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  2. That's quite true...But, were they charts showing gale-force easterlies with -12C T850s, I'm quite sure that quite a few 'someones' would be raving about them, already...?
  3. Bit of uncertainty with the exact position of tonights/tomorrow's weather front posting Gfs and Netwx models as an example to highlight the difference albeit small but makes a big difference locally.. Gfs has trended slightly further north having the worst of the rain through the flood effected areas and Wales with quite heavy snow on higher ground of Wales but Netwx as does the Arpege and Gem keep it stalled across South Wales and South Midlands area with less of an impact for the flood effected areas it needs watching closely it is likely to be very heavy at times. (I personally wouldn't be suprised if an amber warning is issued given how sensitive river levels are in places with 40-60mm potentially falling locally). That's just my view and certainly doesn't mean there will be. But anyway here's the two charts.. Netwx.. GFS...
  4. Thanks for another update MIA, it is certainly nice to see the Kara sea freezing over so quickly this year, and indeed the whole NE Atlantic area rallying somewhat. I just find it so sad that in these days of global heating, the Arctic's cold seems to have to pick its battles. If one region sees average or below average temperatures it is now always offset by anomalous/extreme warmth elsewhere. The days of getting sustained below average temperatures on both sides of the pole seem to be behind us. Only 30 years ago, the ice north of Barrow Point, Alaska, would some summers barely recede from the coast at all. Now, in mid-November, two months after the minimum there are still hundreds of miles of open water left in the Beaufort sea. I particularly worry about the Chucki sea, though. This year is really bad, even in comparison to the previous decade, which itself has been consistently below par (see the image from November 2011 below). It feels like the early melting and commensurate rise in water temperatures is starting to take its toll in this part of the Arctic. Refreeze is later, spring thicknesses are way down and, combined with that, weather patterns seem less and less conducive to extended periods of extreme cold taking hold. Hopefully, the cold air that is expected to move into the Chucki in the next few days will help the dwindling ice cover to rapidly expand, but I just worry that we're very close to, if not already past, a tipping point in this part of the world. Selfishly, its been wonderful to see the low temps in our neck of the woods. Scandinavia, in particular, has had an impressive cold spell of late. Now, it seems that the focus of the Arctic's fury is shifting to North America for a time. Hopefully, it will revisit Europe again before too long!
  5. Those charts are a month before Christmas. Hardly the run up to the festive season.
  6. After a mostly dry start to Wednesday, more trouble is brewing to our southwest as another spell of heavy rain approaches. Read the full update here
  7. BBC monthly outlook Summary Unsettled and often wet, but less cold later. _________________________________ Wednesday 13 November – Sunday 17 November Unsettled, cold at times, with frequent rain Low pressure is likely to be near or over the UK, especially across the south, throughout the rest of this week and the coming weekend. From Wednesday, low pressure will slide across Ireland and bring outbreaks of rain to the Southwest and Wales, as well as Northern Ireland later. Eastern England and Scotland will stay mostly fine and dry, but a few isolated showers in northern Scotland may bring some hail to a few spots. On Thursday, this low pressure system will head into the English Channel, bringing a slow-moving and weakening front over the south. Although the front is fairly weak, some northerly winds on the northern side will help bring outbreaks of heavy rain into the Midlands and East Anglia. Through the evening and overnight the front will drift northwards into southern parts of northern England, but heavy rain will tend to ease. There is a risk of a some areas in the Midlands, especially the East Midlands, seeing flooding from more heavy rain where river levels are already high. The end of the week and start of the weekend will see this low pressure linger to the southeast of the UK and drifting into the North Sea. This will keep much of England and Wales wet and windy, while Scotland stays drier with a brisk northerly wind. There is a chance of some locally heavy downpours in the East on Saturday, with further flooding risks. However, by Sunday a ridge of high pressure will build in from the west, bringing a respite to the wet weather. It will turn cooler with brisk northerly winds bringing in some cold, polar air. Monday 18 November – Sunday 24 November Cold start but turning milder then wetter For the last full week of November, little change is expected to the overall weather pattern for the UK. We are likely to still see low pressure overhead or nearby keeping things unsettled and a bit cooler than normal. This low will have some slow-moving and weak fronts at times, and these will bring some longer outbreaks of rain for some parts of the country while elsewhere there are some lengthy dry spells and fine, sunny days. As the low pressure centre shifts around, there is a chance that we may occasionally see a weak ridge of high pressure creep in. On Monday 18th one of these highs looks like it will move in from the west. With low pressure to the east bringing in some colder polar air from the north, the high pressure will make Monday night feel very cold with widespread frost across the country. Low pressure returning for the rest of the week will see things stay a bit milder and unsettled, with a risk of some locally heavy rain. This will likely trigger some localised flooding. For the end of the week and weekend, we should start to see a gradual shift in the weather pattern as low pressure becomes more entrenched to the west and southwest of the UK. This will keep things unsettled and wet at times, but it will also shift the winds to a more southerly direction and tap into some milder Mediterranean air. Temperatures should tend to be closer to normal, for the time of year by the weekend, bringing some relief from the recent colder weather. Monday 25 November – Sunday 8 December Gradually shifting to more typical winter weather Towards the end of November and through the first week of December, we expect there to be a gradual shift from the wet and unsettled conditions seen so often during October and November to a more typical winter scenario. This will see high pressure to the east, across Russia and Scandinavia weaken and allow Atlantic weather systems to return into North Europe, bringing more active fronts. These fronts will be faster-moving and bring brief outbreaks of heavy rain and strong winds at times. The main change is that warm fronts and high pressure to the southwest will tend to send more tropical air into the UK, lifting our temperatures from below average to near or a bit above average. Overnight frosts and hill-snow will gradually become less likely, but there may be a few crisp days and nights. There is a risk that weather systems may bring some very strong winds as well. There is a chance that this strong high pressure over Russia will stick around further into December. If this happens, things will stay cooler with some longer outbreaks of rain and lighter winds. As the days continue to shorten, the chances of snow will increase in the hills and even for lowlands, mainly for Scotland. Further ahead How's the weather shaping up as we move closer to Christmas? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  8. It’s snowing!!!!!!! It’s the lightest shower I have ever seen in my life but it all counts! (Not even picking up the snowflakes on my camera so won’t bother posting a picture)
