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  2. And on again for a few hours tonight to take the chill out the house.
  3. The gfs this evening has amplification upstream vis a North West Pacific ridge and an extremely strong jet exiting the north east of North America south of Greenland which isolates the high cell over Greenland and results in a lot of energy crossing the atlantic.curtailing any expansion of the European high, Ergo the trough in the eastern Atlantic is kept in play suggesting more unsettled weather but more inclined to northern regions The detail of this still not resolved and the ext GEFS mean is still indicating a relaxation of this
  4. Normally if I was going to post about the GEFS, I'd cherry pick some runs that we're relevant to my argument (at least I am honest!) but today, here's the whole lot at T240: Stepping back from the detail, two things stand out, first amplification upstream into Greenland, second, the trop vortex into Siberia or Scandi. All of this gives support to possible cold winter synoptics occurring quite early this year for some. I still don't buy the long range models, by the way! But they may be changing...
  5. Palace did look like a tricky match for Man City but so far they're not having any issues with 2 quick fire goals putting them 2-0 up at the break
  6. Well done B.B. Sorry guys, I was just about to Post up the 2.10 Result and "Virtual" Returns, when Windows decided to do conduct an update. It took 3 Hours to complete and has only just finished. I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Afternoon's Racing. I'll now continue Posting up the Results and any "Virtual" Returns, for the last 6 Races: 2.10 ASCOT - Result and any "Virtual" Returns, of Selected Horses: 1. - Kew Gardens - 7/2 V/R = £6.38 2. - Stradivarius - 8/13 Fav. V/R = £1.15 3. - Royal Line - 12/1 V/R = £4.00 2.45 ASCOT - Result and any "Virtual" Returns, of Selected Horses: 1. - Star Catcher - 7/4 Fav. V/R = £4.19. 2. - Delphinia - 20/1. (Not Selected). 3. - Sun Maiden - 25/1. (Not Selected). Regards, Tom
  7. Here is the 12z view of things NH view today T144, from UKMO, GFS, ICON, GEM: Consistent signal for heights over Greenland. As I said last night, let's get to this point that the models are broadly in consensus with, and then see whether this blocking pattern has any legs, in terms of longevity, or toes, for that matter.
  8. I don't know how much space you've got in the garden but you could get a tripod steel guy ropes and that will stop the thing from shaking. My 20 foot pole doesn't move in strong gusts now that I've moved to steel cabling.
  9. Rainfall depends on the reed switch and I had the first failure after more than ten years of using Davis equipment. It's easy to replace though and very cheap to do so. A quick soldering iron job even in difficult conditions outside. The tipping bucket isn't very reliable by it's very nature although the new cone helps quite a bit little. I certainly wouldn't use it to submit data to the met office as you can't accurately offset the error as this depends on the intensity of the rain and if the unit is installed poorly shaking by the wind. Interestingly netamo do a tipping bucket which seems a lot more accurate than the Davis. In Theory you should be able to install any tipping bucket instead of the Davis unit as it simply breaks the contact. Overall though I doubt very much that the any alternatives would be as accurate as the old fashioned method. Davis Anemometer moved away from the reed switch was was totally useless and failed on a regular basis. The new unit is much more reliable and I had to replace it once when the sun got to the plastic housing and caused it to crack. I thinks it's now possible to get replacement housing for the unit. So apart from the sun it's been up on the roof working perfectly for 5 years possibly more. The downside it's on the roof which is a pain the royal ass when it does need replacing as you got to get someone willing to go up and take it down. Very few people who do TV stuff will go on the roof and take it down due to not being covered by insurance. I now have a pole in the garden 20 feet which has the Netamo anemometer installed. Next time it fails I will simply transfer the Davis to the pole which I can lower so making maintenance easy. The only downside tot eh vp2 I find is the blowing supercap again easy to replace but is a design flaw so I'm probably due to replace those again soon. It'll blow on a wet unsettled period no doubt. I won't go elsewhere though as other stations just don't have the accuracy or the speed to report the data. Casella now look better on paper and the prices seem to have come down so possible a better choice now where before they were so expensive it was a no go. Maybe worth looking at them. Davis have also been taken over recently which may bring better products in the future.
