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  2. Listed below, are the Results and Correct Score (In Sets) of all 4 matches, on Night 13 of the Tournament, with any "virtual" winnings, shown: M.1) RESULT: DRAW(Smith v.Suljovic) 100/30 C/SCORE (In Sets):7-7 10/3 £5 DRAW @ 100/30 - V/W = £21.67.£1 C/SCORE 7-7 @ 100/30 = £4.33. TOMSE12, an extra £16.67 for only 1 Winner (Special Concession). M.2) RESULT: DRAW(Cross v.Price) 7/2 C/SCORE (In Sets):7-7 7/2 **DRAW**(NAP) 7/2 + 1 POINT = 9/2. £5 @ 9/2 = £27.50 **C/SCORE**(NAP) 7/2 + 2 POINTS = 11/2 £1 @ 11/2 = £6.50. MARK WHEELER, an extra £17.50 for only 1 Winner (Special Concession). M.3) RESULT: D.GURNEY(bt.Wright) 6/5 C/SCORE (In Sets):8-4 10/1 There were NO correct Results/C/Scores predicted in the above Match. M.4) RESULT: DRAW(Van Gerwen v.Wade) 9/2 C/SCORE (In Sets):7-7 9/2 There were NO correct Results/C/Scores predicted in the above Match. In a short while, I will post up the "virtual" winnings, for each entrant on Night 12. Plus the Current Standings, after Night 13. Regards, Tom.
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  5. Our chance of an extreme heat wave came last July, but it was quickly shunted away to the East with UK just clipping 35C when we could've got a first 40C had we got more of those big uppers. We've had so many mid-thirties maximums since 2003. Up until 1990 temps like that were rare, then came 2003, and since then our maxes in summer are around 35C. Before 1990 maximums in the summer were around 32C. 1993 I believe was the last summer that 30C was not achieved anywhere in June, Jul or Aug. I have a feeling 2019 will follow 1993 as its been 26 years now. 1990 37.1C 2003 38.5 C 2006 36.5 C 2013 34.1 C 2015 36.7 C 2016 34 C 2017 35 C 2018 35 C
  6. Heavy showers during Thursday afternoon and evening have cleared to leave it dry and mostly clear Temp 8.3c
  7. Other than ensuring our plastic waste and paper/ cardboard waste, plus food waste are separated for collection, probably not a lot else to be brutally honest. Our flying carbon footprint is bl##dy horrendous!!
  8. UK Severe Convective & Storm Forecast - Issued 2019-04-25 21:54:23 Valid: 26/04/2019 0600 - 27/04/2019 0600 CONVECTIVE / STORM FORECAST - FRI 26TH APRIL 2019 Click here for the full forecastCheck the full storm forecast here
  9. Cloudy with rain in the morning, cleared to sunny intervals and light showers from mid-morning onwards. Maximum 15.2, minimum 8.4. Wind light S.
  10. Sunny all day here. Max of 15.1°C and it felt warm. In fact, this week has only resulted in half a day being unsettled.
  11. Indeed, that chart demonstrates the problem for those who doubt that there is one.
  12. It was, there was two cells close to each other this was the leading one,didn't keep there strength for very long
  13. If they forecast it two days out chances are it isn’t gonna happen. I saw complete rainmageddon a couple of days back for today and tomo and most of next week but now it’s all changed to dry and cloudy with some sun - proper MOR weather, with no exciting parts added. now we’ve got to wait another 3 weeks for the next chance of any storms too, which they will forecast and which won’t happen. Seriously bored with southern UK weather already and it’s only April. Storms and rain everywhere except here.
  14. I like the I'm carbon free worn by some cyclists. I presume his/her bike has magically appeared without any manufacturing. If you want to be carbon free when going to work walk. Of course if you've got to go between cities you can't walk.
  15. Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Fri 26 Apr 2019 - 05:59 UTC Sat 27 Apr 2019 ISSUED 20:44 UTC Thu 25 Apr 2019 ISSUED BY: Chris A deepening area of low pressure will spread across Ireland and into western Britain during Friday afternoon and evening. This will bring with it an area of unsettled weather, including heavy showers, and more especially some strong winds/gales across southern parts of Ireland and southwestern parts of Britain. Before the low moves into Britain, a trough will move eastwards across central and eastern areas during the early afternoon, and help to generate up to 200 J/kg of CAPE producing a marginally unstable environment. Scattered heavy showers will develop and while lightning is not expected to be widespread, it cannot be ruled out. This risk likely lasts from around 12z to 18z before diminishing as the low pressure to the west moves nearer. As the low crosses Ireland and into western Britain later on Friday and into Friday night, some cold upper level temperatures and strong shear (both low level and deep layer) will also generate heavy showers, perhaps in line-segments. Strong convective gusts are possible, and perhaps the main risk with this event, however again, lightning cannot be ruled out. Given the strongly sheared environment, the very small risk of a tornado will be present, mainly into SW England during the late evening/early morning hours. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-04-26
  16. Yes certainly. We are not in uncharted history.
  17. Mostly sunny all day here with more of a breeze than of late. Reached 13.8°C, currently 10.4°C
  18. We didn't see much rain yesterday just a few shortlived heavy showers, the same has happened today, heavy rain/shower activity happened further east. Tomorrow and Saturday promise more general long lasting rain, something we haven't had for over 3 weeks now.
  19. ECM mean looking really great for the high pressure warm scenario, more so than last night, here T216, T240, notice how the (average) heights over Greenland are cut off between these two charts: AAM charts from CFS continue to look promising, here: Suggests to me another warm spell about the bank holiday weekend then a resurgence of low pressures for a while before rinse and repeat. @Tamara put it so much better in her earlier post, me, I kind of like to try to boil things down to the gist, this is what I think it is....warm and settled bank holiday weekend, trending unsettled after, then warm and settled....we will see.
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