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  2. Stay chilly. I'm still fighting the newly suggested prognosis for us. I might win!
  3. 1 foot 😳, surely that can’t be right
  4. wonderful pics @Landylouand @scottish skier weirdly in Luncarty here 4miles outside Perth we did not do aswell as nearby surrounding areas in 2013 had a friend 10 miles away snowed in for 2 days
  5. Right, into the valley of death I go........aka the MOD!
  6. ICON has blizzard like conditions for southern parts should the snow push north. Wind gusts 50-60mph no doubt higher over exposed locations. Now at the same timeframe the snow is only affecting southern coastal counties but I do not expect ICON at that range to have much of a handle on convective snow showers streaming in from the east.
  7. The UKMO fax charts yesterdays 12z 96hrs todays 0z 84hrs and todays 12z 72hrs all for this tuesday and the high over scandinavia is being upgraded every chart and so is the bank of sub 510 dam air spreading through europe
  8. Someone in Whitby just told me he doesn't think it'll snow. The air is too salty.. He's in for a shock... (or is he right in some sense?)
  9. Another one of those really similar crayon maps. In all PM streams they were false here (a dusting!!. In fact, one thing these maps can't predict are beautiful little streamers. Just two of them gave low lying Derry the first lying snow day of the year just two weeks ago, and I'm thinking there will be plenty of those crossing that Irish Sea for everybody in those cold uppers.
  10. That’s true they must be feeling kind tonight
  11. Well that would be totally pointless. Nobody and I mean nobody knows how these streamers and disturbances will pan out. This is not a usual situation at all, but if it was, I’d be focusing on the Met Office and not Metcheck!
  12. Once the beast arrives tomorrow night, there will be surprises in store including the SE, so there is no need to feel sorry for the SE
  13. For me the vortex is done for the season - it will regain a bit of shape post reversal, but none of its bite. Overall impact will be a lot more cold air around, and little in the way of a dominant westerly pattern. Cold March looks odds on. WB -NAO is the danger as we head through the start of March. This was always the case with the pattern in place. The canadian vortex has been so heavily hammered that we have ended up with TOO GOOD a pattern - the signal for retrogression that we so desperately seek at other times, may just move too fast to keep our block in place until we see more cold air arrive from the N/NE. We will see. Hopefully not.
  14. Least it’s a lick in the teeth much softer donna ... step away from the apps lol
  15. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Have to say I have never seen so many snow symbols on the Meto app as are showing for next week. Let's hope the weather agrees with the models!
  16. Yeah I'm not saying models will backtrack but I will trust the models far more once the cold pool is in place and already in the starting data of the models.
  17. Oh we have certainly done well this so winter. Certainly not denying that. 2010 was special and will be hard to beat.
  18. What's the best scenario for us vis-à-vis the low towards the end of the week? All the talk in the MO thread is of possible blizzards in the South... from our perspective, what would be the best outcome there? Will it still result in heavy convection here even if we don't get the winds they get down there?
  19. 18z ICON has deepened the low slightly over western France from 990mb to 985mb The -8 850's are marginally further south it gets down to about south Wales as opposed to north Wales
  20. I think the models are pushing the cold away too quickly. Also we still have the effects of another saw which I think may be messing with the models. If the snow is gone by Friday I will be happy. I am starting a build of a house on Monday and cannot do foundations in the temps we are predicted this week
  21. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Wow!!! In Pembroke we only had approx 7" at most I remember feeling 'most put out' as we watched the welsh news of everyone else's snow... lol... Everything was frozen solid though for weeks!
  22. Interesting so we have had a bad day of wobbles here but we have been here before. And mark my words now that they are no longer the uk forecaster for the beeb. I believe the met will be strongee with there foeecasts now. The restraint is off and it is solidly showung snow throughout there whole day on friday travel disruption. The super computers know what we dont
  23. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 19/01/2018 Onwards

    Even that isn't exactly snowless either, it's got to be at least a dusting, which isn't overly exciting I know but would still be preferable to nothing at all. Who knows though yet and something much more impressive isn't exactly off the table I'd imagine.
  24. OK, let's see. If anything their output mostly resembles ECM. So here is a challenge, you check your precipitation today and then make comparisons with what you actually got in a few days time.
  25. don't think I need to team up . . . . i can see the glow from here
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