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  2. Perhaps the posts that were moved from the stratospheric thread into this thread should have gone in that thread in the first place?
  3. Lets compare the 162 12z V the 168 12z Hum spot the difference..... Ukmo looking lovely again -
  4. Cannon fodder 6Z is followed by its 12z superior then
  5. UKMO looks on a knife edge for me at 144 The low in the west Atlantic looks a real pain, is there enough of a wedge of heights around Iceland to direct enough energy south? METO seem to think its game on judging by the upgrade in their outlook today.
  6. Hmmm which one would i rather take after looking at that gfs at 156 hours!!ukmo or gfs?!!lets see if that low can slide through and i give an answer!!
  7. Big differences by day 6 so little point looking beyond then, 12z GFS has the Atlantic low further east thus a bigger wedge between them, better than the 6z run, might be just enough to get the Greenie high but a close run thing Yep its there, this evolution is better for getting the proper cold in IMO, but very tight margins, those lows CANNOT phase. UKMO very different
  8. Well the 12zgfs looks very much like this morning's Oz at 144 hrs.is it wrong I've know idea.second chance maybe coming up?
  9. 21mm here from 09.00, local streams well up but going down as quickly as they went up!
  10. GFS still says no albeit slightly better , if ECM back tracks I won’t be happy.!! FINGERS are crossed the UKMO has it.
  11. Very well put. I agree with all of the above....
  12. UKMO is OKAY but its not amazing as you arent building a nice Greenland high ala this mornings ECM, but at least it sint as bad as the GFS
  13. Prime example of what i was saying earlier!!if that low dont slide then we want it to wind up to such an extent so it sends a ridge into the atlantic just like the ukmo 12z!!
  14. And beautiful at T144 . Get in there . A lot better than gfs and icon
  15. Much better indeed at T+144 with ridge to the NW and trough to the east with arctic air flooding south!!❄
  16. UKMO much better at 144 than the last GFS, but not as good as earlier
  17. Very interesting over at the WPC Extended Forecast Discussion. Models are struggling somewhat post Day 4, as I said last night - taking anything post 96 hours with the finest pinch of salt. Anything after this period I think should be looked at, but not through rose tinted glasses. Appears to be some variability regarding the Alaskan ridge and the cutoff low which assists the building of a ridge to our west. Either way, it's an interesting period for sure. The next 96 hours look relatively straightforward, but with the prime concern the evolution of the shortwave into the Central US. It's pretty obvious that Bank this chart of a Northern Hemispheric disruption at it's finest and see what the outcome is next Friday.
  18. Trixie Leg 1 - Tedham Leg 2 - The Last Day Leg 3 - Tower Bridge 3 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles, 25p EACH WAY Treble.
  19. Dont worry buddy that will flatten out aswell!!it always does lol!!!
  20. Yes the earlier attempts fail but think we’re gonna get a second bite of the cherry further down the line . Here the ICON at T180
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