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  2. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the Ecm 00z ensemble mean has taken a turn for the more unsettled and cooler longer term with the trough more dominant for longer and the azores high / ridge not involved like it was on the previous run.
  3. Bonkers weather in North America. Most Alaskan snow has melted but it's currently snowing in 11 western states, with up to 20 inches predicted for Wyoming and 18 inches for Colorado. Meanwhile, in Houston, it's 26C in the middle of the night! http://weatherstreet.com/states/u-s-snowfall-forecast.htm https://climatereanalyzer.org/wx/DailySummary/#seaice-snowc-topo https://oilcity.news/associated-press/2019/05/20/spring-storm-expected-to-dump-snow-in-colorado-wyoming/ Warmth around Alaska and NW Canada is showing up as early ice melt along the Arctic coast although there is some thick ice further along the Northwest passage. The Northeast Passage along northern Russia looks like it might open a bit earlier this year. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icethickness/thk.uk.php
  4. Thoughts beginning to turn to half term work weather. The 2 Tuesdays in the Easter holidays were wet, this is the 5th sunny/fine Tuesday of the current school term, next Tuesday (the first work day of the week) is shaping up to be showery!!!
  5. True, it certainly seems very negative. It isn't the worst chart in the world after all. It would certainly be very cool for the time of year though.
  6. What I don't understand is why he said No words needed, this is the model output discussion isn't it?..you can't just post charts with no explanation of what it shows because some on here are trying to learn and how are they going to learn if someone just posts a few charts and says no words needed!!
  7. #ANdrea near to Bermuda but forecast to weaken as it passes to the south. Subtropical https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9102-tropical-cyclones---plain-sub-post-or-extra-a-guide-to-low-pressure-naming-with-ernesto
  8. This would be extraordinarily bad luck if it came off, the UK ends up with colder air than Svalbard! As someone alluded to earlier, the arctic seems to be much warmer than usual with very little deep cold left. Yet still the green snot seems like it might make it our shores.
  9. Just want to post up details of a package of Races I've selected for the coming Weekend, IRISH GUINEAS Weekend. IRISH GUINEAS WEEKEND RACING SAT.25th MAY GOODWOOD 1.55): 1 Mile 2 Furlongs (LISTED) 2.30): 7 Furlongs Handicap. YORK 2.00): 7 Furlongs Handicap. 2.35): 1 Mile 4 Furlongs Handicap. 3.05): 1Mile 6 Furlongs Fillies (GROUP 3) 3.45): 5 Furlongs Handicap. HAYDOCK 2.15): 2 Miles Handicap. 2.50): 1 Mile Handicap. 3.25): 6 Furlongs 3 Year Olds (GROUP 2) 4.00): 5 Furlongs (GROUP 2) CURRAGH 3.35): 6 Furlongs (GROUP 2) 4.10): 1 Mile IRISH 2,000 GUINEAS (GROUP 1) SUN.26th MAY CURRAGH 3.50): 1 Mile 2 and a half Furlongs Gold Cup (GROUP 1) 4.25): 1 Mile IRISH 1,000 GUINEAS (GROUP 1). I will post up the Racing Post link to the Final Declarations and Selection Chart for the above Races, on Fri.24th May. Regards, Tom.
  10. A dry, clear and breezy night. Mainly sunny so far this morning but with Cu gradually building in the last hour. At 0800 g.m.t Temp; 11.5c 24 hr max; 17.8c 24 hr min; 6.6c Grass min; 3.5c Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 0.0 mm Mean wind speed; 20 mph NW 2 oktas Cu humilis and Ci Vis; over 80 km.
  11. One thing we do need this summer is rain....and a lot of it!
  12. AccuWeather's summer forecast. Given their accuracy in recent years it's going to be a washout isn't it...
  13. Seems like not too bad of a week settled weather-wise for Southern UK in general (apart from a few odd showers at times), and feeling reasonable in the sunny spells. Probably not as disturbed as I previously thought a few days ago. And good weather for the Boov’s from Home to have an outdoor disco party! Though as you say, with what the charts show, generally more changeable over Northern and North-Eastern areas of the U.K with more in the way of lower pressure. Though I guess even these areas could see some brighter weather at times.
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  15. It’s been chilly. The early part of May was fairly cold. Daytime temps struggling to reach 16c in early May is cold for the London and southern regions.
  16. Was going to send this reply to Roger's post, yes it certainly possible with plumes if the trough hangs to the West, but usually the breakdown happens too quickly to sustain it but anyway to be honest i was referring more to the 'Atlantic' part of Lettucing Gutted's post rather than the just the 'wet' part, i doubt you could have an Atlantic dominated June that is even well above average, let alone a record breaking one, that said though i know lettucing gutted wasn't being serious anyway.
  17. The 3 500 mb anomaly charts all show troughing as the main feature now http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/610day/500mb.php
  18. 1987, 2007 were similar, and 1984. All years had warm Aprils, followed by cool Mays. 84 was a hot summer, 07 and 87 were poor.
  19. Fewer showers for most today and tomorrow. But by the end of the week, and particularly into the bank holiday weekend, less settled weather will be trying to take hold. Read the full update here
  20. Hello Clive. Thanks for your reply. I did not realise that Dos had moved to take over at H & W. I thought he was leaving because of his expanding business interests. I will be able to catch up with him on my visit to H & W. On the plus side at least you do have a reliable income source with renting out your pitch. Kind Regards Dave
  21. GFS also shows it gradually turning more unsettled as we end May and move into June with some rain for all parts northern Scotland could see close to 100mm in some parts
  22. Patiently waiting for the rain, it seems ages since it last rained. Sunny morning with partly cloudy sky. Temperature 13.6°C. It's the start of the hay-fever and the hives rash season for me which makes sleeping difficult.
  23. Daily Sun spot activity: 20th May 2019 Sunspot number: 0 Current Stretch: 2 day 2019 total: 76 days (54%) The Radio Sun 10.7 cm flux: 69 sfu
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