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  2. Dry and sunny start with patchy cloudy and a moderate southerly breeze Temp 9.7c
  3. A dry night with clear periods until after midnight and then hill fog from around 0400 g.m.t. The fog cleared by 0715 g.m.t and the sun has just started to break through the low cloud. At 0800 g.m.t Temp; 7.0c 24 hr max; 12.9c 24 hr min; 4.1c. Grass min; 1.4c Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 1.0 mm Mean wind speed; 15 mph S 7 oktas St Vis; 5 km.
  4. A named low pressure #StormHannah will bring strong winds and gales through Friday night into Saturday with welcome rain for farmers and growers. Feeling colder this weekend in the brisk winds. Read the full update here
  5. Blog https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9542-storm-hannah-atlantic-low-pressure-with-gales-where-and-when
  6. Today almost a carbon-copy of yesterday in terms of affected areas where I expect to see anything particularly substantial. Risk transferring from West to East through the afternoon. Red area in Ireland is experimental, gonna have my eye on that area earlier on in the period.
  7. I've not got a good feeling about this summer, contrary to what most of the long-range forecasters are predicting.
  8. Aye BW, the lack of rainfall is becoming a major concern of mine: after Wednesday's and yesterday's no-shows, I am hoping that today's more SW'erly flow will at least bring some relief...Things might well look all nice and green right now, but give it a two-week sunny/hot spell, and the brown will start to show...?
  9. The second "element" of the Competition, is a Bookmaker sponsored Gold Cup Handicap Chase at Sandown, on Sat. 27th April. Entrants will need to choose 2 horses in this Race and please remember to **NAP**, which one of your selections you think has most chance of winning. Failure to **NAP** one of your sections will result in your **NAP** being taken, as your first named selection. You will receive a "virtual" £1 EACH WAY, on each selection. You will find the Betting Odds I'll be using for this Race, further back up the thread. Below is the Racing Post link to the Declarations, for this race: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/54/sandown/2019-04-27/725119 Please Copy/Paste your 2 selections into the boxes, provided below: Category 2. 3.35 SANDOWN PARK(Sat.27th April): SELECTION 1: SELECTION 2: Selections for Category 2, MUST be posted on this thread by NOON, Sat.27th April. Thank you. Regards, Tom.
  10. The latest (00Z) temperature ensemble shows a warm-up come early May; but, the op shifting to the warm end of the pack exaggerates the visual effect: And the improving temps coincide nicely with an anticipated rise in SLP, for the SE.
  11. Today
  12. An update on incoming #StormHannah, named by the Irish Met service but also affecting Wales tonight and Northern Ireland and parts of England and SW Scotland on Saturday. Read more here
  13. Bright but clouding up from the west. I thought today was going to be showers but looks like more general rain.
  14. Sunny Sheffield at 8.9C +0.9C above normal. Rainfall 9.5mm 15% of the monthly average.
  15. The ecm has a shallow low crossing the country during the latter half of next week which phases with the major trough to the north east thus the wind veers and a sunny intervals and showery regime ensues And this would introduce much colder with temps below average Just to reiterate - the detail for next week is far from a done deal
  16. Unfortunately I missed it as I was over in Manchester yesterday, just saw the tail end as it went out over the North Sea as I got home. My wife took some photos, plenty of CC flashes and a few CG's, power went off 3 times, and pea or a bit bigger sized hail. Heavy rain which caused surface water flooding on all the usual vulnerable spots. Best storm at home for a couple of years, and I miss it. Had a few flashes and some rain in Manchester around 5, but nothing spectacular
  17. Yes, a real pain having to water flower beds at this time of year. Your neck of the woods looking to largely miss meaningful rain from Storm Hannah. Looking at the high res models I think this weekend will be a case of hoping to catch one of the heavier showers rattling through. So some back gardens will strike lucky whilst others miss out. There's a front coming through the Region around 03.00 Saturday morning with some heavy outbreaks of rain, but Arome model shows the fragmented nature of that rainfall: Sat 03.00 Icon model showing Saturday afternoon very windy for the Region with 50mph gusts as Hannah moves out into the North Sea. It's a shame this time of the year as this is likely to take its toll of youngsters falling out of bird nests. Sat 15.00
  18. A cool night here, got down to 4.1°C at 6AM. Currently 7.2°C with mostly clear skies
  19. A clear start at dawn but cloudy now, 0.2 mm of rain sometime since midnight, a low of 3.6 C, so a colder start than for a few days
  20. Storm Hannah - five different models showing possible maximum wind gusts in the early hours of Saturday morning.... . . Potentially damaging gusts if these charts are right - time to put away the garden chairs then. Oh, and don't park under a tree tonight....
  21. So how does this continue to pan out. Little change on Weds But develops are taking place upstream on Thursday with the latest ejection from the vortex/trough over N. America is gaining a lot of traction in the western Atlantic and downstream more general showery rain over the UK By Friday the development upstream continues which facilitates the amplification of the subtropical high just to the west of the UK
  22. Seriously starting to get concerned about the lack of any meaningful rainfall in our part of the world... It now looks like Storm Hannahs efforts to drop anything will be pretty poor to.. Up to Sunday rainfall totals for our area.. 1-2mm Unless something drastic changes... Then I predict one of 2 things this summer... Serious serious drought... OR something similar to 2015 or 16? when the Thames broke out near me worst flooding for years...Climate change is all about extreme ends of the spectrum and that is exactly what is happening all over the world..
  23. Two afternoons with small storms, probably more than we had last year!
  24. A thunderstorm about 10 miles east of here late yesterday afternoon was the first thunder heard at this site since July 27th last year. The last time there was an overhead storm was June 10th 2016.
  25. Over the next 36 hours it will be wet and very windy over the southern half of the UK. But it will be quickly followed by a far more quiescent period which can be simplistically illustrated by three snapshots of the 500mb profile within the five day period. Meanwhile the Atlantic surface analysis at midnight As can be seen Storm Hannah is at 25W and is tracking east to be over Ireland by 1800, As a preliminary event the occlusion associated with another system is already bringing showery rain to the south west and this will track north east during the day to be over southern Scotland by 1800. And by that time rain from the frontal system associated with Hannah will be effecting N. Ireland, west Wales and the south west of England. Temps for a change better along the eastern region of England As the low tracks across the Irish Sea and the north of England during the night the band of showery rain will move north east, followed by showers, but a region of more persistent rain will effect north Wales and the north west by dawn, associated with the bent back occlusion.But the key feature here is the wind which will pick up rapidly with severe gales along south western and southern coastal regions, particularly the west coast of Wales. Hannah will track into the North Sea during Saturday but the band of rain associated with the occlusion will continue to effect northern, central and eastern regions of England during the day. It will also still be quite windy in south west and southern regions with blustery showers. Quite a cold day as well With Hannah out of the way a very fleeting transient ridge builds on Sunday but some patchy rain will effect western regions as a warm front associated with low in the central Atlantic nudges in A warmer day all round Over Monday and Tuesday the pattern changes illustrated at the beginning are taking place with the UK in a very slack gradient resulting in a couple of days of sunny intervals and broken cloud but some rain may infiltrate the west from trailing fronts. And a much warmer couple of days
  26. Not out yet. GFS seems to the same waiting for ECM to come out.
  27. Dry mild with some patchy cloud Temp 6.3C, low 5.2C, Barometer 1006mb rising, Wind F3 SW, Rainfall nil
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