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  2. I have no statistics but I imagine it's close to record breaking in these parts too. May last year in particular was extraordinary for sunshine levels with so many days seeing unbroken sunshine from start to finish. June and July were also exceptional. I'm wondering if I could get the official figures for Rostherne which is near to Manchester Airport and records sunshine totals.
  3. Just named by Met Eireann for Friday night Saturday
  4. Shower of drizzle so far overnight and cooler at 10c.Currently cloudy,dry and calm
  5. Looking forward to today’s potential. Hopefully will get some good insolation behind this occlusion. I love your classic polar maritime storm day. @Dangerous55019 I’m down wind of you today so let’s hope we get lucky.
  6. Similar here, about 13mm in passing showers since 16th March which was the last day with any significant amount that might have soaked in a bit. I fancy today will struggle to produce more than 5mm, 3mm or so on Saturday maybe.
  7. The ecm has the cold front bringing rain to western and northern regions on Tuesday with the south east staying dry but by Weds more amplification takes place as the Azores high ridges to the west with the surface high cell centred over Ireland. Albeit still some showery rain around. This sticks around until Friday and thus light winds continue over the UK but still some light showers around.
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  9. *Wavess back* Hellooooooooo
  10. Cloudy and dry at the moment, no rain since last evening, a low of 7.2 C
  11. United to get 4th though, Arsenal and Chelsea are crap
  12. Good morning sir! yes its getting close and yes it normally turns out to be an annual or bi annual thing from now on in! but i always say, if you have worked hard all year then why not treat yourself to a storm chasing trip to scare the bejesus out of you once in a while! Again, I am flying from Manchester via Heathrow to Denver on May 7th. more than happy to meet up with everyone for a pre chase beer? ill be the one sleeping on a bench somewhere!
  13. After a wonderful spell of summery weather over Easter, conditions finally changed yesterday (although we did get some rain Tuesday night here as well). The rain set in for most of the afternoon and the temperatures have been knocked back accordingly. This morning we had a grey dawn and steady rain but it's eased up now. Showers or perhaps more persistent rain due later and it seems set to be cooler and wetter for a few days now. However, the ground has been grateful for a soaking - and you don't hear that said very often in these parts!
  14. To continue briefly through next week with the gfs with no great confidence Over Weds > Saturday it amplifies the Azores high which reinforces the high pressure into Greenland whilst relegating the Atlantic trough west. At the same time promoting low pressure over Europe. All of this leaves the UK in a slack E/NE flow and pretty dry
  15. The NH 500mb profile and the Atlantic surface analysis for midnight There is currently a negatively tilted upper trough running from the southern tip of Greenland with a low center to the south west of the UK. Under the umbrella of this there is a complex mix of fronts and low centers and one such occlusion will bring another batch of heavy rain into south east just about now.This will track north west in the general circulation through the day reaching central Scotland by 1800. In the wake of this heavy showers will pop up over Wales and England, with perhaps hail and thunder in the mix. Still reasonably warm away from the rain and where the sun pops out, mainly in the south of England and, for a change ,northern Scotland The rain will be slow to clear Scotland tonight and heavy showers may persist it the south west but elsewhere should be clear with the odd fog patch, But by dawn more persistent rain will arrive in the south west courtesy of another occlusion moving in from the west. Through Friday the heavy showers transfer to the east as the band of rain tracks north west with the occlusion and generally a much cooler day albeit with some warmer spots such as the south east of England and northern Scotland. But by early evening more rain and strengthening winds will effect the south west as an intense little low west of southern Ireland gets closer.. Over Friday night and through Saturday the low will track east across Wales and central England bringing heavy rain and strong winds, which could well be gales force in western and southern regions. Needless to say quite a cool day The low will be well clear by Sunday so a much better day but cloud and patchy rain will creep into western regions courtesy of another frontal system associated with a low south of Iceland This rain will still be effecting western regions early on Monday but should clear to leave a day with with the odd showers but plenty of sunny intervals and a much warmer than the weekend.
  16. No that was Bing Crosby's daughter.
  17. Mild cloudy with some spots of rain. Temp 7.1C, low 6.1C, Barometer 997mb rising, Wind Calm, Rainfall Trace
  18. I do wonder whether the wage structure is playing a part. Things got particularly bad after we signed Sanchez. If the reported wages are close to the mark, it's absurdity and I can fully understand why other squad members would feel like not putting the effort in and it explains why we're seeing players now demanding huge wages to re-sign with the club. On the other hand, they are professionals being paid a wage that 99% of the population could only dream of so they should really just get on with it. Most people could take a month of their wages and retire. Either way, a clear out is needed in the summer. The only issue is who is going to take some of our players that are on wages well above their level?
  19. Category 2. 3.35 SANDOWN PARK(Sat.27th April): SELECTION 1: LE REVE 20/1 SELECTION 2: YALA ENKI 20/1
  20. Quite a few model runs does indeed place the high right into the Arctic with its WAA with it, the ECM is quite bullish with this it seems. The GFS and UKMO runs do offer perhaps a slight complication of a low pressure cell forming and trying to fend off the ridge although it still forecast to ridge in strongly on the GFS despite that. The ECM is having none of that and is going full on ridge mode. Early indications do seem to be if the pacific ridge does enter the basin, its here to stay and surely cant be good news for the ice across the pacific regions?
  21. Category 5 - PUNCHESTOWN DOUBLE. GOLD CUP: Selection 1. - ASO Selection 2. - MONALEE CHAMPION HURDLE: Selection 1. - SHARJAR Selection 2. - KLASSICAL DREAM 4 x 25p EW Doubles
  22. how much CO2 does that tiny old 110k mile car put out? good job this wasn't on twitter the Climate mafia would have called you out and shamed you buy now
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