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  2. Looks like it will be June at this rate. One year ago this weekend we had those severe nighttime storms over London and the south.
  3. Best year overall was 2010 for classic winters. Both ends of that year were cold. The summer wasn’t great though, but it was possibly the best of the poor ones between 2007-12, and the June was very sunny and warm. August was dreadful though. Worst year would be 2015. Boring year weather wise and crap summer.
  4. Lol, well I’m enjoying this period of the year now. Always feel good from now until early September.
  5. Thank you Jeff for the information. I wonder what affect, if any will on this year's summer.
  6. agreed, the lakes are well down to their high summer levels already. Trouble is we like the nice weather and it's not like we can do much about it, same as we can't stop it raining when it starts raining again!
  7. I seem to remember 65 is the lowest value possible?
  8. Some usable rain at long last! 🙂

  9. I believe it’s change over day for the NWx tours so here’s a thread for today. We arrived last night and are about to depart DFW area for the OK Panhandle for today’s play as storms fire off the DL. Blending HRRR and RAP I’m thinking a discrete cell may get going around Liberal, KS from 22Z but it’s a 390mile hike so we’re going to get motoring.
  10. Looks like next weekend will be a decent time for storm chasers in the UK then. They could be seeing their first proper storm outbreak this year.
  11. Global Glacier Mass Loss During the GRACE Satellite Mission (2002-2016) https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/feart.2019.00096/full
  12. Yes indeed. Just forecasting isolated showers now for tommorow. Beginning to wonder if we will ever see any meaningful rain here in the capital.
  13. Today
  14. This video captures perfectly the frustrating nature of that storm system. Amazing watching it approach - frequent lightning - but I remember the rain was so intense around our area that night, and the lightning frequency seemed to drop significantly once the storm got close. IIRC it never really seemed to go overhead, rather it formed an active band over East Sussex and travelled NW into London. A fantastic video nonetheless, expecially enjoyed the start - fantastic watching the huge flashes approaching over the sea - but I remember being really disappointed with how that worked out for the central south, and the rain made any photography almost impossible. Sadly one of the only big events we got last year... here’s hoping this summer can redress the balance?
  15. Good persisting signs of "summer warmth from south" don't want to jinx it by using the plume word just yet.
  16. Maybe not standpipes (though I seriously think a hosepipe ban is likely), but the following would suggest that things are bad here in East Anglia: https://www.fwi.co.uk/arable/crop-management/irrigation/drought-measures-increasingly-likely-farmers-warned
  17. Most western nations seem to experience that disconnect to one degree or another, but I do think the UK is one of the worst for people losing connection with nature and farming.
  18. Coming along nicely ... June as it stands looks primed to be a decent month, perhaps some unsettled spells but in the main, dry and warm.
  19. Best/Worst: Jan: 2010, 2011 Feb: 2018, 2014 March: 2018, 2010 April: 2011, 2012 May: 2018, 2013 June: 2014, 2016 July: 2018, 2012 August: 2013. 2010 September: 2016, 2017 October: 2018, 2012 November: 2015, 2012 December: 2010 (closely followed by 2015), 2012
  20. Friday 31 June - Sunday 9 June Cool in the north and still rather mixed for many on Friday, with cloud and rather humid conditions in central and southern areas will continuing to push northwards, accompanied by occasional rain and drizzle. Into the weekend, pressure is expected to build to the south or southeast of the UK, with any rain then becoming confined to northwestern areas and more in the way of dry weather establishing itself. For many parts into the following week, we should then see a fair amount of dry weather with some sunshine and the potential for temperatures to trend upwards, with increasingly warm conditions likely at times. However, during early June, there are also signals for occasional bouts of more unsettled weather, perhaps in the form of heavy thundery showers. Monday 10 June - Monday 24 June Whilst confidence is low throughout this period, the most probable trend for the middle two weeks of June is for a relatively settled weather picture across the UK. Whilst this may bring spells of dry and often sunny weather, warmer day time temperatures may occasionally trigger heavy, possibly thundery showers. However there still remains a risk of areas of low pressure bringing longer spells of rain across the UK at times, perhaps with some stronger winds. Temperatures will be near normal or warm overall for the time of year. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  21. What a difference a year makes. This time last year we watching developments over France. My video and cheap plug for my YouTube channel @Flash bang flash bang etc, that promise is providing I can get a pass from work. If so, the more the merrier ✈🌩. Will be last minute of course. Europe lacks the up to 8 day ahead storm forecasts that the USA get courtesy of NWS, sadly.
  22. I think there's a disconnect between crops struggling to grow in fields and all those goods that magically come out of thin air, down at the local Tesco? But, hey, so long as we can keep washing the Saharan dust from our shiny, black 4x4s, everything'll be okay...
  23. After a wet start most of the heavy stuff has cleared some sprinkles through the afternoon probably fairly breezy tho and a lot cooler compared to Friday
  24. From recent viewing I think the Alps have had well over average snowfall this May, Someone good with links can confirm this, but feel spring arrived very late in the Alps this year. Esp on the higher slopes even the Edlewissespitze cam I normally view its only really just been cleared this year for the summer.
  25. People ignore it when i'm realistic, so I might as well try hyperbole!
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