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  2. The only thing left that could make this winter even worse is if a proper Bartlett high sets up in February, hopefully it won't come to that. Still plenty of time left this winter as I tend to include March as a winter month, because you tend to see colder weather in March than December on average.
  3. Yeah absolutely. Can't believe we are STILL in this wretched boring pattern if you are looking for cold and snow. Coming up 8 weeks now and no sign of any major change and not much chance of a bitterly cold outbreak this winter, unless we see a dramatic change in the NH. Definitely heading towards worst winter in my lifetime, can't even see any glimmer of hope.
  4. Yes there was a cold snowy spell around this time 2 years ago.. and to a lesser extent this time last year. Still a slight chance early next week could deliver some lowland snow to scotland.
  5. Might we (higher ground in NW) see our first taste of winter so far next week? Looking cold and showery from Sunday night through the week. High probability of snow showing around the 28th on 18z.
  6. Dry and chilly with mist developing in the past hour or so Temp 3.6c
  7. it's all a plot to deprive us of our rightful share or zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Fkn americans stealing our slightly lower temps. string em up. <bedtime> No. 80llox. They're fkn colder than us. Fk em. Wot??? In Florida? W T F ???? is going on?
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  9. Interesting/depressing of how winter is going that Aboyne reached 15c and many places managed 12/13c. Orlando, Florida has only made it as high as 12c by 7pm their time...
  10. <yawns> aome sefkjwef dkjnd kdrgoo s41t I fell asleep looking out the window at endless grey krapness again <YAWN>
  11. The mornings runs can only be BOOOOOOOM charts then. Think positive normally when the pub run is good the mornings are crap. So you never no.
  12. One of tomorrow's papers says Ole is on the brink. I can't think of a manger that would take the job at present. Poch certainly can't because of the pay off clause.
  13. 18z ensembles suite for South Yorkshire make of it what you will
  14. 18z is HORRIFIC.... It's like an eternity in hell with a conveyor belt of azores high rubbish PV refusing to budge. In a nutshell, truly awful as if you were stuck in a nightmare where there's no way out..... Mother in law stays for the weekend and then stays a week..... Only FAR WORSE.....
  15. Im relying on the much talked about ssw, so im going to say, 1st march, do I have to give the year as well
  16. Additionally, our findings suggest that snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir for the 2019‐nCoV based on its RSCU bias resembling snake compared to other animals. Taken together, our results suggest that homologous recombination within the spike glycoprotein may contribute to cross‐species transmission from snake to humans. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jmv.25682
  17. I see after a few good GFS suites,the strat event is slowly fizzling out into another minor displacement one albeit this time into a more favourable position.
  18. Not only that, but snowy weather at the darkest period of the year adds to it; waking up when it's still dark, with that 'glow' from the fallen snow. It's not quite the same in late February/ early March when it's a lot lighter.
  19. I guess beggars can't be choosers, but anything in March I find just melts away too quickly. I love snowy weather in December & January, where the snow freezes over, giving that crunch when you walk on it (a weird way to describe it but you know what I mean). I remember the mid-March 2013 spell - whilst we had an amazing fall, the 6-8" that fell on unplowed, unsalted roads/paths etc. was nearly gone by the next day. We had a similar fall in Jan 2013 and whilst air temperatures were largely the same, it stayed around for at least a week before milder air broke through. The Beast from the East event in 2018 brought about 8" of snow to York, and even though the air was bitterly cold, the drip drip drip of snow on rooftops was evident and, again, unsalted roads were melting fast.
  20. Anyone got a bucket? CFS I know, but even the Cold Forecasting System isn't showing any luck for winter weather (although that may be a blessing). That chart looks like February has done a trade deal with early December! A week later - another super high anyone?: All eyes on the 18Z GFS... Edit: Don't look at the 18Z GFS.
  21. A dull and murky day with early fog clearing to patchy drizzle and temperatures close to average. Maximum 7.9, minimum 2.2. Wind light E.
  22. Yes, the 2013 SSW occurred in early January and did actually have a rapid effect, leading to a fairly prolonged cold spell through mid January. However, the cold relented by the end of the month and was 'on and off' through February, but come March, strong northern blocking really did set in with a vengeance! April, May and June were all colder than average but a major flip took place at the beginning of July, which turned out to be a hot month, marking the end of a long run of below average months and the colder 2007-2013 period! We haven't really had a sustained cold period since.
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