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  2. Looks like lift off around the Central Midlands. Let's see how it develops as it pushes N.
  3. A more organized line of cells firing up in this area from the wash to west midlands you would be unlucky to catch nothing north of this.
  4. I'm pretty sure Hansen was a climate scientist, as for Attenborough he has been campaigning about the issues for years and raising awareness after educating himself about the issue. 97% is a very high consensus for a scientific subject. Do you think someone who has interests in oil is going to care about what is best for climate when their own huge amounts of wealth may take a hit? I don't think so. Unless you are referring to the football pundit Alan Hansen? Remember his comment on the Man United team in 1995? "You never win anything with snowflakes". Look how that turned out....
  5. Here in Kidderminster, I have heard almost constant thunder for the past 20 minutes, but nothing showing up on radar... starting to beef up now and the telly has gone off.
  6. and i lived and worked in the UK for 40 years so i do know what the weather is like back home...hence my comment you cant work very hard
  7. A cell to my SE has produced a comma type echo on it any rotation on it guys?
  8. Do we have to go through this again? Some people like rain, some like snow, some like sunshine, heat etc etc etc. It's a personal thing, no-one needs to man-up for not liking rain, no-one needs to get a grip for not liking sun, and so on. I'd also recommend having a read of the forum guidelines, as they're pretty clear about this sort of thing.. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/guidelines/ It would be a shame to see people having their posting rights removed over this stuff, as it seems so obvious and straight forward - I mean, what does it matter if someone else likes a different weather type to you anyway? But these petty arguments just poison the atmosphere, and those continuing to do it will end up not being able to post, so please stop now, and think before posting.
  9. Netweather radar showing precip rates of near 100mm/hr on that cell. Must be heavy! Maybe hail?
  10. I enjoy scenes such as these. Plenty going on in a meteorological sense in this shot I took in Blackpool. A North Westerly air flow across the Irish Sea produced plenty of photogenic clouds and scenes that any weather watcher would appreciate. 

    Taken on 1st November 2018


  11. Some darkening bases appearing all along the way - could end up perfectly situated
  12. Birmingham is going to get absolutely nailed in the next 30 mins/hour. As cells continue to develop to east of main cell.
  13. Afternoon everyone. Well its been a classic morning here in North Wales so far... Dull, grey, cool, but around midday the sun finally burnt through the grey crud and it’s started to heat up quite nicely. But sadly about half an hour ago the grey crud returned... This is gonna be a 50/50 one for me I think. But the good news is that things appear to be starting to kick off around the Kettering area. As always good luck to everyone with this today.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the new thread @Supacell i am keeping my eye on that one SW of Peterborough,has some sferics on it sferics on the Worcester cell now too looking good today for the forementioned warning area's.
  15. No detections on netweather radar or mine own at the moment. Temps going up here which is needed for anything to happen. Nice hole in the showers which is line with us and the wind direction.
  16. Yep Another cell that appeared quite rapidly Things seem to be bubbling up North of around Milton Keynes
  17. I am on a hill with views to south, east and west. So far just haze with some sunshine poking through. Showers building quite rapidly south of the Midlands. My eyes are on the ones near to Bedford.
  18. I work outside most of the time mate. Bit of rain and wind never done anyone any harm. Folk need to man up on here.
  19. Cannot see it Sunny 76' If it is a pattern tweaked by low sea ice do you see another 2012 any time soon to free up more 'energy soaking' ocean surface to power the kinks in the polar jet? If it is reduced dimming/flip to IPO+ve then we have up 25 years more of IPO+ve and China will continue in its efforts to clean up its emissions If it is the global temp we have arrived at ( mimicking the thermal max) then we stay here but impacts intensify? Going back to low ice it was the 2012 opening up of the pacific side of the basin that added in another area acting like Barentsz/Kara had been doing through the noughties. The only area left ready to give up the ghost is the central basin so how will this impact circulation over the basin in Autumn/early winter compared to the current 2 hotspots of the ocean entrances?
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