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  2. Bar any late changes Coventry City will be playing their home games next season at Birmingham City next season
  3. Record May snowfall sees Mammoth ski resort in California announce it will remain open into August. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-mammoth-snowfall-record-20190524-story.html The snowfall has already topped May 2015’s record of 28 inches, further adding to the enormous dump of powder that Mammoth has received. A total of 489 inches have accumulated at the main lodge, and 715 inches have been recorded at the summit. The ski resort’s current base depth is between 90 and 155 inches.
  4. Yes an interesting evolution on GFS...period between 144 and 168 seems to be pivatol... room for upgrades on EC in this timeframe.
  5. According to some of the Netweather geniuses, I'm supposed to be enthusiastic about a summer that might be hotter and drier than last year. Here's a hint - if I wanted to live in a $%&8"$ desert, I'd move to one!
  6. Long way off folks so caution required.... But the 6z ending is just fabulous!! I said I hope my Northern neighbours can get a little of the action... And here it is... +12 uppers in the far North.... In the words of Bernard Matthews.... .. Bootiful.....
  7. Indeed! A repeating plume scenario like we often had in the 90s would be fabulous - plenty of heat but also rain for the gardens. At least we have a heavy persistent drizzle here this morning.
  8. Overnight low of 11.1°C again. Cloudy this morning and feels cooler with a bit more of a breeze too. Temp 17.5°C
  9. A morning of light rain/drizzle showers. Temp 15.9C, Barometer 1010mb steady, Wind F2 W, Rainfall 0.1mm
  10. Amazing ain't it folks, during winter we see all the models firm up on a cold snap 1 day, and the next, slowly but surely we see them back track again!!! Not with this warm spell we don't.... Here is the 6z supplying the goods later next week.... Its looking good summer lovers.. On a more negative note.. I reckon the Spanish residents maybe taking more naps than usual... Just look at those uppers approaching the South!! Out to day 10 and good chunk of England still in warm air, not overly bad up North tbh. This looks like a reload pattern could be setting up soon as well.
  11. 11.1c to the 25th 0.1 above the 61 to 90 average 0.3 below the 80 to 10 average __________________________________ Current high this month 11.9 to the 1st Current low this month 8.8c to the 6th & 7th
  12. Winter is FINALLY coming: Unusually hot autumn weather to be brought to a swift end as 'Antarctic' cold snap hits Australia's south-east coast will see sudden wintry conditions as a cold snap hits A series of cold fronts will bring showers and winds to the southeast region The much noticeably cooler conditions are expected to peak by Wednesday https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7066073/Unusually-hot-autumn-weather-brought-swift-end-cold-snap-hits.html
  13. Norfolk to see the first official desert in the UK by 2021.

  14. Well, given the amount of sunshine the models are currently predicting, a/c units could run on solar power?
  15. This week's rain has disappeared from the Met Office forecast - Great Eastern desert setting-in this summer. I expect standpipes by late July at this rate in East Anglia.
  16. The 0z models runs have been already covered this morning, mainly ECM and GFS, so to take a peak at the CFS 0z into the middle of June. And it's looking very high pressure orientated again... Could we be looking at a front loaded summer.. Or a complete loaded summer,is the million dollar question!!! Interesting times.
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  18. The darn elusive Cuckoo, distantly singing in the rain this grey cool morning:
  19. I agree it hasn't been a bad May. Quite a few pleasant early summer days even though it's not summer never hot and never really humid. Hopefully we will have fresh conditions all summer with temps in the low twenties and not of the awful heat. Rainfall wise it's looks like Spring will come in at average courtesy of a very wet March. Temperature wise spring just on the mild side.
  20. I did it last year. Not as expensive as some people think. £800 for a unit in living room and bedroom, cheap to run as well, about 10p an hour with both on turbo mode keeping the rooms at 16c.
  21. Sunny Sheffield at 10.9C -0.2C below normal. Rainfall 32.4mm 56.2% of average. Still hasn't caught up and the latest forecasts suggesting it won't.
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