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  2. Weather-history

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Eyes don't lie? Never heard of an optical illusion? Wasn't miles outside leg stump, it was one of those very close ones that was unfortunate for Stokes.
  3. weatherguru14

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    You can question Stokes dismissal,, But abbas action what ridiculous from side on. clearly bending of the elbow.
  4. Picture of a rather large scone from the Tullybannocher cafe to the West of Comrie this morning. Nice to be able to sit out in the sun in comfort.
  5. Yet another pathetic England batting collapse..test team is a joke!
  6. Just had a short spell of 'thundery' rain...No thunder though.
  7. Lift off, I was close, Marlow/high Wycombe
  8. ajpoolshark

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    180/9......dear oh dear
  9. looks like a couple of sharp showers have just fired over NW London
  10. ajpoolshark

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    make that 180/8....shockingly poor....absolutely no backbone to this batting order against good bowlers
  11. Beautiful few days, and is set to continue. Cracker May, funny watching theSouth Englanders in the model thread bickering as usual. (Maybe they aren't getting the best of it this time around lol)
  12. Reasonably humid in London at the moment with some signs of instability
  13. Ignore the symbols and blah blah that they churn out or should I say the computer does. I absolutely loved the met Office way or explaining storm risk areas. Imagine boiling a pan of water. We know the water will boil, but where do the first bubbles form. Such a great way of explaining storm risk areas. To be honest I think a lot of people will be pretty surprised with the weekend weather I don't think it's going to be as stormy for us as first thought. Infact the trend as I mentioned earlier is for the south west to take most of the storms if any fire within the messy convection which looks forcast. Today is a prime example of why it's so hard to forcast thunderstorms, we were due some today but because of crud from last night's stuff over France and us it's limited the heating available. The best chance looks today for somewhere maybe around Aylesbury??
  14. ajpoolshark

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    and Buttler out cheaply as I expected, he is not a test batsman.....england on a pretty flat pitch in all sorts of trouble 168/7
  15. ajpoolshark

    Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    DRS is utterly broken....Stokes just given out LBW on review to a ball blatantly pitching miles outside leg stump yet DRS has it pitching in line.....the eyes don't lie IMO, the technology is still flawed
  16. Quite dark to the SE towards Suffolk, odd spits and spots or rain here. Temp has dropped quite a bit!
  17. Summer Sun

    Premier League Discussion

    Mauricio Pochettino signs new contract at Spurs until 2023
  18. I always the political threads were the place for pointless point scoring....seems I was mistaken............. Modelling both hi-res and medium res infers a summery outlook with potential for both unusually high temperatures in favoured spots as well as the potential for both home-grown surface based and imported elevated thunderstorms especially for southern districts....The concern re. the latter is decaying storms can morph into rather more mundane dynamic rainfall....time will tell
  19. The Meto forecast for the weekend just issued on Twitter is massively better than the models are currently indicating. 'Loads of sun' and 'Only a few Thunderstorms' with mid-high twenties widespread over all three days.....
  20. Ice Man 85

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    Because the registry and thus drivers/programs can get messed up in the migration. A clean install is always the best way to go if you want to avoid such issues. Work for pc world? I'm insulted. If I worked for pc world, I'd be trying to play AAA games in 4k on an intel HD.
  21. Oh Mammy Daddy! It's awfy hoat up here! 23.6c is just a tad too hot for me, but I am not complaining! Weather looks set to hold even for Orkney well into next week, although the temps won't be as hot as here. Dry would do me fine! So, who's got sunburn then?
  22. Good spells of sunshine now after a cloudy start Temp 14.9c
  23. Can't complain with this weather again :). not so great tomorrow though
  24. The very latest fax chart for tomorrows still shows another pulse of cloud and associated precipitation to make some progress northwards. Looks like a very slow process and may fail to make much further North than shown on this chart. When you get a predominately horizonal Easterly wind sheer without much opposing vertical sheer close to the frontal boundary ( as in this case ) progress can be slowed and even retarded. See what this evening fax and model outputs indicate. Certainly been a great sunny week in much of North West England so far. C
  25. Today
  26. Do hope the Lincs gets some good ones from Sunday, would be perfect timing for me coming home lol : P
  27. Such a stark difference between forecasts. BBC showing a lot of precipitation while Netweather is going virtually bone dry.
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