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  2. Ooooo lol. Never trust these things but a wee snowflake
  3. Hopefully, some tentative signs of a worthwhile pattern-change (Anyone got any straws!) farther down the line; but, in the meantime, breezy weather with a chance of sleet showers doesn't really do it, for me: IMO, we need to see some deep, cold air within touching-distance, so those sub-10s, away to the east, northeast, do provide a small degree of solace... It's only one run from only one model!
  4. Great to see to the GFS pumping out lots more instability with some decent CAPE again early next week towards the W & SW of the UK Fantastic cloud structures towering behind South Wales teatime yesterday, best I've seen for years around here but not a single flash of lightning! This was the view from Porthcawl
  5. The weather pattern since autumn has been very different to are normal roaring Southwesterly winds. No sign in the future to re establish this pattern,looking a much more interesting winter for cold enthusiasts.
  6. Another early frost this morning - voted early #dogsatpollingstations
  7. Yes I've seen this and three more recently.sadly altho not full on zonal there does seem to be a pointer towards a west to east biased going forward up to the new year app.hopefully a change to something better asap!!!
  8. Wiltshire's 24 gritters named by the public - including 'Spready Mercury' and 'Usain Salt' WWW.SALISBURYJOURNAL.CO.UK WILTSHIRE’S 24-strong fleet of new gritters have all been given names by the public. WILTSHIRE’S 24-strong fleet of new gritters have all been given names by the public. Six of the names were given to the gritters by local schools, and the remaining 18 were taken from a shortlist of public suggestions. The six given by schools were Nitty Gritty, by Greentrees Primary School, Salisbury; Frosty the Gritter, by Sambourne School, Warminster; Snowhenge, by Wellington Eagles Primary School, Ludgershall; True Grit, by Holy Trinity Primary, Great Cheverell; Brad Grit, by Hindon Primary School, Hindon, Salisbury and Woodford’s Winter Warrior, by Woodford Valley Primary. There were more than 1,500 votes on the final 18 names, and the winners are: • Grit Me Baby One More Time • Gritty Gritty Bang Bang • Sir David Attenbrrrr • Gritty Rascal • Buzz Saltyear • Licensed to Grit • Moonraker • Snowood House • Wiltshire Born and Spread • Saul T Roads • Ready Spready Go • Thaw Enforcement • Grit Happens • Grittersaurus • Anneka Ice • Arnold Schwarzegritter • Usain Salt • Spready Mercury
  9. One thing that has been app is the lack of any real eye candy in fi.threw November there seemed to be quite a few so I'm guessing till any real subtle changes from the ao-nao or forcing from the Pacific the offerings are going to be meagre cold and wintry wise.tbh just dry and bright would be ok for me over xmas
  10. Another cold NWly arrives just after Christmas, more snow showers on this one. All a long way off of course, if only the Atlantic high could shift northwards a bit further it would be game on.
  11. Drops into model thread for first time in 3 days Sees people looking at GEM at 240 as best hope for anything cold Drops out of model thread for another 3 days
  12. Won't be any visible evidence of snow on the ground here Sunday morning, unless the wrekin (which can be seen from 30 miles away) is high enough to pinch a few flakes.
  13. Its a cold run for xmas eve and christmas day... But so diff to EC so little confidence in anything still...
  14. Dont quite get the Northerly this run put a cold Norther westerly for xmas cold one a that to.
  15. Not a bad chart this, at least it would be cold for Christmas for a change, chance of some wintery showers too.
  16. The Arctic High/wedge is the key to maybe getting any cold pre-Christmas. The GFS blocks that wedge from the Pacific heading across the Arctic fields where as the ECM allows it through. The GFS parks it in a most inconvenient place over the Arctic: So the tPV on our side of the NH is blocked in and regroups circulating to the north of the UK with the Atlantic HP cell train preventing any trough. Still with a Pacific ridge forming after D9, and with that Arctic wedge maybe changing its route, there remains potential of a better synoptic developing, however, the 06z run is not in the UK Top 10 hope cast list.
  17. Jolly cold and frosty last night. Now back too christmas murk and drizzle. Nice day for staying indoors in front of the roaring log fire. Temp has gone up to 8C. Thats 46F. in old money.
  18. GFS having none of it as usual, and re-invigorates the vortex instead:
  19. Indeed.i think it's a big ask to get that low to the southwest to move south east but who knows.think the problem is that in the past GFS has been the ball breaker esp in winter.hopefully not going forward
  20. I've been living in the UK for almost 9 years now (this will be my 9th xMas here) and all of the Christmas days were the same, mild, dull, nothing going on. I think this will be the same as well even in Istanbul we used to get snow for New Years day (thanks to Black Sea, we always get sea effect snow every winter).
  21. GFS 6z looks at best average .slight and minimal heights to the north.further more and sadly more rain possible !
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