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  2. Evening all, Listed below, are the "virtual" returns for each Entrant, from this afternoon's Racing: V/W TOTAL ANTONYBR7: 33.07 BRISTLE BOY: 12.68 JENNYJANE: 66.26 KIRKCALDY WEATHER: 51.50 LASSIE23: 16.94 SUMMER SUN: 29.47 TOMSE12: 65.29 In the morning, I will post up details of any "virtual" monies running on to the 1,000 Guineas, from the 2,000 Guineas, in the IRISH GUINEAS Doubles and which Entrant's Doubles, are still "live". Regards, Tom.
  3. At least we will not have to have to encounter their fans.It also probably means a reprieve for Truro. We thought we had avoided a 333 mile round trip this season but perhaps not after all. Truro have lost their "local" derby with WSM if they don't go down and their nearest opponents will then be Weymouth
  4. Absolutely nothing here since April 2018. Probably because I bought a new lens. Hoping to see something over the coming months!
  5. The final was a Load of dragon balls
  6. Not only is guilt-tripping frowned upon, numbers quoted in isolation seldom tell the whole story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/12/17/cold-temperatures-kill-more-americans-than-hot-ones-cdc-data-show/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.4411caead9f9
  7. Certainly for the south later next week looks warmer and drier far more uncertain for the north where low pressure and remain remains
  8. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean indicates a north / south split developing next week with summer returning to the south following a brief cooler changeable blip but more mixed / meh further north.
  9. Sunny for most of the day with a cloudier spell early this afternoon. Slightly cooler than yesterday with more of a breeze. Reached 19.3°C, currently 12.5°C
  10. Raining here, right on cue for bank holiday. Decent day today though, dry & felt warm in the sunshine. Hoping for more dry weather throughout June, ground drying up nicely and making good conditions for outdoor activities.
  11. Indeed. It's easier to warm up in cold weather than to cool down in hot weather - look how many people died across Europe during the 2003 heatwave. With that in mind the vast majority of homes in the UK aren't built for conditions like last Summer. Unless people buy air conditioning eventually indoors becomes like a greenhouse after persistent hot weather.
  12. Decent day of model watching, here are the ensembles... More ups and downs than a day in my head... .
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  14. ECM 12z mean, well at T144 supportive of what we think we already know, high pressure ridging from the south to the UK: By T240, uncertainty gets in the mix: But it remains a healthy set up for settled warm weather further into summer. Would be interesting to see the clusters if anyone wants to post them. (The link is on my work computer, so I go into this long weekend clusterless!)
  15. That's a matter of what you'd consider "heat". Where I live averages a max of 20°C in summer - which is cool personally. We have very cool summers. I consider averages of 20°C at night to be good summer weather, with highs of 32-35°C. Of course, that can never happen in the UK's climate, and nor do I expect it to, but to me most of the UK summer is very poor and cool indeed and I'm not greedy for looking forward to the few days (and yes, it's very few) of actually very warm or hot weather that the climate can offer. I wonder if wanting snow in October through til May is not greedy either then is it?
  16. You're kidding, right? We might only get three flakes (of actual snow) during a whole winter, but the ramping starts in October and doesn't stop till May...If I had half the snow the rampers predicted, I'd still be digging myself out! In the immortal words of Dr McCoy:
  17. The equivalent of name that tune just been on 7.30pm about time they had something like this on it was very good indeed.
  18. A very tight game today which could have gone either way. I do think that Newport should have had a penalty in normal time which might have changed things.
  19. Sunday 9 June to Sunday 23 June  Whilst confidence is low throughout this period, the most probable trend for the middle two weeks of June is for an increasingly settled weather picture across the UK. Whilst this may bring spells of dry and often sunny weather, warmer day time temperatures may occasionally trigger heavy, possibly thundery showers. However there still remains a risk of areas of low pressure bringing longer spells of rain across the UK at times, perhaps with some stronger winds. Temperatures will be near normal or warm overall for the time of year. Updated: 16:00 (UTC+1) on Sat 25 May 2019
  20. Main difference is that we rarely get prolonged cold whereas heat is always guaranteed in the summer be it 2 weeks or 2 months long. Coldies aren't as greedy imo a short lived easterly satisfies everyone. I dont understand why anyone would want months on end of high 20s to low 30s like last summer.
  21. Mostly cloudy this afternoon with a few sunny spells, but has cleared up this evening. Reached 23.3°C @ 15:43 Currently 18.2°C
  22. dosen't look as good to me, still good though away from the NW, a chart more typical of August, than early June
  23. Every day, summer's getting closer; going faster than a rollercoaster, come what may...
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