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  2. Quoting myself, tsk... but slightly to my surprise it was warmer today, at 22.4 °C. I say "to my surprise" because the warmth felt a little moderated, and there were a few more wisps of high cloud than yesterday. Still an extremely pleasant day to be out and about, though. I'm pretty much in "summer mode" for the moment, so even the probable return to average-or-slightly-above April temperatures with showers later in the coming week may be a bit of a shock!
  3. 26°C was my max. 29% RH too. This is also a good place to be in the evenings during warm/hot weather, it cools off quickly. 17.6°C at the mo.
  4. Blue skies all the way today and far less hazy this afternoon. Didn't quite get to the magic 25°C, just 0.2°C off as the max. Currently 18.8°C.
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  6. Oh, the first indoor wasp of the year. Actually, I wheecht it out the window given the lack of pollinating insects around. It's funny how butterflies, bees and wasps are always desperate to escape but darned houseflies are always determined to remain!
  7. The Ecm 12z in the short-term is more of the same glorious very warm weather until and including next tuesday..midweek but especially thursday is when things start to return to normal..enjoy it while it lasts..it's a summery bonus in april.
  8. What a stunning day. Up to 24c here with clear blue skies. Got those legs tanning up today to match my face and arms Flip flop/ shorts weather for the rest of long weekend - perfect.
  9. HORSE ODDS TOO DARN HOT 5/2 (NON-RUNNER) Thanks for that information Callum. John Gosden didn't sound too hopeful about TOO DARN HOT's participation in the 2,000 Guineas, when interviewed on ITV4. I'll leave Persian King's Odds at 7/2 though and update the rest of the 2,000 Guineas Betting. I would normally apply a Rule 4 of 25p in the £ but I won't on this occasion. You see Bookmakers can be generous, especially when they're only paying out, "virtual" winnings!! 5. Rule 4 deductions of less than 15p in the £, will NOT be enforced. The table below details the official scale of deductions that apply when a runner is withdrawn. This could be on a horse-race, golfer in a group bet, etc. Rule 4 Deductions 3/10 or shorter=75p in the £ 2/5 to 1/3=70p in the £ 8/15 to 4/9=65p in the £ 4/5 to 4/6=55p in the £ 20/21 to 5/6=50p in the £ Evens to 6/5=45p in the £ 5/4 to 6/4=40p in the £ 13/8 to 7/4=35p in the £ 15/8 to 9/4=30p in the £ 5/2 to 3/1=25p in the £ 10/3 to 4/1=20p in the £ 9/2 to 11/2=15p in the £ 6/1 to 9/1=10p in the £ 10/1 to 14/1=5p in the £ Over 14/1=No Deductions. Regards, Tom.
  10. Can never understand them crayon looking ensembles Pete.... It looks like Jeremy corbyns lie detector test....
  11. Ecm brings a cooler more unsettled garbage midweek, temps look like recovering again by day 8/9, hopefully pressure rising from the south to.... Overall not to bad Mr mighty ECM!
  12. Clouded over a bit in the afternoon but after we sat out in the garden for lunch. Not sure how warm it actually got, but clad in bee suits, even after it clouded over, our first inspection of the hives this year was certainly a sweaty job. All 3 hives survived through the winter, even one we thought might not, but that one is still touch and go. Hopefully with a decent spell of weather it might take off again, a few larvae in there so must be a queen.
  13. Lovely day in Edinburgh, up to 22/23. I don't like the look of this low however. Could linger around us for a long time. Hopefully we see some change in the models, we could do with a bit of rain but not for days or potentially weeks
  14. End of the Op: The FV3: So, two entirely different solutions; and the op is most definitely on the cold end of the ensemble:
  15. I can't see it either, just saying what the mean is showing which knowing it's recent form with arctic outbreaks, has no chance of verifying since not 1 arctic blast shown on the models has become reality in the last 5 / 6 months.
  16. Slightly hazier skies today and has turned cloudier now in general but what another crackerjack of a day. Looks like more of the same tomorrow/mondaytuesday before a change
  17. @shuggee - orange tips? we had one this morning. Also small tortoiseshells, and saw a speckled wood by Nigg yesterday. Rain on and off since mid-afternoon which has killed the warmth. I blame Ms HC cos she watered the potatoes she was planting.
  18. I think posts that are skeptical but curious are fine as I was a climate change denier when I was younger. However in the case of a certain other person they have been posting the same inflammatory stuff on TWO for other 10 years. That kind of stuff led to the climate forum being banned on TWO and now they are doing the same things here. I'm a climate scientist yet we get accused of all kind of rubbish, some even bizarrely say we are just a bunch of money grabbers even though I finished my PhD thesis with just 56p in my bank account. Would you go up to a random plasterer and just say they are rubbish at their job? No. So why a climate scientist. We are researching the biggest issue to face the planet today yet just get given a hard time by people who refuse to accept the facts and have vested interests,
  19. Bit of a difference in the forecasts , ITV have the temperatures increasing and up to 27c on Monday and 26c on Tuesday before cooling down , The bbc forecast had today as the hottest and a slow cooling trend from now on .
  20. Another gorgeous day, my highest since 3 September last year at 25.5 C, a very sheltered back garden but 23C at the airport and I believe someone no far from me got just under 25C. Two more days perhaps of this-wonderful; although the garden desperately needs water, being provided by me at the moment!
  21. A cold and misty start with a ground frost gave way to a very warm, clear and sunny day throughout. It was the warmest day of the year so far and had the 3rd highest diurnal range of any day in nearly 40 years. Max Temp: 19.4C Min Temp: 1.6C Mean Wind: 11mph E Max Gust: 14mph Sunshine: 11.8hrs (so far) Rainfall: None Currently partly cloudy with a temp of 14.0C and 71% humidity.
  22. Thanks Callum, ^^^^^ that's brilliant, I'll enter those up. I'll keep an eye out for Non-Runners and let you know if I see any. Regards, Tom.
  23. Can't see it Karl... Absolutely know mention of any arctic plunges from some of the senior forecasters plus them that can't be named. All winter the GFS kept showing arctic plunges in fi, and we all no how that faired. I'm pretty sure that come July, the GFS models will still be showing cold plunges!! Come to think of it.. I think the GFS would still be showing arctic plunges if the arctic had become the Mediterranean!!
  24. Just got back, a high of 26.4°C at 14:40 w/ RH @ 31% making it the warmest day so far again. Currently 23.1°C
  25. The Gfs 12z operational arctic plunge MAY not be quite so funny because the GEFS 12z mean suggests there is a good probability of some form of arctic incursion at the end of april / start of may with heights to the NW and a scandi trough.
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