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  2. yep..remember this..it was a sunday..lots of heavy snow and blizzards that turned to rain late in the day and the snow cover was mostly gone by the next day..but the cold returned a few days later
  3. what does fog in november mean?
  4. Just for a laugh, i thought I would see what January 1966 looked like following this Dec 1965 event, I'll leave you all to draw your own conclusion..
  5. 5.8C Upping my game on the rainfall..... I'm going for 143mm (this almost guarantees that my usual 77mm will come in this month!)
  6. Min temp overnight here was -3.4 C , currently 4.3 C
  7. In connection with a simultaneous post of a tweet by Anthony Massiello The North Pacific Oscillation–West Pacific Teleconnection Pattern: Mature-Phase Structure and Winter Impacts https://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/full/10.1175/2007JCLI2048.1
  8. I was out and about this morning making sure Sidney wasn't too stressed after the latest EC weeklies update and the rain hadn't arrived by the time of the Camborne sounding but this indicates multiple cloud layers that I can very.starting with Cs downwards A cloud observers nightmare
  9. This is the stratosphere and polar vortex thread, not the hunt for cold. But here is the holy grail for cold if we are lucky, you'll know about 2 weeks ahead if we are going to get the jackpot or know the agony when dien welling stalls or the main vortex fragment ends right back in Greenland....
  10. 1) January - rarely anything other than weatherless (to me) - perma dark, grey lids, mostly dry with boring temps, post Xmas depression, miles from any bank holidays or extra light, just awful. Bonus if there are storms or snow but my part of the country doesn't often deliver 2) November - almost the same as above, except some festive cheer around the corner to get me through 3) December - Same but slightly less bad 4) February - same but getting a little lighter and Spring is within reach, spirits lift a little 5) September - end of summer, not quite true Autumn, normally a benign, nothingness month. Again. Sensible day length though. 6) July - Endless dry days and heatwaves without much in the way of storms anymore to release all that heat and humidity. Always struggling not to break into a sweat everywhere i go and awful sunrise times waking me up too early. 7) March - Often a nothing month, still too chilly to do much outside and too early for proper convection, often too late for meaningful cold. Drab but at least the nights are a lot lighter. 8 October - not too bad, getting to Autumn proper (still not as cool as the old days!) temperature wise, bright colours on the leaves, lots of fruit to collect, still not a bad month to be outside and about and the occasional wind storm if you're lucky. 9) August - end of summer so slightly depressing but still warm and enough light to get out and about. 10) June - best month of summer as generally still not too hot but always warm enough to be outside and may even get a bonus storm once every few years. 11) April - Fantastic month, the weather can do anything, snow, thunder, warmth but not too hot, full of potential, things starting to grow again, light levels perfect. 12) May - best of them all - similar to April (although less chance of snow!) except now there is proper thunderstorm potential and the good part of the year ahead is still there to live with all that potential too. The month I'm most upbeat and optimistic.
  11. Chris Kamara has released a Christmas album.

    Unbelievable, Jeff.

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  13. This is true, but it can and often does quickly rebound! Look at last year for example. Easterlies by mid January, rebounding to above average by mid February, and record speeds by mid March. February ended up very mild too.
  14. no one knows what it will be like this winter,not even so called weather experts.
  15. Well the 2 cold exceptions both happened new year's eve / day so hopefully this one will be one of the exceptions
  16. Hehe - you wont get much agreement from this side of the channel on this statement. Feb/Mar 2018 was quite exceptional for the time of year, unprecedented in my lifetime, and Mar 2013 was bitter if rather dry. It may well be different for continental Europe where you are....but for lowland areas of the UK to experience bitter cold we need to stop the atlantic train. That is unquestionably the case, and in strong vortex seasons that is extremely difficult and rare. Slow down the atlantic via downwelling anomalies and suddenly the UK is in with a chance. It would be daft to claim that every SSW creates cold in every area, and displacements in particular are not destined to support blocking in the right places....but to win the raffle you need a ticket: and unless we can reverse the modern tendency for stronger and stronger sub tropical high pressure ridging every more to the north, then a downwelling reversal via a split vortex is the best chance we will get. I dont see Cohen's recent blog as stating we should give up on this SSW - he certainly suggests that if the vortex reforms having resisted the force put on it in December then all changes...but the question for us all is whether we see the vortex stretch, displace and then perhaps crucially tilt on its axis. Get to this position and a knock out blow is possible. Knock out blow in December/January, if the eQBO can come onboard, gives all of the NH a chance of a highly disrupted pattern (as happened in Feb/Mar 18 when the wind blew from Siberia to Canada at one point the wrong way......) and for the UK an end to atlantic dominance perhaps. But it is only a chance. Statistically many warmings dont produce a split, and not every warming produces a favourable trop response for the UK. Might explain why, in over 35 years of weather watching, I can count the really cold and snowy spells on the fingers of one hand. Best for me personally were 87, 91, 96, 10 and 18.
  17. Probably December and January here with Oct/Nov not far behind but then it's the central belt so it's usually dull. Surprised so many people are saying April or May, those are usually the sunniest months up here, May regularly has more hours of sun than any of the summer months.
  18. To anyone !

    is Doncaster still flooded ? I’m away up there later this eve 

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    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      But I would rather know from ppl who live there 

    3. lassie23


      go into their regional thread and post in there telling them what part you at going to

    4. lassie23
  19. Hi yes really bad news to have another like 2015-2016 !!
  20. Agreed this is quite unusual territory - we're already seeing decent attacks on the vortex and we're likely to see it get hit very hard when it should be at its strongest. Expect the unexpected in January....
  21. Low of -1.4°C last night so didn’t quite beat the lowest so far. Mostly cloudy so far today with the odd sunny spell. 10.2°C
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