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  2. Forgot to say, some fairly big temperature differentials locally at the moment! 4.6c here, much warmer down the hill and the dip along the road getting their first frost from the looks of it..
  3. GFS 18z puts the likes of @CatchMyDrift @shuggee and @mardatha back in the game 2 situations look possible 1- heavy precip moves up here with snow in places (more so the higher up) or 2 - heavy precip ends up in north / central England but the colder and less marginal air moves in quicker from the W / NW with higher chance of showers being more of snow especially for western and north western areas like @Mr Frost and @West Highland Storm (Fort William) still lots of chopping and changing to come, hoping to get a better idea when it is in view on shorter range models and will try to do an update.
  4. A beautiful day after the 30mm of rain we had yesterday, such a shame it is a weekday with no chance for a walk. However, it was very foggy at home up on the hills this morning but (as usual) the drive down into town produced very different weather. The photo’s (not great as I was in a hurry) are directed back from town towards the hills.
  5. I’m at Ashburnham place near Battle helping out on a holiday for families who have benefited from debt help from Christians against Poverty (CAP). It’s a beautiful setting, not taken any photos in the day yet, however spotted some tall fungi on our night walk in the woods, it was very atmospheric with lots of hooting owls and barking foxes! The nights sky is stunning tonight, lots of constellations to spot if you know what they are,the plough is my limit!
  6. Gfs still further east with the high!!surely its gota back down by tomorrow morning!!
  7. Barcelona north facing cam Live Cam Sant Sebastià Beach - Barcelona WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live panoramic view on Sant Sebastià Beach from Barceloneta seaside promenade I would just like to say that skyline webcams now have the full-screen option where as before you had to view them with a small fee,so they have reverted just like before.
  8. Sunny spells all day with a heavy shower later on this afternoon. Reached 14.8°C, currently 8.1°C Also noticed it went down to 3.8°C last night which is the lowest so far this autumn.
  9. Whoa....steady on NOAA a true Greenland block there even out to days 8-14 this looks a back door opener with lows/trough's sliding under the block later,fascinating model watching of late and let it continue last evening's NAO tonight's for some time the NAO/AO has been trying to go into positive for a week or so but in reality it has not happened there has been some great post/talent in here again tonight and makes for nice reading,and i hope we reap the rewards this winter 458287303_nao.webp
  10. ICON 18z now firming up on that Northerly flow- High pressure in the atlantic better ridging north than the 12z-
  11. Today
  12. A good night for the PL Man city also getting 5 goals
  13. It's been a while since I've paid a lot of attention to the weather, thanks to various other things in my life. (Nothing terrible, just busy.) Now I'm back looking at it more closely than for ages... but largely because I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen for ages on Saturday morning (in Worcester) and I would really like the worst of Friday's rain to have cleared by then. This friend is motorcycling up from SE England, too, so gales wouldn't be welcome either! It's particularly annoying that it looks like some pleasant weather after Saturday is very likely -- cold and crisp would do me fine. I think I'm just the bearer of bad luck, that's all. :P
  14. True but there's plenty of time for weather systems like this to cross during the winter time although these tend to be marginal even in winter.
  15. It would be even more so though if it was further into winter and it was all snow.
  16. results of tonight's matches Tuesday 22nd October Atletico Madrid 1 0 Bayer Leverkusen FT Shakhtar Donetsk 2 2 Dinamo Zagreb FT Club Brugge 0 5 Paris Saint-Germain FT Galatasaray 0 1 Real Madrid FT Juventus 2 1 Lokomotiv Moscow FT Manchester City 5 1 Atalanta FT Olympiakos FC 2 3 Bayern Munich FT Tottenham Hotspur 5 0 Crvena Zvezda FT
  17. Whisper it quietly, Matt and Jon...but I think it's going to snow???
  18. Yes i checked it earlier and the rest of them on the island but of poor quality.
  19. It is a pity this one is not clearer as its going crazy Mallorca: Son Vida - Livecam Pro LIVECAM-PRO.COM Live Webcam - Mallorca: Son Vida - Ultimahora - LiveCam-Pro
  20. That convergence line really is weather chart porn, it's beautiful! Would be some incredible rainfall rates along that line..
  21. Spurs have put themselves in a good position now to get out of the group they've gone 2nd with 4 points
  22. Well that Palma cam went down,but Barcelona cam is ramping up. Live Cam Barcelona - Barceloneta WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM View on the beach along Passeig del Mare Nostrum of Barcelona
  23. Friday's still looking very wet on the 15z UKV. Really sharp temperature gradient too, and a proper convergence line along the front - could make for an intense squall line on it. Mild vs cold air: Winds converging along the front - heavy rain and a likely squall line. Then later a really clean tail end with clearer skies behind. Rain totals looking sizeable through Friday and into Saturday before it clears.
  24. Great to see the new thread starting up as we begin to look forward to the coming season. Kitzbühel, Austria off to an early start and keeping up its record of being the first non-glacier resort in the Alps to open: "Kitzbühel will begin the winter season this weekend, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October and will be the first non-glacier ski area in the Alps to open for the 2019/20 season." However this was only possible thanks to ‘snow farming' as they had stored snow from last winter over the summer in huge piles under cover to protect it from melting. It's only one run and two lifts open, but they hope to keep these open for skiing every day now. Here's some pics, first on Resterkogel on Saturday and the view down to the town below; and today's webcam: Story & pics courtesy of PlanetSki: https://www.planetski.eu/news/12184 Finally the view from the Cime Caron webcam today (22nd Oct) looking down on the highest parish in the Alps - Val Thorens at 2,300m: Source: https://www.bergfex.com/val-thorens/webcams/c10996/
  25. Pretty much, that's why were seeing a lot of diversification into other sports, mountain biking being a prime example.
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