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  2. The day ten chart could be interesting too,new surge of heights into Greenland at 216.
  3. They might have been in America though. EDIT : who knows anyway, he might be referring to cold ENSO episodes or something else.
  4. i didnt think decembers of 69, 76, or 83 were particuarly cold...
  5. Could do with more energy heading se at day 8 . The high to the south needs to be cut off from linking up with the high over the UK .
  6. Snow showers down the east coast with this do we think ??
  7. Sunny Sheffield down to 5.1C -3.0C below normal, Rainfall unchanged at 188.2mm 237% of the monthly average. All eyes now on the 200mm mark as we head towards another wet spells.
  8. 192 would bring plenty of snow showers to the NE & Scotland - Good time of year for cold maxima & pretty steep lapse rates
  9. And, going by the simultaneousness of rises in both pressure and temperature, as suggested by the GEFS 12Z ensembles, you might be hearing it even more, over the coming days: Need one reiterate, once again, that the GFS 12Z (just like the UKMET, ECM...mighty NAVGEM) is but one run from but one model...?
  10. Early air frost which rapidly melted as temps rose fairly quickly from five. A very cold day though and cloudy and dull Max temp 4.4C, now 4.1C, Barometer 1002mb falling slowly, Wind ESE, Rainfall Nil
  11. Far better ECM with the shortwave energy split and the pattern further east . The high needs to be boxed in and not allowed to be pulled west , if you get enough trough disruption heading se then that would be great .
  12. First boom chart for me, mainly because it’s not deep FI and has support from the UKMO, some ENS and the METO update. The ECM could have cold enough uppers for country wide snow (away from coasts) at 192 - close too it anyway.
  13. We've had day after day of cloud and nothing much else lately after the wetter spell where I am and down into london, a couple of sunny and frosty mornings lately which has been lovely and seasonal. I'm just not a fan of layers of cloud, dry and nowt else sorry. We had a bit more rain than usual in october imby and about 2 years of dry before that and I wont feel guilty for liking the rain like you want me to, I wouldn't wish flooding on anyone at all but I quite like variety in the weather and that includes rain. It also doesn't stop me going out and doing stuff. Not sure how else I can explain that to you tbh, same as people who like tornado shouldn't feel guilty for chasing them. I like active weather, you like dry and hot, so what?
  14. Very cold feeling day here as well, maximum temperatures reached 5.5C, in the fresh cold feeling easterly. MIA
  15. Who said anything about zonal onslaught I was merely pointing out why the cold was not advocating south
  16. Awesome, I really wasn’t expecting that. I mean it isn’t in the bag but for now I’ll take it.
  17. Big difference ukmo north greenland thats the issue ECM cleaner..
  18. Greeny High in winter and omega block in summer are my favourites
  19. We’ve had 4/5 days of dry weather, 2 of those included frost mornings and beautiful sunrises this week. Today was cloudy and cold after weeks of cold rain and floods. How can 1 day of nothingness drain the spirit? For folk that work outside (me) and to all the homes and businesses flooded this week has raised our spirits. Not much variety so far this autumn, the game leader is cold rain, grey and miserable. Default reset tomorrow....
  20. I seem to be on here too much as I know what all the terms are The Euro slug is one of the classic terms I've heard alot of today. Anyway the Gem and Gfs this evening still in rather similar agreement upto day 10 with bands of rain sweeping across the country one after the other really clocking up the rainfall totals once again.. They both show a somewhat brief northerly around day 10 before the high pressure system out West topples over the uk quickly cutting it off.. Liable to change as its a while out.. Gem for Tuesday.. Saturday 30th.. Monday 1st December.. Gem rainfall totals for the next 10 days below.. Here's the Gfs.. GFS rainfall accumulation for the next 10 day's very similar to the previous rainfall accumulation updates I've posted today.
  21. Its so much cleaner than the rest North Greenland everything is cleared i know iv jinxed it now.
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