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  2. Now picking up south west Ireland with gusts to 63 mph. Doesn't see much in the way of rain associated with the system though. This isn't good news. Looks like pond topping going to be required after all though.
  3. Indeed Ed, forget the nose, the Gfs 12z operational shows high pressure is in the ascendancy towards the end of next week, early next week looks decent too, a showery middle and then a better end.
  4. Wasn't it the ukmo that was showing significant cold just a few weeks back though! Not to concerned about that Ntly, yes it will be cooler but showers will mainly affect Northern and Eastern parts it looks like a cooler blip to me Karl
  5. I'm under heavy rain from 10am tomorrow morning until 1am Sunday morning on the Metoffice site. The wrap around of the LP looks like feeding rain into the NW of England all day. Will be interesting to see the totals when all said and done.
  6. Good tip about Balquhidder and Rob Roy's grave @ciel. We headed up the forestry track up Kirkton Glen about half way to Lochan an Eireannaich before MrsC's ankle had had enough (she's waiting for an op to remove a chunk of mis-healed bone):
  7. The Gfs 12z operational indicates a battle between high pressure / ridging and green snot next week with the high perhaps winning by a nose..at least across the south later next week.
  8. Someone must have seen me swapping winter for summer tyres yesterday as next week's temps are set to plummet. Groovy. We got a couple of hours of moderate rain yesterday evening, no more. Fair bit of garden watering going on locally now.
  9. Thinking exactly the same...it will only take a very warm sunny spell in May to turn things brown very quickly, it is exceptionally dry out there and had only 3.5mm of rain this month! As mentioned what's happened to the rain expected yesterday and today from showers?...absolute no shows, a few spots and that's been it.
  10. The ukmo 12h indicates further cool showery trough activity next week so a chance of thunderstorms too...followed by a colder and still showery northerly air stream so a risk of night frosts too.
  11. https://www.growlikegrandad.co.uk/allotment/pests-diseases/metaldehyde-slug-pellets-finally-banned-alternatives.html Hi, I think this link tells you what you ask
  12. Guardian is reporting that Alex Hales has been banned for 21 days for recreational drug use https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/26/englands-alex-hales-banned-for-21-days-for-recreational-drug-use Boy, this is no good for England with the World Cup a month away.
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  14. Ollie Pope and Sam Billings both out for most of the season through dislocated shoulder injuries. Restricts England's options for this home season.
  15. indeed.... labels were tags to be hidden, not worn as a 'badge of honour'.. i hate the whole 'designer' concept.. it means diddly squat to me and i believe only idiots think it does mean anything. ...... im definitely not 'ab fab'.
  16. I probably couldn't get much greener if I tried. But that's not because I've given-up on life's luxuries, it's a result of the fact that I'm just not interested in the 'must haves' of modern living. Back in the throwaway designer-label-days of the 1980s, I was a bit of an outcast: whilst others were spending fortunes on brand-new jeans, complete with holes, I would purchase a whole pair and let wear, tear and time turn them into high fashion! All my light bulbs are LEDs and I never light a room, when I'm not in it -- it costs less. I never waste water -- that costs less too. I wear my clothes until they're almost falling off -- again it costs less. Being green saves you money. And I still insist that the simplest way for the UK to reduce its GHG emissions, would be for all new-build houses/factories to have solar panels, as standard? Save money to save the planet?
  17. Light Rain arrived before mid afternoon and has just cleared. A mild day but cooler in the afternoon Max temp 13.3C now 11.4C, Barometer 1006mb falling slowly, Wind F2 SW, Rainfall 0.6mm
  18. Sunny and 13.8°C. It did make it to 14.5°C. The warning for wind should be removed from some parts as the strength of the gusts have been downgraded by quite a way since a few days ago. Several hours of low 40's gusts does not constitute a yellow warning.
  19. Sunny spells this afternoon with the odd spot of drizzle around lunchtime, didn't feel so bad when the sun was out and the wind died down. Reached 15.9°C, currently 13.4°C
  20. Red warning extended to county Kerry in Ireland. https://www.met.ie/warnings
  21. I think there should be greater incentives to allow employees to get out of the office and work from home for at least part of the week. With modern technology, do folk really need to make a long, expensive, polluting commute to sit in an office doing exactly what they could be doing at home? It's obviously not suitable for all vocations, but it could make a big difference.
  22. Bolton's players are threatening to boycott tomorrows match with Brentford and the final-day game at Nottingham Forest unless they're paid wages owed from March by the end of today
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