  9. Quick one from me, EC 00z looks interesting strat wise...a split is evident at 10 Hpa...(or close to at least).
  10. Can I just point out that there are other users who do what you are stating as well its not wise to single one person out when there are some other very good poster's as well as @knocker.
  11. Not the best (if you like snow) charts for the run-up to Christmas:
  12. USNIC this morning.. (nice to see these amazing amounts of snow). Snow little changed (but does not show the increased snow in the USA!).... with 'locally' decreases in the Pyrenees, however small additions in Scotland and the Alps . Ice is going through a period of generalised gains, with no major area decreasing and just about all areas recording moderate gains. Kara and Baffin look to be the best performers today. Back later with the detail from Masie., when I expect to see a gain between 60 - 100K Km2 today. MIA
  13. Wednesday 13th November 2019 A few cloud breaks overnight allowing a ground frost to develop. Variable cloud and sunny spells this morning. 24-hour maximum 7.8c 24-hour minimum 2.8c Minimum temperature on grass -0.7c. Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 22.0mph WNW Rainfall total: 0.6mm Conditions at 09:00 GMT 3 Oktas Stratocumulus, Cirrus. Visibility >10 miles Temperature: 4.0c Humidity: 98.3% Wind Direction: SW Force 1-2 Barometer 996.2mb rising slowly. Yesterday. Clear spells overnight, enough of a westerly breeze to prevent temperatures falling below 2.9c. Clouding over before dawn. Light to moderate rain setting in around 08:30 GMT. A little more showery rain through the morning, though this stopping before lunch time. The afternoon saw a little brightness, though cloudy on the whole with the odd light shower.
  14. Still a bit wet in Venice... Live Cam Piazza San Marco - Venice WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM View of the Basilica of San Marco and the Doge's Palace, excellent vantage view to observe the acqua alta in real time Venice under water following record high tide WWW.BBC.CO.UK The mayor of Venice says he will declare a state of disaster after a high tide topped 1.87m.
  15. Next few days Further rain at times Some hill snow Often windy Cold https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/50397537
  16. Ben Lomond - probably the highest peak I can see from my upstairs window on a clear day. Lovely cycle to work this morning. -3 when I left. Path down by the Water of Leith was empty except for the sound of the water. Fantastic.
  17. Talking politics. Theresa May will be the first ex PM to stand at a general election since Ted Heath in 1997.
  18. Today
  19. Remaining dry overnight. Currently, clam with a fair amount of cloud and just a few short bright interludes Temp 1.4c
  20. Strong is +41.2M/S Cant remember the weak value - Probably sub 15 M/S
  21. They are great aren't they. I think that comes from choosing to look at a reliable timeframe and giving a forecast regardless of the weather that is being forecast as opposed to only posting when the outputs match what he wants. This thread is much better for having Knocker in it
  22. A dry night with enough clear spells to allow a ground frost. Dry this morning with the odd glimpse of sunshine. At 0900 Temp; 3.1c 24 hr max; 5.9c 24 hr min; 1.9c Grass min; -2.6c Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; 3.0 mm Mean wind speed; 8 mph W 6 oktas Cu, Ac and Ci Vis; 25 km Distant showers to the north.
  23. Sunny Sheffield still at 5.6° C, rainfall now at 137.2 mm 172.8% of the monthly average.
  24. Not as much snow for the Jungfrau area, it never has the huge totals some parts of the Alps get. However some runs opening this weekend bergfex - Webcam Kleine Scheidegg - Lauberhorn - Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald - Wengen - Cam Panorama-Blick vom Lauberhorn. - Livecam WWW.BERGFEX.COM Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald - Wengen : Kleine Scheidegg - Lauberhorn - Ski area - - Ski resort - Panorama-Blick vom Lauberhorn. - Weather camera - Cam - - Webcam - Switzerland - Livecam -...
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