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  2. Hasn't reached 20°C here yet this month let alone 25. Of course it did reach 20°C last month at Easter but the highest so far this month is 18.9°C.
  3. My station took around a week and a half from ordering to being delivered. Hong Kong appeared to have many public holidays during my order time, hence why it took longer. Once the station is shipped, it took just over 24 hours to get from Hong Kong to my front door. Yours shouldn't take too long!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Extent still dropping steadily and at 2nd lowest. The ice in the Beaufort is getting hammered by winds and warm air with open water getting ever larger in size and we still got another 3 to 4 days of this ridging pattern which will keep on bringing strong winds and warm air from Alaska before perhaps at last this ridge will break down and lower pressure may take control although the words of too little too late comes to mind. Quite mixed signals in the outlook it must be said although the trends do seem to suggest slightly more favourable conditions for the ice as more troughing tries to come into play but some runs do want to keep pressure high over the basin and its the Siberian coastline we may have to keep an eye on as strong southerly winds are forecast there so the fragile looking ice over to the east of Wrangel Island could perhaps develop quite a hole again although at this stage, not quite the size as it was in 2017. Looking at worldview, the ice does look pretty poor it must be said, no doubt any snowfall on the ice is rapidly melting and the ice does look rather fragile on the Pacfiic side of the basin, at this stage, the CAB could resemble more of 2016 than 2018 I feel just given what the basin has experienced so far this May and this melting season in general really. Wish i could be more positive but its hard at the moment yet on the other hand, there is some interest in that the ice looks like its getting pre conditioned for quite an exciting melting season for melting but the Arctic being the Arctic is not always as stright forward as it appears.
  6. Yes. I was just watching that myself. Flooding looks to be the major problem at the moment.
  7. Been watching OKC weather streaming, to the north of the warm front temperatures are struggling to make double figures Celsius, actually pushing the warm front back south. Could limit the activity in the north of the PDS box.
  8. wow, yep - that's looking healthy. hope it holds together!
  9. Yep a couple of cells just hitting 40kft - if this takes hold then I think OKC is in its sights
  10. What an absolutely incredible 6 hours of streaming. Felt like I was actually there. I’ve seen a good 4-5 tornadoes! The best one being that Mangum beast, my word, what a belter. Thankfully, the town looks to have escaped the worst. Need to go to bed, but my heart is telling me otherwise. Might have some explaining to do to the boss tomorrow
  11. Yes Dave, I saw you failed in your bid for promotion, but in truth Torquay and Woking was probably right in the end. As for us we never won a single playoff match under Dos, so can't give you any advice there Life without Dos after 11 years is going to be difficult, not only because he was/is a friend, but as you say he is a brilliant manager, he can get 500miles out of petrol fumes. Whether our new guy recommended by Dos will be able to keep us in the National remains to be seen. In truth I just don't know what next season holds for us. Really tempted to go with Dos and work with him at Havant, This new guy we have even wants paying to do the job, so thats 50k off the budget straight away.
  12. I guess the onshore nature of those warm winds didn’t help your location. The occurrences of 25C in 2017, 2016, 2014, 2008, 2006 and 2005 all came from southeasterlies.
  13. I give this cell a 20% chance of building into a supercell! its been trying!
  14. Clearing skies after a cloudy but dry Monday afternoon Temp 10.0c
  15. Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Tue 21 May 2019 - 05:59 UTC Wed 22 May 2019 ISSUED 20:37 UTC Mon 20 May 2019 ISSUED BY: Dan Upper low to the west of Scotland will gradually drift southeastwards across Scotland during Tuesday. The resultant cool air aloft will steepen mid-level lapse rates, which combined with diurnal heating should yield 300-500 J/kg CAPE. A cloudy start with outbreaks of rain over the area should break up as convective-overturning takes place, with scattered showers developing by the afternoon, persisting well into the evening / overnight as the upper low moves slowly across the area. Flow is a little weak, but there is some speed and directional shear. As such, a few sporadic lightning strikes will be possible - particularly over Sterlingshire, Perthshire and Fife, and environs. Confidence is not high enough to warrant a SLGT at this stage. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-05-21
  16. Bob Pack currently driving through the Apocalypse Now set...
  17. call me stupid but how is Graham Potter a better manager than Chris Houghton? CH got Brighton into the PL kept them up for the last 2 season on a shoestring ..i mean where do the board think Brighton should be? top 6..top 10? they should thank their manager they are not in League 1..hope they go down next season.
  18. Back on topic please. Report posts that you think are disruptive, rather than replying to them. Or, use the multiquote feature and reply to them (in a polite manner) here Thanks.
  19. Fake data . Where do you think the real data is then? And I'm sorry but if you're pedalling denialist tosh with no backing and with the intention to mislead, then this has to be called out. You consistently come into the model output thread and tell us not to look at the model output... and then you quote the model output itself. Criticism of such an approach is warranted.
  20. A few storm chasers have said the temp seems to be colder than forecast
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