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  3. Ecm and gfs runs still looks awfully unsettled and autumnal next week and going into May with around 50mm of rain for the South West and parts of wales next week.
  4. Another mild nigh with clear skies and no breeze Temp 13.8c
  5. Dry, sunny and very warm. Maximum 24.1, minimum 7.1. Wind light E.
  6. Sunny all day and it was the warmest day of the year again reaching 25.2°C here this afternoon. Dropped quickly to 13.2°C now.
  7. Mark Williams through to second round --------------- Wow I remember this incident.
  8. Perfect day to take my inflatable boat out for the first time since buying it a few weeks ago. I went to Loch Long with my son and my dad to do a bit of fishing. Hopefully this is a sign of a good summer to come
  9. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean also continues with the very warm settled theme up to and including next tuesday but as with the operational there is a general breakdown during the midweek period when it becomes more unsettled and temperatures return to the seasonal average with sunshine and showers, some heavy and thundery, even merging into longer spells of rain in places and becoming more breezy / windy for a time but then the low pressure influence starts to ease with even some weak height rises to the south bringing improvement, especially further south but still an ongoing risk of showers and nights could be on the chilly side where skies clear.
  10. © Kevin Bradshaw

  11. Quoting myself, tsk... but slightly to my surprise it was warmer today, at 22.4 °C. I say "to my surprise" because the warmth felt a little moderated, and there were a few more wisps of high cloud than yesterday. Still an extremely pleasant day to be out and about, though. I'm pretty much in "summer mode" for the moment, so even the probable return to average-or-slightly-above April temperatures with showers later in the coming week may be a bit of a shock!
  12. 26°C was my max. 29% RH too. This is also a good place to be in the evenings during warm/hot weather, it cools off quickly. 17.6°C at the mo.
  13. Blue skies all the way today and far less hazy this afternoon. Didn't quite get to the magic 25°C, just 0.2°C off as the max. Currently 18.8°C.
  14. Oh, the first indoor wasp of the year. Actually, I wheecht it out the window given the lack of pollinating insects around. It's funny how butterflies, bees and wasps are always desperate to escape but darned houseflies are always determined to remain!
  15. The Ecm 12z in the short-term is more of the same glorious very warm weather until and including next tuesday..midweek but especially thursday is when things start to return to normal..enjoy it while it lasts..it's a summery bonus in april.
  16. What a stunning day. Up to 24c here with clear blue skies. Got those legs tanning up today to match my face and arms Flip flop/ shorts weather for the rest of long weekend - perfect.
  17. HORSE ODDS TOO DARN HOT 5/2 (NON-RUNNER) Thanks for that information Callum. John Gosden didn't sound too hopeful about TOO DARN HOT's participation in the 2,000 Guineas, when interviewed on ITV4. I'll leave Persian King's Odds at 7/2 though and update the rest of the 2,000 Guineas Betting. I would normally apply a Rule 4 of 25p in the £ but I won't on this occasion. You see Bookmakers can be generous, especially when they're only paying out, "virtual" winnings!! 5. Rule 4 deductions of less than 15p in the £, will NOT be enforced. The table below details the official scale of deductions that apply when a runner is withdrawn. This could be on a horse-race, golfer in a group bet, etc. Rule 4 Deductions 3/10 or shorter=75p in the £ 2/5 to 1/3=70p in the £ 8/15 to 4/9=65p in the £ 4/5 to 4/6=55p in the £ 20/21 to 5/6=50p in the £ Evens to 6/5=45p in the £ 5/4 to 6/4=40p in the £ 13/8 to 7/4=35p in the £ 15/8 to 9/4=30p in the £ 5/2 to 3/1=25p in the £ 10/3 to 4/1=20p in the £ 9/2 to 11/2=15p in the £ 6/1 to 9/1=10p in the £ 10/1 to 14/1=5p in the £ Over 14/1=No Deductions. Regards, Tom.
  18. Can never understand them crayon looking ensembles Pete.... It looks like Jeremy corbyns lie detector test....
  19. Ecm brings a cooler more unsettled garbage midweek, temps look like recovering again by day 8/9, hopefully pressure rising from the south to.... Overall not to bad Mr mighty ECM!
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