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  2. Very similar number here now..but a great April day... the beach whilst busier some brave folks hitting the water with sea temps of 10.0 °C you have to be brave to want to hit that water!
  3. No thanks , I’ll have 3 months like today please (with the odd storm thrown in !)
  4. Probably warm to very warm at times with a sleepy Atlantic. 13*C, and 40mm rainfall please.
  5. Michael Fish presents his latest week ahead forecast, and although it's going to be warm and sunny for the majority over the long weekend, change will be on the way next week. Watch the video here
  6. Dry very warm sunny day Very warm max temp so far 21.7C, Barometer 1029mb falling, Wind F2 E, Rainfall Nil
  7. We don’t have to agree with their methods to understand why protestors do what they do. The actions of suffragettes or civil rights protestors and many more, disrupted life for people at the time, now we understand with time passing that it was a small price to pay. There is nothing as important as the effects of climate change right now and these people are trying to make the rest of us take notice.

  8. well that's the 25C bubble burst today, onwards to the 30C next......25.4°C at: 14:06.
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  10. 1st cut? What length is it? Mine has been done a few times
  11. After a hint of early morning frost and mist, it’s turned out a fine, if slightly hazy day with the current temp around 15C and no wind to speak of. A few butterflies are out and about. To continue the Jackdaw nest saga, the up-and-over garage door actually dislodged the first attempt and their point of entry was blocked off. Undeterred, they have pecked a hole through a beam on the roof above the guttering in order to gain entry to the garage again and have recommenced building a nest behind a tarpaulin and on top of some old furniture - just discovered it by chance this morning. I think it will be possible to fix the tarpaulin so that they do not have free access to garage/barn, but no doubt the swallows will be discouraged from nesting again this year.
  12. I regret asking to work the Easter weekend so I could get some leave back. In typical fashion, the weather is crap when I'm off next week.

    1. reef


      Yes, I have the joy of Friday, Saturday, Sunday night shifts aswell. I knew as soon as I was rota'd on for them it'd be glorious weather.

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      I'm on nights Sunday and Monday. However, I do have a window of opportunity. I finish at 6pm on Saturday, and then onto nights on Sunday, I may be able to sneak some beer garden in.

  13. Why am I sweating? It's only April and it feels like summer already. I'm sick of this, why can't we have our old climate back?
  14. Strangely, a lot of the reservoirs and rivers are around or above average last time I checked.
  15. Very pleasant and sunny here although stiff breeze is taking the edge off of the temperature. On way back from shopping trip to Inverurie earlier the car thermometer showed 19C. Off out in a bit to fire up the ride on mower and give the lawn its first hair cut of the year.
  16. Here are the Met Office maps which show annual, seasonal and monthly rainfall totals among other weather types. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/anomacts
  17. The FV3 is suffering from major bug issues and is currently due for official release in June, but this keeps being put back, which goes to show the issues are still a big problem.... I would take anything it shows regarding cold..... With a big pinch of salt!! Back to the here and now, I feel 25 could be exceeded somewhere in the next few days.... Pretty amazing for late April!
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