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  2. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Lovely wee shower outside of Omagh here, weans getting excited lol
  3. Think there are some showers aligning towards you in the Irish Sea- they will be rain near the coast but you might do okay.
  4. Looking at this chart, we could be in for a nerve wracking few days of model watching, yes it will turn colder, but how things occur upstream could mean the difference between a cool and dry toppler or maybe a much more pronounced spell of cold weather with the potential for a significant snow event. We need that Atlantic ridge/arctic high link up to hold for as long as possible as this will draw the cold air down from the Siberian segment of the polar vorte via Svarlbard. The longer this holds, the colder the 850s and double the deeper the trough moving into Europe which enhances instability so heavier showers and the risk of pronlonged spells of rain/snow as secondary feautures move down the western flank of the trough from the Arctic. It is all about how that trough interacts upstream, the GFS is trying this time to cut low pressure off in the Atlantic which isn't great but the ridge holds on, this is similar to the ECM though that model tends to sheer the trough instead of sinking/cutting it off. The UKMO however finds a secondary low which runs over the ridge unlike the other models. The ideal situation would be for this to disrupt long enough for the next trough across the US to interact and dig further cold air southwards into the Western Atlantic to push more warm air up towards Greenland and hence allow deeper cold to dig south into Europe. The differences here are at the day 4/5 range here, can we aftera few poor years get lucky and get the perfect upstream interaction to draw a cold and unstable northerly to provide a decent snow event. Fingers crossed.
  5. Rantoday has your area above freezing all night Backtrack
  6. Still 1c here.... clearer skies.... puddles... woodburner on, Bloody Mary poured, some decs up..seen some snowflakes (not millenial snowflakes).. can’t complain....
  7. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    No snow in limavady
  8. Temp bottomed out at 0.1 and has now jumped to 1.5 in a mere 15 minutes. Clouded up as this small band of ppn moves in.
  9. Rain, sleet and hail showers most of the evening. Can’t see it dropping below about 3/4C tonight.
  10. Get your teeth into this stunning output now,and we can start to look for upgrades nearer the term,ie:- temps and ppn and of caurse,features that pop up in the next few days
  11. The temperature seems to have bottomed out at 1.1°C. The forecast is for temps to rise before dawn, so the elusive sub-zero temperature is on hold. I've just looked back at some data, and I have recorded sub-zero temps every November, going back to 2010. Judging by the forecasts, It's possible that this will be the first November in 7 years that I don't make it.
  12. Theres a slushy dusting about 250M
  13. Still looking superb over the UK at 150 Not sure about the longevity of the cold beyond the next few frames, but the most important part of the run is looking just dandy. Great stuff
  14. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    just looked out and have a covering. was -1.5c comin home from work earlier and snow that has fallen had froze over. could be an interesting night.
  15. Well that's a surprise, earlier forecasts have been more representative of GFs/ECM ouput last couple of days.
  16. At this particular stage around 5-7 c.. But quickly going down.....
  17. My daughter rolling a giant snow ball down the street in Princetown back in 2015. Lets hope for more of the same this wkend. its nice and early this year too
  18. Look at that a true feat of nature- -20c all the way from Svalbard modified +12c arriving in London as -8c air ! what a finger of cold !
  19. A couple of off topic posts have been removed. Model output talk in here and chat/banter to the other threads please all. Thanks
  20. What sort of temperature would we expect in the south east if that came off?
  21. Signals picking up lively for 850s now.. Tapping into some 'true' arctic air....
  22. 0.8°C here meaning it's now the coldest night of the season so far.
  23. Cant believe am seeing such an atlantic high and north easterly winds for the uk at 120 hours!!!amazing stuff!!
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