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  2. A mostly cloudy afternoon, albeit the odd sunny spell, followed a sunny morning. Managed to reach 23.7°C @ 14:23 Currently 21.4°C RH @ 44%
  3. Ooohh, pretty sure that was a roll of thunder (I suppose it could have been someone bringing in the bins). I was pointing out the mammatus clouds covering the sky to my son on the return college run, saying we 'might' get a bit of a storm if we're lucky. I'm counting that one!
  4. Came across this channel a few years back when he was creating his own mine in the US, this video recently popped into my subscription box. He talks about the science behind why you can hear thunder underground before you can hear it through the air, really interesting topic.
  5. What an fantastic week of weather high teens/ low twenties plenty of warm sun not to hot and an nice breeze perfect.
  6. Listed below are the Racing Post links to the Final Declarations for Sunday's Racing, at the Curragh: The 4,25 (1,000 Guineas) is the 2nd Leg of the IRISH GUINEAS DOUBLE. SUN.26th MAY. https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/178/curragh/2019-05-26/725794 3.50 CURRAGH: SELECTION: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/178/curragh/2019-05-26/713551 4.25 CURRAGH:SELECTION 1- SELECTION 2- The 4,25 (1,000 Guineas) is the 2nd Leg of the IRISH GUINEAS DOUBLE. You have 2 picks in tomorrow's 2,000 Guineas at the Curragh and 2 picks in Sunday's, 1,000 Guineas. Below is the Racing Post link to the Final Declarations for tomorrow's 2,000 Guineas, the 1st Leg of the IRISH GUINEAS DOUBLE: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/178/curragh/2019-05-25/713550 Please make sure you indicate whether you want 4 x 50p WIN Doubles (2x2), or 4 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles. Failure to indicate which, will result in your Selections being made, 4 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles. Please Copy/Paste your Selections (2 in each Race), into the Selection Boxes, provided below IRISH CLASSIC DOUBLE 2,000 GUINEAS (4.10 Curragh, Sat.): SELECTION 1. - SELECTION 2. - 1,000 GUINEAS (4.25 Curragh, Sun.): SELECTION 1. - SELECTION 2. - You MUST post up your Selections for your IRISH GUINEAS DOUBLES, along with your Selections for tomorrow's other Races, by NOON tomorrow. Regards, Tom.
  7. Some sort of waxed paper. I think there’s a lot of new composite materials coming into existence which will do the job quite adequately. Don’t think recycled plastics are the answer, they still gradually breakdown with each use and it’s the micro plastic pieces which we can’t keep from getting into the water sources that cause the big problems
  8. Although the were no cygnets again this year all of the large brood of Mallards appear to have survived intact which is a tad unusual
  9. even cheese can win when its done well...
  10. It's turned out fairly warm in some parts of Scotland today, mostly east coast type areas:
  11. this was imho a deserved winner... it had all the ingredients... energy, novelty, folky, melody... exactly what a good euro track should have.
  12. I agree, if they're going to take action they need to sort the lot out at the same time, although I'm not sure what they could replace plastic lids with, plastics are 1000 years to decompose and the equivalent, polystyrene can take much much longer.
  13. obviously it didnt live up to its title, a waterman track wasnt it... dreadful...
  14. I’m predicting an average to poor summer, then a mini heatwave in September for a couple of weeks, similar to 1985, or 1995, with warm days in early October. This will be a precursor to a cold winter.
  15. Bought a cantilever parasol pour Le Jardin yesterday at Argos - it was made in China; our garden furniture cover is Chinese made; a set of tables we have in da house is Chinese made; the list of Chinese-made household goods goes on....and will continue to go on... I'm afraid that particular horse has long bolted.
  16. No thanks. I don’t think about the evenings drawing in until mid August at the earliest, and even then I don’t think about autumn or the decline into winter until September 1st, when I finally accept the best part of the year is behind us, in terms of daylight and warmth. Not knocking September, as that’s usually a good time to have a holiday in Spain or wherever, but I want to be able to enjoy the summer for what it is, without people hinting about the darkness arriving. September will be here before you know it, so best to try and enjoy the summer while it’s with us.
