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  2. Got to 25.9c at 2:40pm Starting to drop slowly now, 24.3c now. Noticed over the last few days during the hottest periods, humidity has been around 30-40%.
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  4. Welcome to a new convective weather thread for a new season For those wanting to reminise over previous months then the old thread is here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/90351-storm-convective-discussion-7th-august-onwards/ So what will the late spring/summer of 2019 bring? A lot on this forum will be hoping for storms, me being one of them (along with some sunshine too of course). Traditionally our storm season, if it gets going, will get going around April/May time and this year looks to be no different with this unseasonably warm spell possibly concluding with a thundery breakdown into next week. Ironically it was exactly this time last year when the UK was also basking in unseasonable heat ahead of some fantastic plume thunderstorms on the night of the 21-22nd. Will this year be any different? Possibly, although maybe not to the extent of last year. However, watch this space. The first signs of any thundery activity will be across the far south-west later tomorrow, but this just a risk and for most the bank holiday will conclude much as the weekend has been with plenty of summer sunshine in spring. A better chance I feel comes on Tuesday into Wednesday onwards as a low pressure to our south-west begins to throw some instability northwards. It is all still a way off in storm forecasting terms but on current modelling I would expect that thunderstorms could be moving into south-western parts on Mon/Tues night and then develop widely across SW England, Wales, SW Scotland and Ireland through Tuesday. Further east it looks like a continuation of the dry, warm weather on Tuesday, although maybe a touch cooler than the weekend. By Tuesday night into Wednesday there could be more widespread thundery activity but at this range it is open to a lot of movement and doubt.
  5. 'normal' weather looks set to resume for the time being..... http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/gens_display.php?ext=1&x=306&y=143
  6. OK rain lovers you cam have your moment with cooler unsettled conditions mid next week for a few days, but make the most of it!! Some of the seasonal models including CFS have warmer and settled Conditions returning come early May... Pretty much ties in with Exters thoughts has well. Enjoy the next few days heat lovers!!! And cool crap lovers enjoy the odd few days during next week.... The fine settled Conditions will be back, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it dominate throughout May. Ohhhh yehhh it's gonna be a beaut!!!
  7. thanks for the explanations
  8. Not seen a single ladybird here HC. Have seen a big fat hare, a brace of pheasants and several anthocharis cardamines - beauties.
  9. Quite the diurnal range here today. After a min temp of 1.6C it is now 19.4C - a range of 17.8C. In 40 years the highest is 18.2C set on 23rd April 2011.
  10. The German radar network seems to have some recurring issues with anaprop (false radar echoes).
  11. It's just the limit of the radar coverage
  12. Looking on the bright side, which may well not be the right side..the extended GEFS 6z mean hints at ridging by early May and there is a possibly of something very warm and or anticyclonic.
  13. Hiya, I was checking the weather forecast today and I noticed semi circular map of rain of German coast - wondered if it's a technical glitch or a weather anomaly ?
  14. 24.8°C and 32% humidity. I filled the bird bath up yesterday, and it's almost dried out.
  15. Recent charts have got me back into storm hunting mode for the year Potentially some thundery showers dotted around next week, although the low pressure is tending to push in from the West rather than dive towards Iberia now. Interesting charts for Tues afternoon/evening and into Wednesday morning on the GFS, but I wonder if this is more general bands of rain/showers than storm potential?
  16. I've replied to two of you questions with my views Wrt population, well I see there is a big football match on. Say 50, 000 are at that match. If each person there had a stadium of their own with 50, 000 in it that would (if my maths is good) be 2.5 Bn people. That's about 1/3 of the global population. My conclusion is human population is both significant and their consumption must be having an effect on the planet.. Wrt climate change, I'm still surprised snowflakes can be over aggressive. Btw, what 'simple mistakes'?
  17. What the GFS giveth, the FV3 taketh away: not a cusp in sight! The glaring differences between the latest MetO and BBC forecasts comes to mind? Still, the ensemble looks okay:
  18. The max size of the ad at the top on mobile is 320x100 pixels but more often than not it's 320x50 pixels, so is actually quite small. On desktop it's 728x90 pixels, again not that big in page real estate terms. Most advertising needs to be above the fold on web pages, particularly if you only have 1 ad a page. I don't have a 4k monitor to test on, so if you could screen shot that, it would be really helpful, thanks.
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