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  2. Thursday afternoon-evening is going to bring plenty of rain in on a SE current. Same on Friday. So that should put an end to the wild fires. High pressure could temporarily return over the weekend, bringing temperatures back up, although nowhere near as warm as it has been the past few days.
  3. Desperately need the rain up here in Saddleworth. 3 new fires today alone, after spending all weekend fending off the idiots and confiscating bbqs. The arsonist are out tonight so I’m out on firewatch.
  4. A cooler night than the past few remaining dry with clear skies Temp 6.6c
  5. So much uncertainty across the models - makes for interesting watching. A reminder from years gone by what early May can often be like: You get the picture. If we can avoid the Atlantic we're not doing bad at all. Both GFS models going for something from between north and southeast, the FV3 playing with a chilly northerly and the golden oldie showing a sinking low scenario with a warmer easterly over the top. I think it may be beyond May 10th that we see the next lengthy settled spell, although not dispelling a day or two before then between weather systems.
  6. Its the sheer speed of movement of the fire that is so impressive. Actually the farm and steading are surrounded by fairly bare or green fields so really not to close to any vulnerable woodland.which borders most of the fields
  7. Could do with some of that rain here as well - there was a small gorse fire early this morning in the local estate which required the fire brigade. Day started murky but the cloud soon burnt off leaving a nice hazy sunny morning. Come midday the SE wind picked up and Aberdeenshire Permagloom™ returned once more. Max of 14c in the morning then a chilly 10c for most of the afternoon; winds now light.
  8. Here is Greta Thunberg's letter to MPs. Powerful stuff. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/apr/23/greta-thunberg-full-speech-to-mps-you-did-not-act-in-time?CMP=twt_a-environment_b-gdneco&fbclid=IwAR0z_DIBn3-4AyH32hsxCqCEY-pwaHHBnBCVxLOKYd9CDUmvim5V3FOXFz0
  9. Going to be an anxious night for you NL. Sending you wet & soggy vibes to discourage that fire!!
  10. Can't even remember the last time I heard thunder! Fingers crossed that changes over the next few days. There should be a few possibilities with LP loitering around the UK.
  11. Some farms have been evacuated near Dallas for safety reasons so only about 8 miles to the east of us now. I suspect the big concern is if it gets into the forests surrounding us before tomorrows rain. Can now see the orange glow of the fire to the SE of us when I let dog out and we still have a fresh wind at 11c
  12. Update: I went ahead and ordered this station from Ecowitt direct, spoke to Lucy who guided me through the purchase. I ordered Monday 15th April and the station arrived today (23rd) after being dispatched from Hong Kong on Sunday. Very speedy delivery indeed! I ordered the upgraded screen from another station, which are all compatible with the station. The station came very well packaged and arrived in one piece! Awaiting a longer pole for permanent location which needs to be ordered for the anemometer, but currently have it set up in a temporary location for testing. Incredibly pleased with the service from Ecowitt and Lucy! Anyone with reservations about ordering, be assured all is perfect! Will keep updating my testing and final thoughts over the coming months, I have no doubt!
  13. Seen it happen at the masters in Jan think it was Ding Junhui
  14. It's madness to be looking up to day 5 with current patterns.... Shame on you!!!! So let's have a look deep into may..... Its all good, plenty of high pressure... Atlantic is in slumber mode... By by cool and miserable Atlantic garbage!!! Summer will soon be here and I can't wait...
  15. probably either the navy or the RAF on exercises there is increased activity at the moment with the military not sure whats going on though.
  16. 100% win rate and not a goal conceded at the new stadium for Spurs Not a bad start
  17. Can’t wait to meet all tour 4 people , getting pretty close now watching the weather in USA daily now , never far from my thoughts .... no doubt I,ll get hooked and be an annual event from now on ....
  18. A light dusting of dust/sand here, like after a snow flurry onto frozen ground.
  19. nothing wrong with good old cold atlantic weather, hate this humid thundery weather.
  20. The first winter is over post on April 23rd.. Anyway, looking increasingly cool and unsettled but signs of improvement next week, becoming less troughy and temps recovering?
  21. We've had some notably lengthy dry periods since this time last year, but cancelled out by some wetter than normal spells. May, June and much of July was significantly below average rainfall wise, however, August was a wet month. September was about average. October I think was drier than normal. November and December near average, however, there was a very dry 3 week period from about 23 Dec into early January. January was drier than normal and also February with another lengthy dry spell mid-late month. However, March was very wet, even though most of the rain fell in the first 2 weeks. April which is typically our driest month, has so far been devoid of rainfall preety much since the opening days, just a smattering. We could though be looking at a wet end, which will probably mean overall it ends up close to average.
  22. Nothing much going on apart from 2 helicopters which keep flying over every 5 minutes! Currently 13.1°C
  23. This is the oddest chart I have ever seen from NOAA for their 6-10 day 500 mb anomaly chart. Bear in mind I have checked them daily for 7-8 years at least! The flow south of the heights rises and the elongated trough beneath it show a general westerly flow, of no great strength, into the UK.
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