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  2. I think storms are supposed to fire later this afternoon in central/northern france and move north east. I've read PJB's analysis on UKWW which is forecasting some very severe storms for France later.
  3. Since Friday 11th October to Monday 14th October , my back garden rain gauge has collected 10 cm of rain water. The nearest Met Office Stations to Thurrock are London, St James Park and Shoeburyness, Landwick. Blessed Weather, I clicked onto the link but it had only data for 2015. Do you know how I can change the date at the top, thank you.
  4. To be fair Pete, whilst there's a lot of greed in that sort of world, I'm quite sure it contributes far more in tax than the banks took when getting bailed out.
  5. Cracking photos, Mr Frost! As for today: if the Met Office's Weather Warning of Yellow Rain is to be met, the weather needs to get a move on. The boring regular rain is clearing our area and there's nothing much in France. Are we in for yet another "cry wolf" from the Met Office?
  6. My guess is it will be fairly transient and a return to zonal pretty quick and then the PV really ramping up during November.
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  8. I am but the Harbinger of a mild dry winter. Tell Hubs that where I pick bubs up from school now the wind whips round in the winter,from the fields, in places it shouldn't, so he'd gone and ordered me a thermal T-shirt and leggings. At least I will be warm on Firework night. School photos today. Light rain my back side. Annoying that it stopped when I was walking back.
  9. And then they get it all back again, by way of £multi-million taxpayer bailouts? An entity (or a legal fiction?) which could be part of the solution but prefers being part of the problem...?
  10. HIRLAM has main area of "interest" later this afternoon to the east of the IOW, moving up through London, into East Anglia then out over the North Sea. Same with GFS.
  11. And allegedly some of them are being paid by XR funds. Today is about disrupting The City of London financial sector; one of the biggest tax giving sectors that helps fund the NHS and Welfare state. Go figure.
  12. Monday 14th October 2019 Clear spells overnight, high cloud increasing towards dawn. Mostly cloudy this morning, a little brightness. 24-hour maximum 13.1c 24-hour minimum 6.9c Minimum temperature on grass 4.9c. Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 12.8mph SW Rainfall total: 0.9mm Conditions at 09:00 GMT 7 Oktas Altostratus, Altocumulus. Visibility 10 miles Temperature: 9.6c Humidity: 97.3% Wind Direction: Calm Force 0 Barometer 1005.2mb steady. Yesterday. Mainly cloudy overnight. Moderate rain setting in just before dawn. Rain moderate at time throughout the morning. Late morning and the early afternoon saw the rain turn drizzlyy and dying out. A few bright spells late afternoon.
  13. UK Severe Convective & Storm Forecast - Issued 2019-10-14 09:24:02 Valid: 14/10/2019 0600 - 15/10/2019 0600 CONVECTIVE / STORM FORECAST - MON 14 OCT 2019 Click here for the full forecast
  14. Just want to Post up an image of the "hard copy" of the Current Standings Table, after Cesarewitch Weekend: BRISTLE BOY moves above LASSIE23. TOMSE12 maintains 4th Place, with ANTONYBR7 moving off the bottom, to take 5th Place. CASSIE/SE12 drops to 6th Place, with SUMMER SUN relegated to 7th. I will Post up the tabulated form of the Current Standings Table, later on today. Listed below, is the programme of Races that will form the next Phase of the Competition. A "Star Studded" line-up certain to be on show for Champion's Day at Ascot with a lot of our "old favourites", due to take part. I will Post up the Racing Post links to the Current Declarations for each Race of Champion's Day, so you can see the quality of Racing, for yourselves: EARLY-MID AUTUMN RACING COMPETITION SAT.19th Oct. CHAMPION'S DAY ASCOT 1:35 Ascot | Standard Racecard | 19 October 2019 | Racing Post WWW.RACINGPOST.COM Qipco British Champions Sprint Stakes (Group 1), 19th October 2019. 1:35 at Ascot, standard racecard from Racing Post. 1.35: - CHAMPION'S SPRINT STAKES. 2:10 Ascot | Standard Racecard | 19 October 2019 | Racing Post WWW.RACINGPOST.COM Qipco British Champions Fillies & Mares Stakes (Group 1), 19th October 2019. 2:10 at Ascot, standard racecard from Racing Post. 2.10: - CHAMPION'S FILLIES AND MARES STAKES. 2:45 Ascot | Standard Racecard | 19 October 2019 | Racing Post WWW.RACINGPOST.COM Qipco British Champions Long Distance Cup (Group 2), 19th October 2019. 2:45 at Ascot, standard racecard from Racing Post. 2.45: - CHAMPION'S LONG DISTANCE CUP. 3:20 Ascot | Standard Racecard | 19 October 2019 | Racing Post WWW.RACINGPOST.COM Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (Group 1) (Sponsored By Qipco) (British Champions Mile), 19th October 2019. 3:20 at Ascot, standard racecard from Racing Post. 3.20: - QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd STAKES. 4:00 Ascot | Standard Racecard | 19 October 2019 | Racing Post WWW.RACINGPOST.COM Qipco Champion Stakes (British Champions Middle Distance) (Group 1), 19th October 2019. 4:00 at Ascot, standard racecard from Racing Post. 4.00: - CHAMPION STAKES. 4:40 Ascot | Standard Racecard | 19 October 2019 | Racing Post WWW.RACINGPOST.COM Balmoral Handicap (Sponsored By Qipco), 19th October 2019. 4:40 at Ascot, standard racecard from Racing Post. 4.40: - BALMORAL HANDICAP. I will Post up the Format for Champion's Day, re, the number of Selections allocated in each Race, once the Final Declarations have been published. Now that Category 4 (MID-AUTUMN HANDICAP DOUBLE) and Category 6 (MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE), have been finalised and "settled", I will Post up details of Category 7. I shaIl calll Category 7, the CHAMPION'S DAY DOUBLE and will comprise of the, Champion's Fillies and Mares Stakes and the Champion's Long Distance Cup. You will be allocated 2 Selections in each Race, in 4 Doubles (2x2). I will Post up a Betting Guide to both Races and details of Stake Options available in Category 7, a little later. All Entrants have registered Selections for Category 5, the CHAMPION'S DAY TRIXIE, except BRISTLE BOY but B.B. is aware of the entry deadline for Caregory 5 (NOON, on Saturday). CATEGORY 5 CHAMPION'S DAY TRIXIE LEG 1: CHAMPIONS SPRINT. LEG 2: QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd STAKES. LEG 3: CHAMPION STAKES. I will Post up a Betting Guide to both Races and details of Stake Options available in Category 7, a little later. Regards, Tom.
