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  2. 7.4c to the 17th 0.2 above the 61 to 90 average 0.4 below the 81 to 10 average _______________________________ Current high this month 8.1c to the 1st Current low this month 5.9c to the 4th
  3. The 6z op stays warm next week, somewhere would reach 21c or higher..that's very impressive for late April if it happens.
  4. So here we are, getting into Thursday, and the only threat of rainfall seems to be from thundery stuff coming from the South. Along with possibly even warmer uppers:
  5. There’s just no stopping that Eastern UK/Scandinavian High Pressure system at the moment. (And the same is the case from the 06Z GFS at 144 hours, where it looks mostly warm and settled). Nothing can seem to stand in the High’s way - including the Atlantic Lows!
  6. Day 4 protests still going in the city of London. Traffic still backed up three people in court as we speak laughing and pleading not guilty. never got that willing to go to jail for their actions but then plead not guilty. No backbone.
  7. For many it's looking good, really good according to the Gfs 6z operational for easter.. a taste of summer in mid spring..what's not to like about that?
  8. One ought never put a Special K in one's cornflakes, Matt! No signs of any rain, according to Monday's prediction?
  9. This sounds like bad news to me as this cold blob/NAWH is likely to make any cold spells even more difficult for us to achieve.
  10. Literally dropped my bowl of kornflakes when I read this, then i realised UKMO only runs out to day 6....all good though....
  11. And, with the possible exception of Lewis/Harris, Saturday's synoptics look absolutely perfect:
  12. Historically significant cold outbreak forecast for south-west Western Australia tomorrow! BoM forecasting snow on the Stirling Ranges ( 1095m asl ). The only known instance of April snow in Western Australia was in 1970. In winter, it only happens once or twice and sometimes not all. There will be no shortage of snow chasers on Friday night hoping to capture what could be a very rare event. Also potential for lowest April maximum temperature recorded in Western Australia on Friday ( 10.0c is the number to beat ). Sunday will start with a sharp out-of-season frost. Perth's forecast minimum of 5 goes within 1c of the record April low, set in 1914.
  13. Thanks Mark, ^^^^ that's brilliant. I'll get those entered up. Regards, Tom.
  14. Fairly cloudy at the moment but was like this yesterday then come the afternoon it was glorious. Just hold on in there as they say
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  16. M.1) RESULT: 7/5 Daryl Gurney C/SCORE (In Sets): 8-6 @ 11/2 M.2) RESULT:  Draw 4/1 C/SCORE (In Sets): 7-7 @ 4/1 **NAP** M.3) RESULT: 6/4 Gerwyn Price C/SCORE (In Sets): 8-6 @ 13/2 M.4) RESULT: 11/8 Peter Wright  C/SCORE (In Sets): 8-5 @ 6/1
  17. Looking at the Ecm 00z ensemble mean, the warmth goes on, and on, and on..speaking of warmth..Easter looks very warm!
  18. I suspect that is why it is there.... The site needs an entry on 'Is the Earth round' - they could find a lot of people who think the Earth is flat and such people have a right to be treated as equal to those who think the earth is round......?
  19. Semi final dates confirmed 1st legs Tuesday 30 April: Tottenham v Ajax Wednesday 1 May: Barcelona v Liverpool 2nd legs Tuesday 7 May: Liverpool v Barcelona Wednesday 8 May: Ajax v Tottenham
  20. A dry and cloudy night; high and medium level cloud during the evening and low cloud giving hill fog after midnight. Dry and foggy so far this morning but the fog has thinned a bit in the last hour. At 0800 g.m.t Temp; 8.9c 24 hr max; 16.1c 24 hr min; 6.4c Grass min; 4.5c Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 0.0 mm Mean wind speed; 11 mph E 7 oktas St Vis; 800 mts.
  21. Whilst it does look likely we'll lose the high pressure currently over the UK by Sunday or Monday the amount of rain we see away from the far west is extremely low
  22. Glorious weather on the way for the long Easter weekend, with temperatures perhaps getting into the mid-twenties. Read the full update here
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