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  2. Another lovely warm sunny day 21.7°C, 38% RH, shame its all coming to a end next week but with a risk of thunder so its not all bad!
  3. And, by next weekend, temps are also rather depressed: But is there a hint of warmer conditions moving northwards?
  4. Unbelievable amount of Tadpoles in the pond this spring, you may need to zoom in on the photo to appreciate the number. Almost certainly a bumper breeding season due to an exceptionally mild winter.
  5. Huge fire ravages West Yorkshire moorland https://news.sky.com/video/huge-fire-ravages-west-yorkshire-moorland-11699551
  6. We have been really dry since last winter. Now we are at the point of cracked earth and yellowed grasses where first silage has been taken. Thing is I do not see it letting up any time soon. In the same time the washout summer highlighted we can now find ourselves forced into patterns very different to those of the last century ( even though it is just 'weathers' we did see in the last century) I do not think we can remove the measured changes we see across our world ( be it the background global temp rise and the associated water vapour increases in what the air now holds or the odd circulation behaviours we see as the planet struggles to balance its 'new' extremes) from what we see happening in our weather day to day? Is our current H.P. dominance ( everything resets to H.P. over UK be it azores extension or Scandiwegian extension?) which itself is driven by a very different polar jet positioning than that which gave us our run of 'washout summers'? You find your own reason for these different patterns but don't ignore the existence of them! For my part I was leaning toward a low ice forcing for both washout summers and now or entrance into our 'drought' forcing until I ran into the 2013 paper that was investigation the Holocene optimum weather across NW Europe? Now I do not know which to weight more as we sit around the global temps ( and so forcing) of the Holocene optimum yet the low Arctic sea ice ( and the shedding of copious amounts of energy into the arctic atmosphere each autumn/early winter now) is also obviously impacting the polar jet behaviour ( frequency/amplitude). It does appear that all roads point to drought until the next major change in forcing? ( if the record lows of 2012 installed this current pattern and the Changes in Pacific Naturals in 2014 augmented it once the super Nino was spent) As such we should sit back and enjoy the dry weather and any sun it might bring with it! But do not think we will not see potential record breaking precipitation events thrown in for good measure!
  7. 8.4c to the 20th 1.1 above the 61 to 90 average 0.6 above the 81 to 10 average _______________________________ Current high this month 8.4c to the 20th Current low this month 5.9c to the 4th
  8. Out to Thursday, and it's turning decidedly unsettled, though -- at this stage -- certainly not cold:
  9. Don't get to disheartened Karl, the long range models are looking good for quite a lot of high pressure again this season. I've heard it being said that statistically a summer like last year would be not the normal!! But the normal no longer applies, the majot shifts in climate change is seeing to that.... Unfortunately!!! Summers like last year could becoming the norm very soon.... Good for some reasons, but very bad for others! A liitle unsettled spell in April wont stop the next batch of heat and sun from rearing its head again very soon... Until then enjoy the next couple of days....
  10. Yes indeed, QS: healthy scepticism (of the 'I don't know, but really would like to learn' variety) is what makes science progress; but, alas, simply posing and posing and reposing the same stock 'questions' (usually in the form of thinly-disguised contrarian statements) ad nauseum is not healthy scepticism: it's treating genuinely curious, though uneducated, people as though they are cretins... And actively reducing the human population? What's the point of that? Once resources run-out, our numbers will decline accordingly...so there's no need for intervention?
  11. Never mind banning discussions on climate change it appears you cannot event mention data that alludes to 'change' over on TWO now??? How the hell are you to make money as a weather site offering services to others if you do not use current data in your forecasting or using the tweaks changes brings to atmospheric circulation in your projections The sad thing I am also finding is the need for climate change deniers to link both science and mitigation to the 'left' in politics? How did saving our world and its population become a thing of the left and the continued wanton destruction a thing of the right?
  12. I can't sugar coat the GEFS 00z mean, once this current summery spell ends it's turning cooler and unsettled for quite a while.
  13. Totally agree,very well put. We all need to do more,taking care of this home we have floating in space is a priority.
  14. Happy Easter folks... Great post from singularity, and well made points from DRL. Yes folks don't get to disappointed over this mini breakdown, I expect a week at most of more unsettled conditions before pressure rises and brings warm weather yet again! And when it does, it will be the 3rd warm spell since February already.... Not bad Considering it still won't be technically summer!!
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  16. Praying won't help. Adjusting lifestyle, just might, at the end of the day.
  17. My original post was in reply to a post in the Model thread. It shouldn't have ended up in here... Indeed this is exactly where one should moan about the weather.
  18. Sadly this will become common,sooner than folk think,the lack of rain especially on the higher ground is causing problems and we are only in April. Sheep farmers are using hay stock for goodness sake,the vegetation is that poor. Praying for that pattern change now,the thought of this weather spreading into May and June is not good at all. Don't get me wrong the weather this Easter is fantastic,if this was the max temp with clear blue skies all summer i would be in heaven,but the need for that wet stuff from the sky is now becoming a big issue.
  19. 4wd

    Sunset at Saltburn

    The bit of east coast from Redcar to Whitby faces almost north and in summer sun rises and sets over the sea offering potential maximum sunshine hours.
  20. Looking at the extended Ecm 00z ensemble mean it's cool and unsettled with sunshine and showers, some heavy with hail and thunder probably the main theme, feeling pleasant in the sunshine but nights still long enough to become quite chilly where skies clear and winds fall light...welcome rain for the gardens.
  21. A dry, clear night and a clear, sunny and very warm start to this morning. At 0800 g.m.t Temp; 15.5c 24 hr max; 21.4c 24 hr min; 8.3c Grass min; 3.3c Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 0.0 mm Mean wind speed; 5 mph SE 1 okta Ci Vis; 25 km.
  22. Another warm and sunny start with a light southerly breeze Temp 14.5c
  23. Just to wish everyone on Netweather and the model output thread a great Easter. Whether you’re going through a difficult time, or something more, I hope Easter ends up being kind to you! @Singularity And you make a valid point in your last paragraph. What ever the models show now, whether it’s an unsettled spell, or a dry and sunny one, or a mixture of both even, it doesn’t really have a bearing to what could happen in the Summer. Like with last year when there was a fair amount of warm dry weather in both April and May (I suppose with the regional variations), it lead to a very warm and dry Summer for most overall! I think there was also one year with quite a chunk of showery weather in April and May that lead to a warmer, settled, Summer. Might have been 2006 (or possibly 2003).
  24. Amazing scenes Good Friday!

    © craighirstphotography

  25. Plenty more Easter warmth and sunshine to come, but a few thunderstorms and showers may develop later on Easter Monday, as the fine weather starts to break down. Read the full update here
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