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  2. Guardian is reporting that Alex Hales has been banned for 21 days for recreational drug use https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/26/englands-alex-hales-banned-for-21-days-for-recreational-drug-use Boy, this is no good for England with the World Cup a month away.
  3. Ollie Pope and Sam Billings both out for most of the season through dislocated shoulder injuries. Restricts England's options for this home season.
  4. indeed.... labels were tags to be hidden, not worn as a 'badge of honour'.. i hate the whole 'designer' concept.. it means diddly squat to me and i believe only idiots think it does mean anything. ...... im definitely not 'ab fab'.
  5. I probably couldn't get much greener if I tried. But that's not because I've given-up on life's luxuries, it's a result of the fact that I'm just not interested in the 'must haves' of modern living. Back in the throwaway designer-label-days of the 1980s, I was a bit of an outcast: whilst others were spending fortunes on brand-new jeans, complete with holes, I would purchase a whole pair and let wear, tear and time turn them into high fashion! All my light bulbs are LEDs and I never light a room, when I'm not in it -- it costs less. I never waste water -- that costs less too. I wear my clothes until they're almost falling off -- again it costs less. Being green saves you money. And I still insist that the simplest way for the UK to reduce its GHG emissions, would be for all new-build houses/factories to have solar panels, as standard? Save money to save the planet?
  6. Light Rain arrived before mid afternoon and has just cleared. A mild day but cooler in the afternoon Max temp 13.3C now 11.4C, Barometer 1006mb falling slowly, Wind F2 SW, Rainfall 0.6mm
  7. Sunny and 13.8°C. It did make it to 14.5°C. The warning for wind should be removed from some parts as the strength of the gusts have been downgraded by quite a way since a few days ago. Several hours of low 40's gusts does not constitute a yellow warning.
  8. Sunny spells this afternoon with the odd spot of drizzle around lunchtime, didn't feel so bad when the sun was out and the wind died down. Reached 15.9°C, currently 13.4°C
  9. Red warning extended to county Kerry in Ireland. https://www.met.ie/warnings
  10. I think there should be greater incentives to allow employees to get out of the office and work from home for at least part of the week. With modern technology, do folk really need to make a long, expensive, polluting commute to sit in an office doing exactly what they could be doing at home? It's obviously not suitable for all vocations, but it could make a big difference.
  11. Bolton's players are threatening to boycott tomorrows match with Brentford and the final-day game at Nottingham Forest unless they're paid wages owed from March by the end of today
  12. Today
  13. Now if this is the pattern for this fourth coming summer, I will happily take it...
  14. BBC weather have suddenly changed their forecast with the system further north. Result is north west England getting hammered this evening and again virtually all of tomorrow.
  15. In general 1988 onward marks a step change. An image I made below shows this (CET recorded temperature ranked by colour, columns are mean, min and max It's just with this particular metric, at least 1C below the 61-90 average, late 90s marks the step change. Of the years you listed, 2004, 2005 and 2006, while they had 2 months each that were slightly below average, none of them had months at least 1C below.
  16. I initially thought the trend to warmer months started in December 1987. I know during 91 to 93 we still had some months below average. The 2000s still produced below average months. I remember 2001, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2004 and 05 produced at least one below average month.
  17. Come back summery weather! Barely been above 10*C today, strong winds and heavy rain this afternoon. Looks even colder tomorrow. Oh well we did need some rain.
  18. Interesting for you if you've not already seen this. Updated every 2 days http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/cfse_cartes.php?ech=1080&mode=0&carte=0&run=2
  19. Another interesting stat comes from years that had no months at least 1C or more below the 61-90 average. Up to 1997, there had been 13 such years, 9 of which came after 1900. However, between 1998 and 2018, we've had 14 such years. This means that years with no months at least 1C below average have gone from occurring roughly once every 3 decades up to 1997, to 2 out of every 3 years since then.
  20. next town east of Venice,see if the tornado is on there soon. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/veneto/venezia/spiaggia-jesolo.html
  21. Couple of pics from twitter from Bridlington. Definitely a beast.
  22. Hannah is expected to track a tad further north so just the latest wind updates for this evening and tonight
  23. Well it DID rain, I counted 37 spots of it on the ground before it evaporated. It whistled up country very quickly. Currently 12.8°C. Right now the wind is dropping away, in preparation for ramping up later.
  24. Thornwick bay, at Flamborough, best storm in years came over the top of our house and I was on my way back from Manchester. Wife took some video and pictures, I'm going to have a close look tonight to see if the is anything worth sharing
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