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  2. This year Jan, Feb have been very dry as has this month so far. March was very wet. The winter was below average due to Jan while the period last year between March and August was the 2nd driest on record here.
  3. Ok, then I suggest your views, highlighted, are supposition. I don't know what the generality of people on the XR events know, and neither do you. The might be snowflakes, the might be stupid, they might be intelligent. My supposition is (knowing one well, and having met a few others) is they are, in general, as smart as you or me. XR leaders? Erm, we all have political views don't we? Are you political? Of course you are. What they want, aiui, is their three demands. As to data, again, where are you getting your walrus data from? I think I might have a guess
  4. Lovely weather,much hotter and it becomes uncomfortable for folk like myself. For once i can't complain but we do need a prolonged rain,levels are just far to low for this time of year,the tops of the Pennies look like its mid August last year for goodness sake!
  5. Sunny Sheffield at 7.4C -0.3C below average. Rainfall Unchanged
  6. Yes Ed it's amazing to think the start of the meteorological summer is still over five weeks away..what a bonus this is.
  7. Dev... You are neither a 'snowflake' nor unintelligent. You spend time analysing the data.. I suggest nothing of a personal persuasion towards yourself.. Many followers (particularly) the younger generation are simply accepting the information they are supplied without looking further at the data. They are being presented with data that is presented by people who totally believe that every 'weather' event and every natural change that happens is determined by CC. Do you think that Extinction Rebellion leaders are political? MIA
  8. Even if Tuesday does turn out to be the last sunny, warm one, in a while, it'll still mean about eight straight days' almost wall-to-wall suntanning weather. Not to be sniffed at!
  9. I've added an album to the gallery for this weekend - so please feel free to upload your photos and video to it: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/gallery/category/80-easter-weekend-2019/
  10. Glorious weather at the moment - 20 degrees here yesterday and between 17 and 20 degrees for the next four days! I would love this current weather for all of May along with thunderstorms! Wonderful sunsets from my window the past few days! Spring really is the best season for me - 19 days ago this was the view... Have a good Easter everyone!
  11. Afraid it was too late @Bobd29 - cutoff was 23:59 on Thursday.
  12. Paul

    Tour 1

    And so it begins... The first glimpse of the setup we may see for the start of tour 1 for 2019. Not looking terrible either, perhaps a nice gentle and fairly local introduction to US storm chasing for our chase virgins on day 1 of the tour. Chart on the left is the CAPE, which is the energy in the atmosphere for storms to use, right hand side is convective rainfall - eg rain from thunderstorms/thundery showers at that time. Long, long way to go, so very likely to change - will update regularly in here as we get closer. (Anyone else following the models for this is also welcome to join in).
  13. Just want to pull a few strands together, in respect of the Competition. The first "element" of the Competition, will be the Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse on Easter Monday. Competition entrants will need to choose 3 horses in this Race and please remember to **NAP**, which one of your selections you think has most chance of winning. You will receive a "virtual" £1 EACH WAY, on each selection. You will find the current Betting Odds for this Race, further back up the thread. I will post up the Racing Post link to the Final Declarations for this Race, either later this morning or late tomorrow morning, whenever they first become available. Please Copy/Paste your 3 selections into the boxes, provided below: Category 1. 5.00 FAIRYHOUSE (Irish Grand National) SELECTION 1: SELECTION 2: SELECTION 3: Your selections must be posted up by NOON, on Easter Monday 22nd April. Thank you. The second "element" of the Competition, is a Bookmaker sponsored Gold Cup Handicap Chase at Sandown, on Sat. 27th April. Entrants will need to choose 2 horses in this Race and please remember to **NAP**, which one of your selections you think has most chance of winning. You will receive a "virtual" £1 EACH WAY, on each selection.You will find the current Betting Odds for this Race, further back up the thread. I will post up the Racing Post link to the Final Declarations for this Race, around Noon on Fri. 26th April. Please Copy/Paste your 2 selections into the boxes, provided below: Category 2. 3.35 SANDOWN PARK(Sat.27th April): SELECTION 1: SELECTION 2: Then we'll move on to the Punchestown Festival (Tues.30th April to Sat.4th May.), which I will call Category 3. Punchestown is located a little to the S.W. of Dublin, in County Kildare. The Punchestown Festival is Ireland's equivalent of the Cheltenham Festival. There are plenty of Grade 1 races, for us to get our teeth into. Gordon Elliott, Willie Mullins, Davy Russell and Ruby Walsh, etc, will figure prominently. There will no doubt be plenty of English "raiders" from Trainers such as Nicky Henderson and Paul Nicholls, amongst others. I'm sure most English newspapers will publish the Racecards for the Punchestown Festival, it's a very important Festival, in the Jump Racing calendar. As usual I will post up a Racing Post link to the Racecards, anyway. You will asked to choose 1 horse in each race, from Tues. to Sat (Inc.) and please remember to **NAP**, which one of your selections you think has most chance of winning. Category 3. Punchestown Festival (Tues.30th April to Sat.4th May (Inc.) The fourth "element of the Competition will be "SPRING CLASSIC" DOUBLE, comprising of the 2,000 GUINEAS (Newmarket, Sat.4th May) and the1,000 GUINEAS (Newmarket, Sun.5th May). Entrants will need to choose 2 horses in each Race. You will be allocated a "virtual" stake of £2 and 4 Doubles (2x2), will be placed on your selections. You decide whether you want 4 x 50p WIN Doubles or 4 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles, you decide. You will also receive a "virtual" £1 EACH WAY, on each selectionand please remember to **NAP**, which one of your selections you think has most chance of winning. I will post up the Racing Post link to the Final Declarations for these Races, around Noon on Fri. 3rd May (2,000 Guineas) and around Noon on Sat. 4th May (1,000 Guineas). Category 4. "SPRING CLASSIC" DOUBLE. 2,000 GUINEAS: Selection 1. - Selection 2. - 1,000 GUINEAS: Selection 1. - Selection 2. - By all means choose your selections now, for all the above Categories but be aware at this stage, you may choose horses that will not take part in the Race. Should any selection be a Non-Runner on the day of the Race and it be too late to substitute another selection, you will be placed on the returned Starting Price Favourite, in that Race. I will post up Betting Odds for additional Categories for the Punchestown Festival, when these Markets become available. In a short while, I'll be sending out "courtesy" messages to those Members who entered the Aintree Grand ational Tipping Competition. Any other Members wishing to enter, could please indicate your intention of entering by posting on this thread, please. Thank you. Regards, Tom.
