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  2. I'm not sure how the video above says anything about the protests not being peaceful. It was the protester that got dragged down and beaten! Anyway, yeah, stupid move targeting public transport like that. I get that they want attention and headlines, but there are better ways to achieve that.
  3. A low of 7.5°C this morning. A 3.8mm shower makes today the 15th consecutive day of rain. Temp currently at 12.4°C. According to the forecast, winds should be gusting to 30mph here, yet it's almost calm.
  4. More than 500 people misunderstand climate change « RealClimate WWW.REALCLIMATE.ORG A consensus is usually established when one explanation is more convincing than alternative accounts, convincing the majority. This is also true in science... These people have little or no history of climate research and many have links to "think tanks" that are committed to denying the effects of AGW. They are going to start lobbying both the UN and the EU.
  5. Forgot to mention, I was thinking of Nathan Rao, check him out. Utter #$%$#
  6. Well the forecasts for Cairngorm and Ben Nevis summits look pretty wintry. Cairn Gorm Summit weather WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Cairn Gorm Summit 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV Ben Nevis weather WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Ben Nevis 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV
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  8. Well Mark...By disrupting the 'greenest' part of the capital's public transport-network, they'll be alienating the very folks from who they want support? Idiots!
  9. Low pressure over Latvia, Lithuania pretty much corresponds with the GFS sea level pressure chart. Sat image from 10am this morning.
  10. Thursday 17th October 2019 Turning mainly clear overnight, quite chilly, just missing a ground frost. Sunny start this morning. 24-hour maximum 14.0c 24-hour minimum 3.2c Minimum temperature on grass 0.5c. Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 15.4mph W Rainfall total: 0.0mm Conditions at 09:00 GMT 2 Oktas Cumulus. Visibility >10 miles Temperature: 6.9c Humidity: 95.5% Wind Direction: SSE Force 3 Barometer 1001.5mb rising slowly. Yesterday. Mostly cloudy overnight. Light rain through the early hours. Dawning overcast, a little light rain. Brighter spells developing shortly after the observation. After a mostly cloudy morning the afternoon saw some sunny spells.
  11. As unreliable as Accuweather is, perhaps theres some truth with the storms? A repeat of 13-14 would be a horror zone. Perhaps the worst winter ever.
  12. Quite nasty scenes on the underground from what i saw on the news very silly idea to target the underground at rush hour
  13. He looks absolutely nothing like how I pictured him haha. I remember reading his predictions and forecasts in the express (My father used to buy it) and it would make me physically angry how often he got it completely wrong and was continuously given a platform to spout his nonsense.
  14. So nice to feel cold again -3.5C in Braemar this morning!
  15. I'm pretty sure it snowed a fair bit Winter 2012-13 down here..I seem to remember the run up to Xmas being very seasonal and further events in February. Could be wrong though - so hopefully a precursor of whats to come?
  16. Maybe this year's thunderstorm season is still not quite over: But, the GEFS 00Z ensembles are so 'messy', it's not easy to see what, if anything, has much support, either way? Och well...back to the Guess Chamber?
  17. HAHA! You sir deserve a medal. Here is with some sort of papier mache orange turd attached to a globe (think its meant to be the sun and a solar filament)
  18. A dry, mainly clear and cool night with a slight ground frost. Dry and sunny so far this morning. At 0800 g.m.t Temp; 5.8c 24 hr max; 12.4c 24 hr min; 3.7c Grass min; -0.9c Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 0.4 mm Mean wind speed; 9 mph S 1 okta Ac and St fractus Vis; 9 km.
  19. Piers Corbyn? He blocked me from his blog/website because I signed up to call him a "batty boi"
  20. Our Indian Summer continues, it has been a beautiful week for mid-October. Lots of warm sunshine. This has been a "true" Indian Summer too, as in we had a cool spell with a first frost and then a change back to warm conditions.
  21. Better than a Madden though Or worse, that half-wit who writes for the Express
  22. Low pressure moving slowly in from the west will bring showers for many over the next few days, windy and cooler too, but high pressure builds early next week to bring drier and settled conditions. Read the full update here
  23. Aye. Whilst there's been plenty of rain (Too bloody much!), there has been very little in the way of strong winds. Thank goodness. Rain and strong winds is just the worst.
  24. I skim-read that last night. It's a multiple linear regression based on the QBO and the 10.7cm radio flux for the past 60 odd years to predict the NAO and CET. No physics, just stats, so all moot really.
  25. A cold night under clear skies and no breeze Currently 5.4c with an overnight low of 4.0c just after 7am
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