  10. Nice big LP system out there...Just enough to keep the cold at bay? It'll give it more time in which to deepen!
  11. I think the Ensembles will be interesting tonight with that low pressure moving up from the SW at 144 that track is no where near decided and could stay further south and with cold air lurking to the north could be one to watch.
  12. Today
  13. Spot on, 15:00 the heavens opened here also Anyway MIA I’m looking forward to an half decent Winter, whether we get it is the million dollar Q, but I’ll be around model and lamppost watching with the rest of ya DWW
  14. Perhaps some colder Conditions spilling SE towards the end of next weekend from the 12z....still nice to see some kind of heights towards Greenland!!! Read an interesting article on the those record heights over Greenland during late spring into summer, one of the longest runs ever! Also noted was how the decrease in Arctic ice could lead to the blocking high becoming more frequent!! Perhaps some hum dinger winters over the coming years are a possibility!
  15. After watching the the Parliament channel for half an hour I felt like banding my head against Brick wall so instead went for a walk around Esher Common the fungi were sublime but felt slightly challenged by the mushroom pickers which were out in force romping through the forest floor collecting everything edible in sight ... I guess it’s good that they are used but wonder about the effects on the precious ecosystem - Esher Common is a sight of special scientific interest there was also a circus skill group which had set up a tight rope across a path who were practicing there skills which was a bit bizarre !! what a day !!
  16. Haringey Borough have walked off the pitch during their FA Cup match against Yeovil Town after their goalkeeper suffered racial from a section of the Yeovil Town supporters
  17. DWWW.. I think your emotional tears have had an effect!!.. We have had a shower which has lasted a couple of hours. It was a lovely morning, but it changed suddenly about 15:00. Now at 17:00 back to brilliant blue skies and with a current temp of 10.8C feels a lot colder and damper then earlier. MIA
  18. Big controversy at Tottenham with VAR as the big screens showed no goal for Spurs even though it was given!
  19. BOOOOMMMM!! Just arrived at Fuert airport for home flight and just checked the 4.40 - nice!
  20. A beautiful day, it did cloud over for a while earlier but it's been blue skies and sunshine since this morning apart from that. Reached 15.4°C, currently 12.7°C with a light breeze.
  21. Yes I agree looking like a monsoon season. But a very quick flip from blocking to monsoon. But it's only a projection atm. December to remember didn't start till end of November or around about. But that's some unsettled weather on the way. But very fluid patterns now.
  22. Non weather related stained glass windowing car just broke 2 weeks before we move... to say im unhappy is an understatement. i dont think the swear filter would cope. and my football got stuffed earlier too... cloudy but no rain since early hours here, breezy tho.
  23. A dry day cloudy up until midday then sunny spells but clouding over again now. A cool day Max temp 12.8C, now 11.8C, Barometer 1000mb rising slowly, Wind F1 WSW, Rainfall since midnight Nil
  24. Spurs fans booing at half-time...After 45 minutes' aimlessly faffing about in midfield, having had 70% of the possession, I'm surprised any of them are still awake! PS: I mean any of the fans!
  25. Spurs starting where they left off 6-minutes played already losing at home to Watford
  26. A pretty settled weekend apart from some rain for the northeast for a time a few showers today and tomorrow but a lot of sunny spells.. Sunday night into Monday daytime looking like the southeast may see some light rain push in from France how far northwest this damp weather gets is uncertain but a drizzly day on Monday for southeast England but elsewhere alot of dry weather with only an isolated shower temperatures pretty cool though 11c or 12c for the south and cooler still further north. GFS.. Arpege.. Not going to explain any further as output is changing a lot each run.
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