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  2. Very interesting, just read the whole article, well the free bit anyway. Just a thought on the NAWH from viewing the models over the last few years. It has been evident on the SST charts for a while now, but as to how it will affect UK weather, here the SST anomaly as at April 2016 and now 2019: If you think of the seasons prior, left chart rubbish winter, rubbish summer; right chart rubbish winter, glorious hot summer. My point is that if there is a slow down in the AMOC aka the Gulf Stream intuitively you might have expected the opposite i.e colder winters and shorter summers, but it actually may be shifting the opposite way?
  3. Though, somewhat perversely perhaps, the FV3 doesn't end nearly so badly: And, the GFS op is way down at the cold end of the ensemble:
  4. Who needs ticket touts when you have Barcelona..
  5. Managed 22.2°C with mostly hazy sunshine all day. MO went for 19°C but changed to 20°C this afternoon. It’s going for 21°C for tomorrow, so perhaps 23/24 isn’t out of the question.
  6. Been working out in the sunshine all day. Managed 20.9°C. Met Office were going for 18°C, WXSIM plumped for 21°C on the over night update.
  7. I think everybody must agree we desperately need rain this Spring and a lot of it.I have never seen such parched landscapes at this time of year in my lifetime. So many reservoirs are empty even in my area,fingers crossed the heavens open very soon. A repeat of last year would push the country to the edge.
  8. Light winds, dry and a maximum temperature of 14.5c today, though a lot more cloud today than yesterday. Still, a lot better than the rubbish at the start of the week. It appears that the upsurge in badger numbers has its benefits - for local garages... Was speaking to a mechanic today and apparently in the last few weeks they've had to repair two cars damaged due to them hitting badgers at high speed. That discussion lead onto hearing about this site - kudos to the person who came up with the name
  9. They played this in the very recent documentary on Janet Baker. Very moving
  10. The Gfs 12z operational turns into a crap fest in low res, there's even some hill snaw. .I wouldn't fret about it though, nothing can spoil Easter now!
  11. It's all looking very good on the icon... Perhaps some thundery showers being triggered later next week... Lovely warm uppers remaining, this wouldn't look out of place in 6 weeks time tbh.... Its all good folks.... And remember... Keep ya pets cool.... They hate warm weather....
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  13. The early morning fog cleared by 0830 g.m.t to leave a dry and warm day with spells of hazy sunshine and extensive high level cloud. At 1700 g.m.t Temp; 15.8c Max today; 17.7c Min last night; 6.4c Grass min; 4.5c Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; 0.0 mm Sunshine today so far; 4.87 hrs Mean wind speed; 12 mph E Highest gust today; 25 mph E at 1354 g.m.t 6 oktas Ci and Cs Vis; 40 km.
  14. (AFTER MATCHES ON 16th/17th MARCH). Of course, that should've read, 16th/17th APRIL. A touch of C.F.S., Competition Fatigue Syndrome!! Regards, Tom.
  15. The wind from the coast goes on and on and on and on...... Getting *** annoying now!
  16. Up to 18.9°C and car aircon in full working order!
  17. Let's just wait and sea what happens...let's enjoy the very summery Easter first.
  18. Sadly some fans can't see the truth even if it's there infront of them. Still have disagreement with a Wednesday fan over their none penalty against Chelsea. It certainly wasn't a pen as the video replays show but nope definite pen he insists.
  19. On to Saturday, and a strong, warm NE'erly becomes established; just how problematic any sea-fret turns out to be is best left until nearer the time:
  20. According to the gfs much convective activity next week from Tuesday onwards with low pressure to the south west.Temps still a fair bit above average over 5 days but that of course diffuses a fair bit of regional and period variation
  21. A beautiful day I’m Rye, the kids have been out all day again which they love this morning was spent watching them dig mud out of the lane and put it in a dumper truck then tip it on each other’s shoes. They come back covered in dirt but I’m never worried. I like that’s it’s sunny at spring break it’s better that we can get out, my son is frightened of rain so going out can be a problem on wet days or wettish days. The weather forecast was for 17 here today well it has reached 21 and that’s on the coast. There has been the sea breeze here which feels slightly warmer. I do love this weather. I’m sure our bbq will be opened up by the end of this warm spell. I hope your all enjoying the sun.
  22. Unfortunately there demands are unrealistic. Zero chance of getting carbon omissions to zero by 2025. The technology isn't there and are you going to get people to walk from Birmingham to London for work, Turn the fridges lightning off, Lightning off, heating off. If we are really going clean up and also stop the destruction of other natural sources which will also have effect on the climate and other animal habitats we will need to reduce the world population by quite a bit and then keep it stable. On a side note it looks like the policing is going to change soon judging by some news reports so it may turn nasty.
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