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  2. Recent charts have got me back into storm hunting mode for the year Potentially some thundery showers dotted around next week, although the low pressure is tending to push in from the West rather than dive towards Iberia now. Interesting charts for Tues afternoon/evening and into Wednesday morning on the GFS, but I wonder if this is more general bands of rain/showers than storm potential?
  3. I've replied to two of you questions with my views Wrt population, well I see there is a big football match on. Say 50, 000 are at that match. If each person there had a stadium of their own with 50, 000 in it that would (if my maths is good) be 2.5 Bn people. That's about 1/3 of the global population. My conclusion is human population is both significant and their consumption must be having an effect on the planet.. Wrt climate change, I'm still surprised snowflakes can be over aggressive. Btw, what 'simple mistakes'?
  4. What the GFS giveth, the FV3 taketh away: not a cusp in sight! The glaring differences between the latest MetO and BBC forecasts comes to mind? Still, the ensemble looks okay:
  5. The max size of the ad at the top on mobile is 320x100 pixels but more often than not it's 320x50 pixels, so is actually quite small. On desktop it's 728x90 pixels, again not that big in page real estate terms. Most advertising needs to be above the fold on web pages, particularly if you only have 1 ad a page. I don't have a 4k monitor to test on, so if you could screen shot that, it would be really helpful, thanks.
  6. Although it looks like gradually turning unsettled next week it stays warm well into the week and the GEFS 6z shows it's not all bad news..with a bit of luck the warmth could soon return and even high pressure!
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  8. Anyone else got loads of ladybirds loitering in the garden, sunbathing and trying to shag the wing-cases off each other?
  9. BBC monthly outlook Summary A fine and warm Easter. Often settled in May. _________________________________ Saturday 20 April—Sunday 21 April Warm, dry and sunny for most of us over Easter! With a large area of high pressure located overhead the UK during the Easter weekend, then this means most of us will have a dry, settled and calm period of weather. Early patchy mist and even a few fog patches will soon burn off by mid-morning on both Saturday and Sunday to leave long periods of sunshine. It will be very warm for late April, with maximum temperatures reaching the low 20Cs widely over England and Wales and locally above 20C in parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland. Across some inland central and southern parts of England, maximum temperatures of 24C and perhaps even 25C are possible. Around the coasts, it will be lovely and sunny for many areas, but the maximum temperatures will not be as high as inland, as sea breezes develop during the daytime. Some sea mist and fog could also roll into coastal areas at times, especially in the east. On Easter Sunday, an area of low pressure tracking eastwards close to Iceland will nudge fronts closer to the far north and west of Scotland, so turning cloudier here with the odd patch of light rain and drizzle. The majority of Scotland should stay dry, though. Monday 22 April—Sunday 28 April Risk of a few thundery showers. The forecast for next week has been causing a few headaches over the last few days. Initially, it seemed likely that we would see Atlantic low pressure areas moving down across the UK and completely displacing the high pressure away to the east. Such a scenario would have seen a big change in the weather, with a sharp temperature drop and breezy and showery weather, much more typical of April in the UK. However, it now looks likely that an extensive area of high pressure, centred over Scandinavia will remain a key influence next week, blocking the eastwards progress of north Atlantic low pressure areas from moving across the UK and instead sending them down to southern France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. If you know anybody on holiday down there during this particular week, it is likely that the UK will have better weather than they will! The good news for people with outdoor plans is that next week is looking like the warm weather will continue, as winds remaining from a balmy south or south-easterly direction. We do need to keep a close eye on an area of low pressure that may well nudge northwards from Spain across western parts of France and towards the far south-west of England during the middle of next week. This will contain some warm and humid air and threatens to push a few thunderstorms northwards over some southern and western parts of the UK. Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th look most prone to these storms, with south-west England and Wales most at risk. As is often the case with thunderstorms, some places will see a few downpours and plenty of lightning, yet a few miles away it will remains dry. A much lower risk of storms over central, eastern and northern areas. Towards the end of the week, some wet and breezy weather may push in off the Atlantic into Scotland, but there is some uncertainty on this and it could end up staying drier here. Monday 29 April—Sunday 12 May High pressure often in charge The end of April and first half of May is very likely to see further 'blocked' weather patterns over the UK and the wider environment of the north Atlantic and Europe. This means a reduction in the normal west to east wind flows and 'jet stream' that typically push areas of low pressure from the north Atlantic into northern Europe. There is strong evidence in the latest forecast guidance to suggest that high pressure areas will continue to be more extensive than normal close to the UK and so we see reason to expect that the UK will often be drier than average, with winds often light and variable, rather than strong and sustained westerlies. The main challenge we have with this forecast is getting the timings right. It seems likely that the high pressure areas will move around a bit during these 2 weeks and could shift to the west of the UK at times. When high pressure shifts to the west of the UK, then this pulls in winds from the north and north-east, a rather chilly direction, even in late spring! So, while it is difficult to pin down the timing of this, we suggest that a cooler interlude, perhaps with some wet and breezy weather as well, is likely at some point in these 2 weeks. However, taking a broader view for the 2 weeks as a whole, there are some good signals for high pressure to still reside overhead the UK on many of the days. With the widespread sunshine this will bring, then we would expect some dry and warm spells. It could still be rather chilly at night under this high pressure and a local frost cannot be excluded in a few locations. To get warm and humid nights we would need southerly or south-westerly winds and the high pressure positioned to our east instead. Next Update After Easter is over, we'll be looking in detail on the final week of April and firming up on the signals throughout the first half of May. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  10. Thanks for the reply, he must have changed his mind then.
  11. Thursday 25 Apr - Saturday 4 May Showers with thunderstorms will clear northwards on Thursday. However, further showers will continue in the southwest, spreading across many areas through the day, again with the risk of hail and thunder. Thereafter, for the remainder of April there is lower confidence in the forecast, but the weather will perhaps be more unsettled and generally less warm. There will be a chance of showers or longer spells of rain and some periods of stronger winds, especially in the west and southwest. However, some drier, brighter and warmer interludes are still likely at times, these most probable across southern and southeastern parts. Overall into early May, temperatures will most likely be near normal in the west, and warmer than average in the south and southeast. Sunday 5 May - Sunday 20 May Early May is likely to begin with unsettled conditions dominating, however, a shift towards more settled conditions is probable. Whilst some rain is possible at times, a good deal of fine and dry weather is most likely, with temperatures above the seasonal average. Any warmer conditions are most likely in the south and southeast. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  12. Some of Tottenham's and Liverpool's TV fixtures have changed due to the involvement in the champions league semi-finals Revised dates all matches are due to be shown on Sky Sports April 27: Tottenham vs West Ham - 12.30pm May 4: Bournemouth vs Tottenham- Kick-off TBC May 4: Newcastle vs Liverpool - Kick-off TBC
  13. 8.1c to the 19th 0.8 above the 61 to 90 average 0.3 above the 81 to 10 average _______________________________ Current high this month 8.1c to the 1st & 19th Current low this month 5.9c to the 4th
  14. Off to the coast, but I’ll stay away from the mass of people at Bournemouth Beach and walk a few miles down to find my own resort
  15. I'm viewing it on a 4k screen and it's far to big. Mobile version the same but worse as you spend to much time scrolling and the huge annoying ad right at the top which doesn't reflect the site content so in this case a passer by would think it's sports forum and simply move on. The ad needs moving the bottom of the page and also needs to reflect the site content or made much smaller.
  16. I’m defo not moaning, but I bet those who thought getting away would be better for this Easter break, especially Spain, they aren’t moaning.... crying more likely. For those who decided to stay, have a lovely sunny and V warm weekend.
  17. I can't recall him mentioning it. However expanding population will have a large bearing on climate.
  18. Not much to say.. 22.2°C and blue skies. Perfect for doing some garden maintenance.
  19. You must have missed my question further up the page. Perhaps you have me on ignore.
  20. My only problem with some people with climate change is that they are over aggressive and nothing can be wrong even when simple mistakes are spotted. Just see some of the reactions on here. I've have degree in control engineering and when I took the degree your results were expected to be reproducible, data verified and of course if something is wrong you don't throw the toys out of the pram you go away and correct it. Anyway I see nobody has taken my point up about the growing human population and the need for it to be stabilised. https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/population_and_sustainability/climate/
  21. Next weekend looks to be rather unsettled, but never too cold; a timely respite for those averse to heat, perhaps?
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