  14. My 26.7 Gloucestershire, posted Friday 10.04 if allowed.
  15. Interesting. Do you have some references for your claims? Secondly, I wear the label 'snowflake' with increasing pride but, more important to me is, do you think I'm intelligent?
  16. Splendid day indeed. And for those not so keen with this weather its back to average from Wednesday, with some beefy showers moving north. Highest temps in the south of England...
  17. More warm sunshine on the way across the remainder of the long weekend. A breakdown won't be far away as the Easter break draws to a close though. Read the full update here
  18. As we can see here, the Ecm 00z ensemble mean also keeps the uk bathed in warmth / warm uppers for much of the week ahead.
  19. Today
  20. It also fits in well with the highly controversial (we are in the Post-Truth Era, after all!) idea that most of the globe's major land-masses are in the NH...the main exception being, of course, Antarctica. Which (rather conveniently for CCDs, as it happens!) happens to sit slap bang on the South Pole! Still employing the old 'name-calling' tactic, I see, MIA?
  21. I didn't watch it either. My thoughts for today... Speaking of the UHI affect. It also fits the facts that most of the warming in the globe is in the Northern Hemisphere. Where has the vast increase in populations occurred. Yep you guessed it. But I did watch the Walrus nature program the previous week. It seems as though it has been debunked. These events have occurred (and more importantly, reported) for over 100years at 2 spots in Canada. These include reports of up to and over 50.000 animals at a single site. They also have occurred at various sites in Siberia, but seem to have only been reported in the last 20 years (maybe an iron curtain situation). It seems to be related to the numbers of Walrus, and a clue is that they are all males. Down on the packed beaches the 'kings' reign supreme and will not tolerate intrusions from 'lesser' males. It seems as though their only refuge (if they want to stay on land at this spot), is to climb these hills to the top of the cliff. It is known that there was a group of polar bears in the area as they had inhabited the local village. It is thought that they initially sought to escape from the polar bears in blind panic. Any ones still at that top do not know what had happened to their friends who had already 'escaped', so . ……. Far from being a sign of CC affecting Walrus negatively, another totally opposite view is more likely. It also seems as though, the location used to film the piece in question as open to debate as the dates shown on the film do not tie in with the local reports of the event. The dates tie in more with a similar event 500miles further East. Which at least is even more proof that this is not a unique phenominum. That the number of Walrus are increasing is now widely being reported, in addition (as recent satellite evidence has shown) that the number of polar bears have increased from a believed 15.000 to nearly 40,000, across the whole Arctic. Certainly, it is known that a 'renewed enlarged colony' has established itself on NE Svalbard after decades of declines. The evidence is now growing that far from CC causing major problems for these Northern animals they are in fact increasing in numbers. It does not really change anything to do with CC, but it illustrates how 'snowflakes' will believe all they anything they are told (rather like the male walrus) and leap to inconclusive, and possibly totally wrong, conclusions. MIA
  22. January, February, end of March and so far this month have all been much drier than usual. Only the first two weeks of March were incessantly wet which took the month as a whole to above average rainfall, in fact it was the wettest March for a well over a decade. All this is setting up nicely for the ''1912'' wet summer to make up for the dry first half!
  23. Reached 24C yesterday and already up to 19C today at 10am! The sea temp here in the Bay is currently 10.9C and should rise further over the weekend. The average for April last year was only 9.3C so we are doing quite nicely as we start the 2019 spring/summer season. A lovely live street level view of Torquay inner harbour right now: http://www.skylinewebcams.com/webcam/united-kingdom/england/torquay/torquay.html
  24. A warm start to the day with no cloud to be seen and no breeze Temp 13.1c and rising
  25. Who says? https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2019/04/10/experts-predict-the-solar-cycle/ Also recent sunspots are from the dying cycle 24 not from the upcoming cycle 25
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