  15. The GEFS 0z mean still indicates a more benign pleasantly warm signal for late october with height rises to the east, by no means certain that it will be settled though as there are some cooler unsettled zonal members in that timeframe too but on balance the latest models show it could still be a nice last week or so this month with the probable exception of the far NW .
  16. 11 days blank, 210 for 2019 73% Solar flux 68 Thermosphere: 4.40
  17. Could be a nice end of the month. HP centred to our E, mild by day chilly frosty evenings/nights. Have get this LP that’s going to/is controlling the weather out of the way first. Looks promising to me though BFTP
  18. Long post alert..... Sorry. I think I understand the motives of the protesters and I applaud the people involved for trying to raise the profile of these issues although I don't especially agree with their methods because they are disruptive to many other ordinary people. However, I am unable to understand what action they expect individuals to take. As somebody who is concerned about the possibility (in the worst case) of the end of most of the life on the planet, I wish to do my best to avert the doom which is being predicted, but what is the best action I can take? Four years ago I spent a chunk of my limited and finite savings on solar water heating panels on a south facing roof slope, thinking that it would reduce my dependence on oil for the boiler. The result is not conclusive - lots of hot water on warm sunny days (when I don't need it), not much benefit if any on cold, cloudy days (when I DO need it). Have I saved on some oil consumption? Yes, I expect so, but I now have a leaky roof in adverse weather (of which we get a lot) and overall I don't think my 'action' has really done anything measurable to affect the climate. On the other hand, I still drive a diesel car although I could by now have probably changed it for petrol or even a hybrid. I choose to drive a diesel because I believe it is actually more climate friendly than the affordable alternatives available to me. My diesel has done 125K miles and looks good for another 125K if I look after it. Diesel engines are generally more fuel efficient than petrol engines, and also more robust and longer lasting so they don't need scrapping so often. If everyone kept their car as long as I have perhaps there would be less need of new cars, reducing the consumption of raw materials to manufacture them, and reducing the waste from scrapped cars. My point, though, is that any rather small and insignificant actions like these by even millions of individuals are unlikely to save the planet if half the predictions of climate scientists are accurate. What is needed are tremendous sweeping changes in the way we - humanity- generate energy, produce food and travel around. This might include solving the challenge of fusion energy power generation, eliminating beef from the human diet, hydroponics, extensive networks of electric vehicle charging points or, better still, electro-magnetic recharging embedded in roads, or, best of all, enormous development of public transport so that personal transport by car can be almost eliminated. The problem is that most if not all these kinds of developments require a) huge sums of money; b) world-wide intergovernmental co-operation, and c) the willingness of vested capital and company shareholders to forego profits in lieu of world changing progress for the benefit of all mankind. There is a name for this....Utopia....and I am afraid if it ever happens it will be too late to change the direction in which we are already travelling.
  19. And here is update 7! Update 7: Slightly reduced percentage chance. Past a third of the way there! The seventh update suggests a slightly reduced percentage chance of snow in the north and south. The latest considerations are: Seasonal forecast model updates suggesting a mild and Atlantic dominated winter is favoured. October weather patterns. Unsettled conditions have continued. Recent output from seasonal computer models has generally been pointing towards a milder than average winter. Although seasonal models display a low skill level for the UK they are taken into account. Chance of snow on Christmas Day North of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 14% South of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 8% Updates 1: 01/09/2019, 2: 08/09, 3: 15/09, 4: 22/09, 5: 29/09, 6: 06/10, 7: 13/10 The Computer says It's expected to be too mild for snow in the south It's expected to be too mild for snow in Wales It's expected to be too mild for snow in the Midlands It's expected to be too mild for snow in the north It's expected to be too mild for snow in Scotland It's expected to be too mild for snow in Northern Ireland It's expected to be too mild for snow in the Republic of Ireland It's expected to be too mild for snow in the Netherlands Forecast issued 14/10/2019 07:18:35 Christmas Weather Forecast WWW.THEWEATHEROUTLOOK.COM Will it be a White Christmas in Great Britain? Discussion weather forecast regularly updated between September and December 25th.
  20. Needed a new one for this year. Here's the first post that @Summer Sun put at the end of last year's thread.
  21. The GFS 00Z Operational, at least, gives cause for optimism, regarding some much-needed drying-out time...? Though, I'm not sure as to how much support the decent drying-out spell has from the ensembles; they do keep faffing about...? So, hey, ho...it's on to the 06Zs!
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