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  2. With one member's T850s dropping to a brass monkeys -13C, and another's reaching the dizzy heights of +14C, I feel a touch of scepticism, regarding today's GEFS 12Z ensembles... The difference between cold and warm solutions can sometimes be very narrow?
  3. So that means they'll be snow on the roof and slushy stuff on the front lawn.
  4. Hi Jules - I'm reasonably confident things will become more blocked in the final third of the month, but exactly where that blocking ends up is open to question. Fingers crossed the majority of the continent can get rid of wind and rain over Christmas and that we can get enough northern influence to prevent a draw of mild air. I have a funny feeling we might end up with a half way house - a UK latitude high rather than a proper high lat one or a Euro slug. Time will tell - last 10 days of the month just beginning to come into range of semi reliable modelling and clusters.
  5. As a special treat for NW's Gooners' Corner, I thought I'd post three-and-a-half minutes of magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-CefuZ6h1k Always assuming the link works, of course!
  6. It may come as no surprise to some but the lack of a yellow warning around these parts is ridiculous! The consistency of high gusts today is quite something, it certainly overshadows Sundays attempt.
  7. Latest top gusts from the road weather stations network many places now reported over 80mph with a few just over 100mph, Fróðárheiði 106mph Blönduós 104mph Blönduós 102mph Þröskuldar 100mph Laxárdalsheiði 99mph Siglufjarðarvegur 99mph Króksfjörður 98mph Vatnsskarð 98mph Gemlufallsheiði 97mph Brattabrekka 95mph Ennisháls 95mph Kjalarnes 94mph Hafursfell 93mph Klettsháls 92mph Gauksmýri 89mph Kolka 88mph Vatnaleið 87mph Ingólfsfjall 87mph Svínadalur í Dalasýslu 86mph Hraunsmúli í Staðarsveit 83mph Þverárfjall 81mph Þverfjall 77mph Ögur 74mph
  8. Forecast for the weekend starting to look interesting
  9. Squall line just passing through here right now. Sudden increase in the wind strength and rain hitting hard against the windows.
  10. A huge 90 minutes coming up for Liverpool in the early kickoff they must avoid defeat to be guaranteed a place in the knockout stages
  11. Welcome David. So, yes the WS2000 by Ambient is the same as the HP2550/1, however its specific to the USA market and is fixed on a US frequency at 915Mhz. Whilst it may work OK in the UK, you would technically be illegally broadcasting on that frequency since its is the same as the 2G cell phone service in Europe! The Walbeck Weather station you posted is not the same as the HP2551. It is in fact a WH2900 in Ecowitt/Fine Offset language or a WS2902 in Ambient language. Just to clarify, all these weather stations are manufactured by Fine Offset for mass market resellers like Ambient/Froggit/Aercus/Misol/Walbeck etc There is one exception to the list which is Ecowitt. This is a company associated with Fine Offset who do the direct to marketing of the Fine offset stations and undertake development and firmware etc. I purchased my HP2551 from Ecowitt.com (You send Lucy at [email protected] an e-mail and she will give you a quote in USD which you pay via Paypal) I went this route as at the time there were no options for a HP2551 in the UK unless you shipped a Ambient in from the USA or went to Ecowitt/Fine Offset in China. There are however now options. If you goto www.froggit.com you will find that they now carry the full range at European frequencies (868Mhz) and with quick shipping. They call the HP2551 a HP1000 SE Pro. This is the easy route or you could via Ecowitt like I did but this will take longer and you may incur Custom charges. As for which station to choose, the HP2551 or WS2900, I would go the HP2551 every time. The display is excellent and is constantly being fine tuned by Ecowitt in terms of Firmware and the extra sensors that it can support.
  12. Some of the media took it upon themselves to name Storm Brendan for today which has now resulted in it trending on twitter even though today's low isn't actually a named storm
  13. I was scanning through them and there are good few heart warmers on 12z GEFS,
  14. Time to cherry pick the best ENS. Let's dream big, hehe.
  15. the gefs are a very mixed bag and certainly not with interest ….. also noted is a recurving ex typhoon later week 2 which could put a fair amount of WAA into the polar field on the pacific side and lead to some fun and games
  16. Sorry for quoting my own post, but just wanted to highlight what a good job the UKV did for today's forecast of a squall line along the front, some 100 or so hours out..
  17. I’m hoping for a warm Christmas myself. A long fetch south westerly is perfect. Why isn’t there a model thread for the hunt for (relative to season norm and not AGW related) warmth I’ll never understand. You’d think weeks and weeks of the normal cold polar maritime would tempt a few over to the warm side.
  18. Squall line went through 20 minutes ago, bit of a letdown compared to other 'squalls' I have witnessed over the years. A little blowy and a bit wet...but nothing to extreme. Hopefully a colder burst of weather over the next few days, minus a blip on Thurs... with gusty showers that may or may not produce... wet sleet here.
  19. Yeah a lovely defined squall line right down the country on this evening's radar:
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