for the Punchestown Gold Cup, 1st Leg of the Punchestown Gold Cup: Category 5 - THE PUNCHESTOWN DOUBLE. Below, is the Racing Post link to Runners in the 1st Leg of the Punchestown Double: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/195/punchestown/2019-05-01/727883 PUNCHESTOWN GOLD CUP WEDS.1st MAY HORSE ODDS KEMBOY 13/8 AL BOUM PHOTO 15/8 BELLSHILL 6/1 MONALEE 10/1 ROAD TO RESPECT 12/1 DELTA WORK 16/1 FOOTPAD 16/1 BALKO DES FLOS 18/1 ASO 20/1 TOUT EST PERMIS 25/1 33/1 Bar These. Others on Request. Betting Odds are not yet available for the 2nd Leg of the Punchestown Double, the Punchestown Champion Hurdle but I will post up the Odds for this Race, as soon as Betting Markets become available. In the meantime, here is the Racing Post link to the Current Runners, in the Race: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/195/punchestown/2019-05-03/727944 By all means choose your Horses for the Punchestown Double now but be aware, your Selections, may not run and you may need to choose Substitutes. Should any selection be a Non-Runner on the day of the 2 Races and it be too late to substitute another selection, you will be placed on the returned Starting Price Favourite, in that Race. Category 5 - PUNCHESTOWN DOUBLE. GOLD CUP: Selection 1. - Selection 2. - CHAMPION HURDLE: Selection 1. - Selection 2. - Regards, Tom
  17. Some cracking easter weekend pics in here, please feel free to post them into our Easter gallery, so we can preserve a record of what's been an amazing long weekend. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/gallery/category/80-easter-weekend-2019/
  18. Noticed some really nice photos of the Easter weekend posted in here over the last few days - we have a gallery setup to keep a record of it all, so if anyone wants to post their shots in there, that'd be great. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/gallery/category/80-easter-weekend-2019/
  19. A mild night last night - down to 12.1C. Bright this morning with hazy sunshine.
  20. With a few rain drop marks within the Saharan dust finish on the car, does show last nights' precip didn't amount to very much. Meanwhile today an overcast sky is slowly breaking as temps rise, now 15.9°C at: 09:06
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