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  2. Time to dig out the garden furniture for Christmas?! I don’t know at this rate, pictures of sunshine and beaches on Christmas cards will be more appropriate than snowy scenes!
  3. Explain.. And some data to back that up??? Certainly not true.. Things are hinged...'to say the least.!
  4. Yep that op..certainly on the milder side of things.... So all gravy imo!
  5. And, anywho, there's still plenty of wiggle-room within the GEFS 06Z ensembles:
  6. True, but the chart reflects a more likely scenario as GP has just attested to.
  7. Absolutely, this is what last years prediction for Christmas day on this day(9th) forcasted a potent northerly when in fact we got a mild southerly.
  8. We Have just had a violent squall shower of hail / sleet at Lowestoft, dont know how strong the wind was gusting, but we had items blowing everywhere, wont be surprised if a few trees were blown down, Anyone got reports of damage or wind gust speeds ?
  9. Not much happened here over night. Highest gust was yesterday was outside of the warning period, during a shower, 41mph. Highest gust inside of the warning period was 37mph. Tuesday is showing far higher gusts than yesterday, but no warning out for down here.
  10. Yesterdays storm here brought a gust of 55mph in the morning but as the day went on the winds dropped and the showers eased off leaving a cloudy day that actually wasn't too bad. During the evening when the wind changed to the North West the temperature climbed down to 3.9c. Through the night a few heavy showers passed by as the wind increased again although not by much. This morning has been sunny and dry and a bit on the cold side the current temp just after 12pm was 4.7c.
  11. Ironically I was going to post something similar in the Mod thread but then had second thoughts in fear of been slapped and punched by the cold and snow lovers brigade C.S
  12. Today's mulimodel outlook up until the 17th of December. There's better agreement with the models today on temperatures compared to the last 3 days. The week ahead will be around 8c to 7c midday tempetatures and most places at night are looking cold. In a weeks time the models are showing a slight drop in temperatures something indicated yesterday and again this morning. As for the air pressure things are still staying on the unsettled side this week with an area of low pressure over the UK on Thursday and Friday the models still seem unsure on how deep it will get and where it's exact position will be. The trend for pressure increasing into next weekend is still there and into the start of next week.
  13. But as highlighted via operationals...etc=gfs 6z..the large scale Russian high lapses...and migrates...as we gain...a positive sign for spillage into the desired plots....then it's pot luck atm..as discussed...block/pressure format location...
  14. Best/Worst Q1: 2010/2014 Q2: 2018/2019 Q3: 2017/2016 Q4: 2010/2015 Jan: 2010/2014 Feb: 2018/2014 Mar: 2012/2019 Apr: 2011/2012 May: 2018/N/A Jun: 2018/2019 Jul: 2013/2010 Aug: 2017/2016 Sep: 2017/2016 Oct: 2016/2011 Nov: 2010/2015 Dec: 2010/2015
  15. It's like racism in society here, always has been in evidence and nothing has changed. We like to point the finger at other countries and say how backward they are and forget that our own backyard needs clearing too.
  16. Which has huge implications on wind direction in to Europe,worst case scenario would be if high pressure gets stuck to the east of UK and whole Europe stays mild, anyway have my prozac ready
  17. Interesting mean anomalies for the GFS 06z ensembles. D8 D10 D13 D15
  18. 850 hpa GFS show a slight pick up of temperatures from the 17th to the 21st December London. But ECMWF 2 meter temperature going downwards for London.Possible high pressure build could be the cause.Lots of ifs and buts for Christmas run up good watching.
  19. Finally a few positive posts to start the working week ridges in play over the festive season.
  20. Today
  21. It's what some people choose to do at the Football. It's not compulsory. It's a shame too, 'cos they missed a good game.
  22. All options on the table I suppose.If that chart at T312 was showing a Beast from the East with -15 uppers there would have been pages of posts from excited posters.In the nearer time frame looks like some snow for the usual suspects with Elevation from the Peak District North come the weekend C.S
  23. Looks like it. Exact positioning - to east or west of UK up for grabs.
  24. Just talking about this our trip to brighton yesterday brought about a couple of arrests. nothing to do with anything political its what people do at Football as i said always as gone on bans will stop it but the underlying issue will remain Brighton v Wolves: Two arrests for homophobic abuse during Premier League match - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Brighton say two "visiting supporters" were arrested for homophobic abuse during Sunday's Premier League game against Wolves at Amex Stadium.
  25. Below, are the Results of my findings for the Januaries and Februaries, in Decade 3 (1960-1970): (JANUARY) G.H.D. G.B.I. U.K.MEAN 1961 3 (0.09) 2.7c 1962 1 (1.02) 3.6c 1963 17 1.42 (1.8c) 1964 7 0.27 3.3c 1965 4 (0.02) 2.4c 1966 11 1.12 2.2c 1967 14 1.28 3.7c 1968 1 0.08 3.5c 1969 17 2.02 4.4c 1970 6 0.65 3.0c G.H.D. = Greenland High Day. G.B.I. = Greenland Blocking Index. Figures in Brackets. = Minus Figures. (FEBRUARY) G.H.D. G.B.I. U.K.MEAN 1961 0 (0.91) 5.8c 1962 4 (0.37) 3.7c 1963 12 1.18 (1.1c) 1964 9 0.37 3.7c 1965 14 1.72 4.0c 1966 6 1.18 4.0c 1967 0 (1.13) 4.5c 1968 8 0.69 1.1c 1969 13 1.69 0.1c 1970 4 0.09 1.8c G.H.D. = Greenland High Day. G.B.I. = Greenland Blocking Index. Figures in Brackets. = Minus Figures. As I hinted at in my previous Post, I was surprised by my findings when researching the Synoptic Charts for the Winter, of 1962/63. It was a Winter I have a few memories of, as I was 7 at the time. I can remember running up and down huge piles of Snow, to and from School, which Residents had swept clear of their driveways.But I was always under the impression, as the flow came in from the East frequently during that Winter, that the "Main Player" was the Scandinavian High. A close look at the Synoptic pattern during that epic Winter, reveals that simply wasn't the case. The Greenland High was the controlling element and the Scandinavian High played just a supporting role, albeit an important one. Later on today, I will Post up some Tables, Synoptic Chart "thumbnails" and comments, about my findings for, Decade 3 (1960-1970). Regards, Tom.
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