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  2. Looking at various timeframes from the GEFS 6z mean indicates a predominantly pleasant outlook beyond tomorrow, sure a few bumps in the road along the way but decent enough for the time of year.
  3. "Metaldehyde slug pellets banned. An announcement from DEFRA has banned metaldehyde slug pellets from Spring 2020. They say "metaldehyde poses an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals." The ban will also stop farmers from creating wide spread pollution of rivers and freshwaters with these toxic pellets." The above is very good news I think. I've never used them in my garden or at the allotment as we have frogs, toads, hedgehogs, birds etc to try to care for. Sadly though, wildlife numbers have fallen greatly of late.
  4. We can't complain really can we Pete! Look at the fine warm weather we have already had since Feb! Perhaps the luck is with us again this coming summer. Fingers crossed for May 6th guys.
  5. Golf postponed until next Friday so we can now expect a sunny afternoon in Edinburgh Edit. Early rain here has now cleared to sunshine though there are showers/rain expected later this afternoon.
  6. Will I ever see any proper rain!? Garden is desperate for some rain, it is bone dry! never had these issues living on Mendip everything just fizzles out.
  7. Not a bad 6z at all post storm hannah, plenty of fine pleasantly warm weather but still a risk of showers in places although a stronger fine and anticyclonic spell later next week which continues throughout the weekend into early the following week. This is followed by an unsettled blip before high pressure ridges in again.
  8. A dry morning with sunny spells and mild again. Now clouding over as light rain approaches from west Max temp so far 13.3C, now 12.6C, Barometer 1006mb falling, Wind F3 SSW, Rainfall nil
  9. By shifting what time I commute to work (earlier) I can now drive a more direct route to work as less traffic saving me 15miles a day!! plus switching to working one day a week at home saves me just over 6000 miles per year. I get less stress from one less commute and less traffic plus reducing my co2 by nearly 2 tons a year!! That's a win win!!
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  11. Depends on how you want to define below average. Anything below, or at least 0.5C below? Using any negative anomaly, we have a 15 month run from April 2006 to June 2007 Using more than 0.5C below average, we get a 28 months from November 2003 to February 2006
  12. apart from living as 'green' as we can, (recycling, solar pannels , fitted extra insulation etc) we also have a wildlife garden where we have boxes for bees birds and bats. we dont use chemicals, especially slug pellets - they should be totally outlawed. they arent 'slug' pellets anyway, they are 'kill anything that ingests us - directly or indirectly - pellets. gardens can make a great difference in helping stop the slide of most of our wildlife species, and in so doing help in a small way to lessen the effects of global warming. this is something we can all do, plant wildlife 'valuable' plants instead of gaudy bedding plants, grow hedges instead of fences or at least grow climbers over the fences. plant trees and shrubs and dig out ponds.
  13. 6z warms up next week, plenty of ridging, still some showers breaking out but a lot of fine pleasant weather and high pressure stronger later next week..could be worse!
  14. George Russell's Williams has been damaged by a lose drain cover on the streets of Baku with the session red flagged as all 320 drains are checked Then to make matters worse the recovery truck crane hit a bridge on the way back resulting in liquids pouring onto the car
  15. If it was a little deeper and a little slower moving I would be looking closely at this for storm surges. Here I am thinking about the Bristol channel and later down the British channel onto the continent. Storm surge models currently don't show too much to worry about though.
  16. Already having to water the allotment, really wish we could have a deluge or two. Also wary of planting out pot-bound seedlings as can't rule out a light frost yet. Currently deciding whether to rearrange the coffee morning which is outside but under a marquee tomorrow at 11.30am...sensible or overkill?
  17. Next weekend looking okay -- so long as that HP stays put: PS: We had just enough rain to wet the pavements, yesterday...
  18. 9.5c to the 25th 1.8 above the 61 to 90 average 1.3 above the 81 to 10 average _______________________________ Current high this month 9.5c to the 25th Current low this month 5.9c to the 4th
  19. Having figured out where the charts come from i thought the progression would be cool to illustrate (ignored Jan since it was very similar to February).. Essentially what this shows is that after struggling a bit at the surface late last year it got a second wind because of a large underlying warm pool around the dateline which is surfacing about now. What it also shows however is that the Nino event may be bowing out in the next few months, there is now no major feed for it and a larger expanse of cool anomolies which will themselves try make the surface as time goes on. My analogue pack earlier in thread did suggest that 75% of events at our strength in March end the year negative, that may come to fruition.
  20. Also can confirm it hammered it down here too. Sick of the rain already I can just about put up with it in December and January but not now. I think in Wigan we’ll have a close to average month for rainfall. Hammered it down at the start and ends of the month.
  21. Light rain has fallen here. Not enough to measure. Wind is making it a cooler .
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