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  2. Should easily get over 8c by the 23rd at this rate, but could we see much of a drop in the last week I wonder?
  3. I very much doubt it’s gonna be very wet. It’s false hope anyways for people who want it to be wet. CFS models, which get slated but have recently been very accurate have mid to late May, June and July looking fantastic, August warm and wet, September warm and October relatively warm. A lot has changed since 2007 anyways. That was a once in a generational event. Heatwaves are far more likely than mass floods in the summer nowadays
  4. Its only got up to 17.8 midday today. Was cloudy this morningt, but sun is out now in force now. The humidity today has been around the 69% mark and the ESE beeze has picked up to 11mph keeping the temp down to 16c.
  5. The high res sat image at midday and the upper and medium cloud showing up on the Camborne sounding And potentially unstable from 3000-10,000 ft?
  6. Exactly, the current weather seems to be a carbon copy of this time last year. In fact, the CFS v2 summer forecast almost looks a carbon copy of last year, too! May and June in particular look very warm/hot and dry with July potentially pretty good, also. August perhaps not so good, but that’s a long way off anyway.
  7. I'm back! I had a great caravan holiday, last one until I go abroad for the first ever in my case, in October (Fuetreventura)! What luck we had with the weather this time round, with every day cloudless and at least ~20c! Last time we went on holiday, it was sunny in East Sussex, but Damp and miserable in Winchester, where we were located... How is everyone today? still recovering from the inevitable chocolate hangover? I still have quite a bit of chocolate to munch my way through, thank god for a fast metabolism & ADHD, eh? I find it nearly impossible to put on any sort of weight, especially when combined with my love of footy. My chocolate hangover will probably bite me tomorrow, when I start to eat healthily & get back into the school routine. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day, and enjoying the last of the guaranteed dry weather. Regards, Adam. (L.L.)
  8. Yes Karl things more unsettled for perhaps 10 days, before I think pressure rises and things become warmer and more settled. So perhaps rather than some saying... Make the most of the next 2 days, it should be, make the most of the next 10 day's rainfall, because we are staring down the barrel of a long dry spring and even drier long summer!! Another 4+ months of many fine and very warm spells me thinks
  9. A lot more cloud around today so sunny intervals rather than sunny. Warm though and noticeably more humid than previous days.
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  11. LASSIE23, has requested 4 x 25p Each Way Doubles. "SPRING CLASSIC" DOUBLE NEWMARKET, SAT.4th MAY. 2,000 GUINEAS: Selection 1. - MOHAATHER 8/1 Selection 2. - LINE OF DUTY 14/1 NEWMARKET, SUN.5th MAY 1,000 GUINEAS: Selection 1. - JUST WONDERFUL 8/1 Selection 2. - SKITTER SCATTER 10/1 Regards, Tom
  12. The Easter Monday record will probably go though, BBC/Met Office says 24.0 deg C, at Solent MRSC in 2011. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47996418 Incidentally, yesterday the BBC News website incorrectly reported here the hottest ever Easter Sunday as 25.3 at St. James's Park - it was in fact Solent MRSC again, the 25.3 is correct, as in the above link reported the day before, which they got right. I sent in a correction, but have no idea if they will even read it.
  13. Contrary to forecasts earlier in the holiday, today is the coolest of the bunch, with haze and broken cloud, best temperature has reached..21.9°C at: 12:19
  14. Looking at the extended GEFS 6z mean there are hints of improvement near the end, running through the perturbations there is some support for high pressure but before that it currently looks like a prolonged changeable / unsettled and compared to the current heat, much cooler outlook probably dominated by sunshine and heavy showers with occasionally more persistent rain and breezy / windy periods.
  15. An 'interesting' end to the FV3: And, as for the Ensemble? For a moment there, I thought I was looking at post-Brexit growth-predictions!
  16. At the moment, we have the same 7 entrants that entered the Aintree, Grand National Competition: ANTONYBR7, BRISTLE BOY, JENNYJANE, KIRKCALDY WEATHER, LASSIE23, SUMMER SUN and TOMSE12. Any Members still wishing to enter the Competition have until 3 PM. to do so. Just follow how other entrants have entered, further back up the thread. For the last time, here is the Racing Post link to the Runners in the Irish Grand National: https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/182/fairyhouse/2019-04-22/725584 Choose 3 Horses and **NAP** the Horse most likely, in your opinion, to win the Irish Grand National. Please Copy/Paste your 3 selections into the boxes, provided below: Category 1. 5.00 FAIRYHOUSE (Irish Grand National) SELECTION 1: SELECTION 2: SELECTION 3: Listed below, are each entrant's **NAP**, selection: ANTONYBR7: PAIROFBROWNEYES BRISTLE BOY: ANY SECOND NOW JENNYJANE: GENERAL PRINCIPLE KIRKCALDY WEATHER: FOREVER GOLD LASSIE23: JURY DUTY SUMMER SUN: BURROWS SAINT TOMSE12: SNUGSBOROUGH BENNY Seven different NAPs then, just to show how open this Race is!! I will "virtually" pay-out n the first 6 paces.1/4 Odds a place. 1st, 2nd. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. The quickest Website for finding out a finishing order, in a Race, is the following: http://www.irishracing.com/raceresults Just a quick recap.,on some of the Format for the Competition: 1. You will be placed a "virtual" £1 each way, on each selection, at the horses, returned starting price. Your stakes will be returned, in your "virtual" winnings. E.g A 10/1 winner will give you a profit of £14.50, £11 for the win and £3.50, for the place part. A 20/1 winner, will give you a "virtua l" win of £27, £21 for the win and £6, for the place part. A 16/1, placed horse, will give you £5, etc, etc. 2. Losing stakes will NOT be deducted, from your total. Your "virtual" profit, will accumulate, throughout the days, of the Competition. 4. Any dead-heat occurring, will NOT, result in your stakes, being split!! 5. Rule 4 deductions of less than 15p in the £, will NOT be enforced. 7. Your winning "NAP", will have it's SP enhanced by 1 pt. E.G,S.P. Evens, will become 2/1,  6/4 >10/4 (5/2), 9/4 > 13/4, 5/2 > 7/2, 11/4 > 15/4 and so on. The very best of luck to each Entrant. Regards, Tom. .
  17. GFS continues to look rather unsettled and right out to the end of the run from mid week with a deep upper trough arriving from western UK, SE and London should cling on to some warmth and dryness but all areas should become under the influence of the trough by weekend. Need to make the most of the next 2 days.
  18. Another ground frost this morning with a min of 1.5C and fog patches. Now clear and sunny and up to 16.4C.
  19. The 6z operational tried to become wintry across the north, well, as wintry as it's possible to get in early may..fighting a losing battle.
  20. If this materialises, many peeps could see more thunder-days, in a five-day period, than in the whole of last summer? Though, having said that, ONE is hardly a tough total to beat!
  21. Another 0.3 increase for today seems likely, and tomorrow still looking warm in the CET zone.
  22. Mostly sunny although there’s some high level cloud and it’s a little hazy. Temp 21.8°C RH 38%
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