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  2. You are in one of the biggest cities in the world with Embassies of all the major nations in a short distance large international companies run from there. If you want to make a impact and a change there is huge scope to do that even in London. Blockade the Chinese and USA embassies go to the financial district, but no they stop traffic, Stop the trains glue themselves to buildings, climb on Trucks. At the very best its amateurish at the worst incompetent .
  3. Dense fog to start the day all change now shorts on cracking day looking forward to it warming up more in the next few days
  4. Getting 22c here now (21.9c) and I call these sort of mini heatwaves "builders" ...with temps building everyday higher than expected....i reckon we will get 28 / 29c in South East on Saturday....youll see
  5. I get what you are saying here and like MIA said our emissions dwarf those of East Asia... however if nobody speaks nothing ever changes and protests do raise awareness. How do you know that they are only interested in virtue signalling? Have you got any evidence to suggest they all are? How come people protesting about brexit aren't accused of it, yet climate protesters are? Some may be virtue signalling but to say all are is making a sweeping statement. If we all sat back and did nothing then we would happily go about emit more and more CO2. Saying that though I do strongly disagree with the protesters that do disrupt public transport, they aren't going to get much sympathy. Personally I think geo-engineering is the way to go now sadly.
  6. How deluded are some folk. and again what good will it do?. Uk 5th in the ccpi index with the 21st biggest population in the world. we could be carbon neutral on Friday and it wouldnt mean a bean. All this protesting demonstrating blockading London is nothing more than Virtue signaling. These people dont really care about the planet all they are interested in is they are seen to do something which will give them exposure but no real result. until the rest of the world gets to the level we are currently at then the planet is doomed. if you believe the scientists that we are close to the tipping point then strutting around London attaching oneself to a building is not going to cut it.
  7. What good will doing nothing do? What good does criticising those who care, passionately and deeply, do? Does deriding these protestors, making a joke of them, make smog clear? Does deriding, making a joke of them, reduce the amount of GHG going into the atmosphere? They may achieve nothing and the world speed on towards ever more man made change. Is that really to be applauded, joked about? Sorry, but I can't applaude that. I don't think XR making demands is helpful, but I do know they get what is happening. We still have choices, we have time still but, to my mind, this planet is worth keeping healthy rather than made infirm. We can still do great things.
  8. looking at the clusters one would have to say that the trough is gaining some traction but I wouldn't like to put a lot of money on it Back to today. A lot of Cs and multi-layered Ac this morning, courtesy of the system to the south west, and it was blowing a hooligan with gusts in excess of 40 mph. The cloud then cleared and the wind abated but a veil of Cs is back again now. Solid cloud on the Brest sounding And with the sun out quite warm at St Mawgan at 1400 UTC with 19C
  9. First really warm day of the year in this location. My garden weather station currently 23C.
  10. Could be a very high reading from Heathrow tomorrow, that's if someone decides to super glue themselves to the thermometer.
  11. I just dont get it. ive tried i really have Pete but what good will it do reports the actress Emma Thompson is attending the Demo. she apparently had to walk a short distance because her driver couldnt get past the Blockade i joke not
  12. Not quite brightened up as I would hope still warm though but not the ginger blue skies of yesterday
  13. A look at where our warm air is coming from over the next few days, the top temperatures expected for quite a stunning Easter Weekend. Read more here
  14. Today
  15. I would think so. The more warmer, humid days with flows between the South and East could certainly support temperatures in the mid-twenties! Especially where skies are clear and sunny. As you mention though, there could always be a chance of the pattern moving back further East on the models allowing Lows from the West to invade more of the U.K with a risk of the warmer air getting mixed out. Particularly towards Western UK spots. Probably feel for now the pattern may not shift back further East, or at least maybe just a little nudge Eastwards. But you never know. Eastern UK blocking Highs never appear to be particularly easy to model, and the same for the way they handle Low Pressure to the West/South-West of the block.
  16. So the dream of a quad is finished. A mate of mine a city fan ( i know city fan and lives here) said Var has cheated them out of it!. Unreal dont take long to forget Brighton.
  17. Reminiscent of summer 2018. Troughs getting cut-off to our south and west, warm continental air ruling over the UK. Still enough wriggle-room for this to move back east so not a done deal - but currently favouring many days at 22C/23C to come - I'm guessing an absolute maximum of 25C?
  18. Just finished work until Wednesday, it's disappointingly hazy this afternoon,hope it clears later , was hoping to light the BBQ for the first time this year
  19. Expect an all English Final Spurs still my tip to win the cup. Lpool should overcome a overrated barca and i expect Chelsea to win the euro league
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