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  2. Ha. I posted this so the following day it does just that although it only just about managed it. Still looks like I won't reach 25°C this month though,
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  4. You are absolutely spot on - it’s been really bad so far this year. Whatever the possibility of storms something knocks ‘em dead before they’ve even begun. I wouldn’t mind if every day we weren’t being told the weather is going to get more wild as years go by. If this is the kind of wild they were talking about - wildly dry and lacking in any interesting characteristics - then I’ll just stop following the weather at all. I’m already worried we won’t get even one decent event this year in this area. Is there a reason for the decline in storms...? who knows, but it’s hard to deny that the ‘supposedly’ warm south of England (right next to the continental landmass of Europe) is one of the last places in our hemisphere that one can expect to see even the most distant of storms (except for perhaps maybe Greenland?).
  5. Yeah, but the general trend was for colder winters, but I take your point.
  6. The one decent storm I did see last year on 21st April. The first time I used my new lightning detector which I've hardly used since. Did get another light show almost a year ago on 26th May too but haven't seen anything since.
  7. Dry and warm with long sunny spells. Maximum 21.1, minimum 8.6. Wind light N.
  8. A beautiful warm day, mostly sunny pretty much all day although a bit more cloud bubbled up in the afternoon. A high of 23.3°C @ 15:57. Currently 12.6°C
  9. Skipped 3 years will go back to them again. Now this is class dance.
  10. Average high in Denver is 24c at this time of year. Today, they had a covering of snow with a max of 2c. I'll be there on Monday for storm chasing and it'll be back in the 20s...

  11. A slight rise forecast followed by a flatline to end the month is how I see things, and with any downward adjustment, the balance it probably tilted towards ending up ever so slightly below average.
  12. 2011-2012 bucked the trend in the main, with a mild autumn and mild Dec and January followed by a 2 week cold spell. I always keep an eye on how the jetstream behaves in the lead up to the solstice, a southerly tracking jet never a good signal for the rest of the summer.
  13. Extensive flooding on Tony Laubach stream - Sterling Kansas
  14. Just varying sorts of dull wetness for me in Moray and Aberdeenshire. Not really cold though so barely raising complaints among the locals. And a nice sunny evening before the skies are promised to open again tomorrow.
  15. It's not that sensationalist to be fair. Look at the fires we had last Summer & this is the UK not California or Spain. We had to close the windows here a few miles away as the smoke stunk & had to use my inhaler more than usual. It's actually a good job the fires were mostly higher than where homes are built. But I'm concerned that if we do get another dry hot Summer the fires on the moors could be even worse than last year & move further down slope to effect Saddleworth homes where some of my family live. People need to be heavily find if caught taking bbq's on the moors too. There's no real deterant at the moment.
  16. Is anybody else just absolutely praying for a hot and humid summer? I enjoyed last summer, but id much prefer a "three fine days and a thunderstorm" sort of summer, with plumes' a plenty!
  17. I missed the storm but got home in time for a few wee rainbows:
  18. My post is about the Ecm, not the Gfs, incidentally the GEFS 12z mean looks increasingly settled and warmer the further ahead it goes into the start of summer...I'm looking for the positives!!
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