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  18. Categories 1 to 9 (inc.) are all Outright Categories and therefore, the Results of these Categories won't be known until the Final day of the Tournament. Category 10, will involve predicting Results of Individual Matches and predicting the top scoring Batsman of each Team involved in those Matches, in most Matches. Hopefully this will create a bit of interest, on a daily basis .Listed below, are the Betting Odds for the first 5 Matches plus Betting Odds for the top scoring Batsman, where applicable. Details of allocated "virtual" Stakes for Individual Match Results and Top scoring Batsman for the Teams involved are shown, at the end of the post. See below, for those Individual Match Odds: INDIVIDUAL MATCHES THURS.30th MAY MATCH 1): 4/9 ENGLAND v. SOUTH AFRICA 7/4 TOP ENGLAND BATSMAN TOP S. AFRICA BATSMAN J.BAIRSTOW 3/1 Q.DE KOCK 3/1 J.ROOT 3/1 H.AMLA 7/2 J.ROY 7/2 A.MARKRAM 4/1 J.VINCE 9/2 F.DU PLESSIS 7/2 E.MORGAN 5/1 H.VAN DER DUSSEN 5/1 J.BUTTLER 11/2 D.MILLER 11/2 8/1 BAR. 8/1 BAR. OTHERS ON REQUEST. OTHERS ON REQUEST. WIN ONLY. WIN ONLY. FRI.31st MAY MATCH 2): 8/11 PAKISTAN v. WEST INDIES 11/10 TOP PAKISTAN BATSMAN TOP WEST INDIES BATSMAN M.AZAM 11/4 C.GAYLE 11/4 I.UL-HAQ 3/1 S.HOPE 7/2 B.AZAM 3/1 E.LEWIS 4/1 F.ZAMAN 100/30 S.HETMYER 6/1 M.HAFEEZ 9/2 A.RUSSELL 7/1 S.MALIK 6/1 D.BRAVO 7/1 8/1 BAR. 8/1 BAR. OTHERS ON REQUEST. OTHERS ON REQUEST. WIN ONLY. WIN ONLY. SAT.1st JUNE MATCH 3: 4/11 NEW ZEALAND v. SRI LANKA 9/4 TOP NEW ZEALAND BATSMAN TOP SRI LANKA BATSMAN K.WILLIAMSON 3/1 K.MENDIS 7/2 M.GUPTILL 7/2 D.KARUNARATNE 4/1 L.TAYLOR 7/2 A.MATTHEWS 4/1 C.MUNRO 9/2 K.PERERA 9/2 H.NICHOLLS 9/2 A.FERNANDO 5/1 T.LATHAM 7/1 L.THIRIMANE 11/2 T.BLUNDELL 8/1 8/1 BAR. 8/1 BAR. OTHERS ON REQUEST. OTHERS ON REQUEST. WIN ONLY. WIN ONLY. MATCH 4): 6/1 AFGHANISTAN v. AUSTRALIA 11/10 NO ODDS FOR TOP BATSMAN. TOP AUSTRALIA BATSMAN A.FINCH 3/1 D.WARNER 3/1 U.KHAWAJA 100/30 S.SMITH 4/1 S.MARSH 7/1 G.MAXWELL 8/1 10/1 BAR. OTHERS ON REQUEST. WIN ONLY. SUN.2nd JUNE MATCH 5): 2/1 BANGLADESH v. SOUTH AFRICA 4/11 NO TOP BATSMAN ODDS AVAILABLE. MATCH 1): RESULT- England Top Batsman- S/Africa Top Batsman- MATCH 2): RESULT- Pakistan Top Batsman- W.Indies Top Batsman- MATCH 3): RESULT- New Zealand Top Batsman- Sri Lanka Top Batsman- MATCH 4): RESULT- Australia Top Batsman- No Odds available for Top Afghanistan Batsman. MATCH 5): RESULT- No Odds currently available for Top Bangladesh or Top South Africa Batsman. Allocated "virtual" Stakes for Individual Matches are as follows: MATCH RESULTS - £10. TOP BATSMAN - £5. Your predictions for all of the above 5 Matches MUST be posted on this thread, by 7 PM on WEDS.29th MAY. Regards, Tom.
  19. no thanks..too dark in the mornings here during the winter..doesn't rise until 9am
  20. The plastic straw thing is a farce. It’ll take 4 years to do that and then another 4 years to ban plastic lids or something.
  21. Nick Kyrgios is out of the French Open with illness
  22. Goodwood 13:55 Willie John 14:30 Flashcard York 14:00 14:35 15:05 Dramatic Queen 15:45 El Astronaute Haydock 14:15 Eden Rose 14:50 Oasis Prince 15:25 Calyx - Nap 16:00 Mabs Cross Curragh 15:35 Magna Grecia 16:10 Curragh: Irish 2000 Guineas 15:35 Magna Grecia & Mohawk Curragh: Irish 1000 Guineas I'll fill those in red as soon as odds are released
  23. Please, nobody's out there, who knows a link, or direction, a piece of trace.....???
  24. Watch Michael Fish's latest weekly weather forecast as he looks ahead to the long weekend, and through into next week. Watch the video here
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