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  2. They need a clear out throughout the squad I'd start with De Gea and work forward 2 wins since the PSG game makes you wonder what's gone wrong since. Was it just pure luck with Ole or have some of the players given up?
  3. A few short lived light showers during early Wednesday evening. Currently dry and cloudy 10.5c Temp
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  5. Hopefully at least some rain for you at some point tomorrow to help a little with those fires
  6. MO is peeling away at the rain in the early hours. Had 5 ‘heavy rain’ symbols earlier, now just 2. Surprise surprise
  7. Yep, Saturday looks the write off during the weekend! Improvements for Sunday into Monday on the 18s....and warming up a tad again.
  8. Good performance by us still not sure if i want 7th watched clips from UTD massive cull next season just shows how the top 2 are light years above everyone else.
  9. No sign yet of forecast rain for today and the rain has been downgraded to very little in the next few days for our area.Local dairy farm now into fifth field of grass cutting to feed immediately to housed cows with almost a month before proper silage season as last years stocks were exhausted. Still signs of impending drought as water tables in this area are very low.We too just got the beef cows and calves out in time to grass as we were down to the last wrapped silage bale. Possibly no relief for firefighters.
  10. I’ve thought Saturday looks the worst day this week by far. Looking cold wet windy, all in all just dreadful.
  11. UK Severe Convective & Storm Forecast - Issued 2019-04-24 21:36:00 Valid: 25/04/2019 00z- 26/04/2019 00z CONVECTIVE / STORM FORECAST - DAY 1 THURS 25TH APRIL 2019 Click here for the full forecastCheck the full storm forecast here
  12. Cloudy with a spell of showery rain around lunchtime. Sunny intervals at the end of the day. Maximum 17.0, minimum 11.2. Wind light SSE.
  13. Mainly cloudy,a little brightness before more cloud and a few spits of rain,max 19,min 5 deg
  14. Fire service have just said the Knockando fire is one of the largest the UK has seen for years.Will be on site for a few more days. Two helicopters now deployed to douse flames in inaccessible areas. A bit of good news Forres firefighters went into local Tesco to fill up with drinks for colleagues and Tesco donated the trolley load in recognition of their efforts. Fire engines have been coming from as far away as Balintore to provide relief crews. Satellite image of the fire
  15. davehsug

    In Memoriam

    Edward Kelsey, who played Joe Grundy in The Archers for over 30 years has died aged 88.
  16. Doubt tomo is too much to get excited about anyway - very little electrical activity expected, although some glaciated tops may be visible on any storms that do form. Bring on the proper stuff I say 🗣
  17. Changed topic title to be consistent with previous ones
  18. I’ve noticed we don’t have a summer weather forum open yet, so I thought I’d start this up to get everyone’s idea on the summer. The current predictions from the long range forecasts indicate a very very warm summer again. I think this is entirely possible and I think many have resigned to this, as 2007 style floods are looking more unlikely day by day with the weather trends. I was concerned we was gonna get a cool summer after February, but gradually I’ve seen the models and forecasters predict it to be very warm. I appreciate not everyone likes this weather, so how does everyone else feel this summer will be? I think May June July and early August will be cracking for us warmies.
  19. City coming up trumps when they need to again. Liverpool not winning the league with 97 points would be the most Liverpool thing ever
  20. Just for fun, I remember seeing this output / GFS 12z on the 12th April, like you said “the weather will do what it likes in the end” I WISH ...25c then to this in 4 days
  21. Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Thu 25 Apr 2019 - 05:59 UTC Fri 26 Apr 2019 ISSUED 20:42 UTC Wed 24 Apr 2019 ISSUED BY: Dan Upper trough, with main axis over Ireland, will slowly creep eastwards across the British Isles during Thursday. This will be accompanied by a marked cold pool aloft, steepening mid-level lapse rates. Due to the complex upper pattern, there is still at this stage marked variations in NWP guidance as to the exact track / shape / timing of a surface low and associated area of precipitation (occlusion) which will likely move northwards across England and Wales on Thursday morning. Strong upper forcing and marginal instability may result in a few isolated lightning strikes with this feature, though in general the risk is considered rather low. The main focus for lightning activity will be within the post-frontal environment, as increasing insolation results in surface heating beneath increasingly dry air aloft. This will increase instability, generating 300-500 J/kg CAPE which combined with areas of frictional convergence will aid in the development of scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. Greatest risk of lightning is likely to be in a zone from SE Wales / SW Midlands northeastwards to NE / E England during the afternoon and early evening - a low-end SLGT has been issued here. A second area of interest could be inland parts of Ireland, though here a lack of shear suggests convection will be both slow moving and rather "pulse-type", with a risk of some localised water issues due to slow storm motion. Cloud cover is also some concern here given close proximity to some frontal rain at times - a low-end SLGT has been issued here. In general, the best shear will exist across East Anglia / SE England, though here the potential for deep convection is somewhat restricted due to a shorter land track to the surface wind, and perhaps also slow cloud clearance depending on the timing of the earlier frontal rain. Nonetheless, decaying showers/storms from northern France may push into SE England later in the day, but probably with a weakening trend. In any case, lightning activity is not expected to be as prolific as was the case on Wednesday, and any individual storm may only produce a few sporadic lightning strikes. Many places within the SLGT areas will likely remain void of any lightning. Quite a few reports of generally small hail are likely, perhaps locally up to 1.5cm in diameter. A couple of funnel clouds / weak tornadoes will be possible, primarily in Ireland with the best low-level convergence. Showers/storms will tend to decrease in intensity and coverage as daytime heating subsides. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-04-25
  22. United were poor Not bad since he signed that contract...
  23. Don’t know who to believe - Tony at UKWW says the south east corner tomorrow is porticularly likely to get hail and lightning, whereas CW is calling it for the north (again, yawn). Friday will be more widespread I expect with more areas of the north getting storms. Saturday opens the gates for all, many northern areas will have storms with the south remaining dry. SUNDAY: Showers heavieszsszszztz ozvezzr nozrzthzzzezzzzrzzzzznzzzzzzzzzz
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