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  2. Just went outside - you can smell it here even though there's nothing immediately visible. We were similarly disheartened (putting it mildly) on Harris a couple of weeks ago - roads closed, gardens burnt, power lines down, and the rest. No swallows here either although our resident Pip was out at dusk over the weekend.
  3. Listed below, are KIRKCALDY WEATHER's predictions for both Matches in the 1st Legs, of the Semi-Final Phase, with Betting Odds attached: M.1) RESULT: DRAW(Tottenham vAjax)12/5 C/SCORE:2-2 11/1 M.2) RESULT: BARCELONA (v.Liverpool) 8/11 C/SCORE:4-2 35/1 Allocated "virtual" stakes in both Legs of the Semi-Finals, are as follows: PREDICTING RESULTS IN ALL MATCHES - £10 " C/SCORE " " " - £1 "GOALSCORERS" GOALS IN ALL MATCHES - £4  Regards, Tom.
  4. Liverpool TAF also. PROB30 TEMPO 2415/2418 3000 +SHRA TSGS BKN014 BKN025CB All only PROB30s though.
  5. This afternoon has been a once in a lfetime experience for me with density of smoke having driven me inside to do paperwork.There are no sign of any swallows despite the warmth and the resident birds have left the feeders and are silent even the cattle are restless. Not a good experience
  6. Now clearly visible as a bluish grey blanket to the south-east from here, not stretching quite as far as Inverness. Re my earlier comment - I don't think this one can be blamed on crofters, but the other gang of crooks who own and mismanage the Highlands...
  7. It is isn't it..Just had 2 small drops of rain here, saw them on the concrete slab rushed outside and it had stopped...darn..
  8. matty40s

    Easter solitude.

    Absolute solitude on a busy bank holiday. Grafton Regis, Grand Union Canal
  9. A very imby post but what’s the potential looking like for the East Midlands tomorrow?
  10. Difficult to have much confidence in any detail outside the short range with the gfs, given the differences in 12 hours
  11. I've noticed as each day has passed, the forecast is showing less and less rain. Apart from Wednesday, the rest of the week doesn't look particularly bad, just breezy.
  12. Western France is getting a little more exciting. Need to start seeing some of this potential being forecast further east... I’m not letting the north and west have all the fun this year
  13. Things getting a lot more interesting now with this band. I expect the northern side to show a lot more activity in the next few hours given that it’s entering higher levels of CAPE
  14. A dry day with extensive high cloud and a few spells of hazy sunshine. At 1700 g.m.t Temp; 14.7c Max today; 16.9c Min last night; 9.0c Grass min; 4.3c. Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; 0.0 mm Sunshine today so far; 1.82 hrs Mean wind speed; 17 mph E Highest gust today; 28 mph E at 1234 g.m.t 7 oktas Cs and As Vis; 65 km.
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  16. Certainly been a whiff of smoke from the moorland fires over the last couple of days. The moors need rain but people also need to stop going up there with bbq's.
  17. But the end shows some promise, of better things to come? If one squints hard enough! Ensemble's stuck on 00Z!
  18. Keep us updated I'll be watching the radar to see what if anything comes of it! ,
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