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  2. Good little storm that. Torrential rain, frequent thunder and lightning as the core passed over- including a strike that must have been a matter of metres away! I'm happy!
  3. Going very dark towards my south now. ... Edit: WOO HOO!! I have just had a good clap of thunder!!
  4. These aren’t the best storms - fairly infrequent over a wide area but when you do get one nearby man are they bright and loud
  5. I’m guessing that’s it for now for these parts unless the stuff coming over from France will produce anything tonight?
  6. One flash and that's it folks clearing away now and that should be it for the evening and night.
  7. Just pooped my pants. Almighty flash then immediate bang. That was close.
  8. Yep, plenty of lightning in every direction other than here, loads of strikes over Ashbourne at the moment
  9. I don't think anyone suggest you shouldn't have you say? I welcome your views. Mostly you're polite too (see below tho) Anyway, it's good your eyes are improved Wrt prediction, if you think they are unreliable, why might they not underestimate warming? Wrt Peter Ridd - aiui his specialism is corals. Your description of XR is noted. I have to say someone close to me has been to the XR events in London - she, and afaict they, don't do diatribes. My god, some of the criticisms of XR I've seen - now they ARE diatribes, and the best 'quality' ones too!
  10. Heard one distant rumble of Thunder going dark now but once this lot has gone through that will be it.
  11. Back to reality today with a max of 11.2C and a cool breeze off the North Sea. April can of course be a very variable month. Just two years ago today (24th to 25th) there was quite widespread snow in Scotland. Even here near the coast there was a covering in the evening and again the following morning from snow showers in a brisk Northerly.
  12. The showers arrived here just before 1500, cleared away and another band now, only 1.8 mm so far
  13. Distant rumble as the Telford Cell moves away north west over north Shropshire. We ended up in a gap between the two cells. The one heading north towards Witchurch is a bit of a beast by the looks of the radar - Got Crewe in its sights. Actually looks like the gap we were in is filling out with a couple of smaller new cells which are producing lightening already... game on for everywhere north of here.
  14. That's just passed over here but it gave only a very brief spell of heavy rain ( about a minute) and was gone. I'm hoping for something more substantial from the one over Derby at the moment.
  15. Still ticking away nicely to the south, a good line of cells building up
  16. Beauty How anyone of a meteorological persuasion could favour weeks on end of Azores HP domination over this, is beyond me.
  17. You need to get in a time machine and travel back to 2007 then
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