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  2. The mean EPS does indicate a brief lapse into unsettled territory as indicated by the det but then a respite from this in the longer range as discussed briefly last evening
  3. typical of this site..... i can snipe at you but we will remove any response you make....
  4. The 2000`s on the other hand was the most snowless decade not just in april which was extremely noticeably after the 90`s but all seasons in it did turn around in 2008 back to form though,and 2013 april was incredible for the snow lasting from that unprecidendent late march record snowfall and severe drifting and record drifts,makes the spring 1990`s look like winter 1988/89.
  5. Today
  6. Gorgeous cool but calm sunny morning here. So far so good...
  7. Listed below, is SUXER's (Rich), scorecard for all 12 of his selected players. His NAP, Rory McILROY will gain Rich a further 2 Bonus Points, if McILROY wins. All Bonus Points will be MINUSED off your player's finishing position, to give a final Fantasy Figure (F/F). All of your 12 selected player's Fantasy Figures will be added together and divided by 12, to give each entrant an average Fantasy Figure. The entrant with the lowest average Fantasy Figure, shall be deemed the winner. Your aim is to have your players finish as far up the final Leaderboard as possible and also as few players as possible, missing the "cut". If the great majority of your 12 selected players make the "cut", you will mainly avoid the "big numbers", on your scorecard!! I have "colour coded" Rich's selections and as we can see, he has followed the Format to a tee (no pun intended!!), by selecting 6 U.S.A Golfers, 4 from Europe and 2 from the Rest of the World. Thanks Rich, it makes my job so much easier if entrants stick to the Format and Rules!! YOUR 12 SELECTED PLAYERS GRP PLAYER B/P(R.1) B/P(R.2) B/P(R.3) B/P(R.4) B/P(TOP 5) B/P (NAP) F/P F/F A. 1: Rory McILROY A. 2: Justin THOMAS A. 3: Dustin JOHNSON B. 1: Tommy FLEETWOOD B. 2: Francesco MOLINARI B. 3: Patrick REED C. 1: Marc LEISHMAN C. 2: Adam SCOTT C. 3: Matt KUCHAR D. 1: Gary WOODLAND D. 2: Webb SIMPSON D. 3: Tyrrell HATTON Total F/F= Total Divided by 12. Average F/F = NAP: Rory McILROY ODDS:7/1(2) Bonus Points. RED x 6 (U.SA.Golfer), BLUE x 4(Euro.Golfer), GREEN x 2 (Rest of World Golfer). B/P = Bonus Ponts,R.1 = Round 1, R.2 = Round 2, R.3 = Round 3, R.4 = Round 4. B/P(Top 5) = Bonus Points for Top 5 finish. B/P (NAP) = Bonus Points for your NAP. F/P = Actual Finishing Position. F/F = Fantasy Figure. Members wishing to enter, could you please have your entries posted up on this thread by, 9 PM (Weds.10th April). Thank you. Regards, Tom.
  8. Bright but almost complete cover of cloud at varying heights, a low of 6.1 C
  9. The ecm is looking to break down the ridge a tad quicker and by Friday/Sat has front tracking south down the country bringing some rain and quite windy in the north The ridge is still hanging in there on Sunday but has given up the ghost by Monday. Obviously the detail in the5-10 period still to be resolved
  10. To continue briefly with the gfs, The ridge quite quickly comes under pressure and is forced east by the end of next week as another trough drops into the Atlantic and moves east Thus although Friday and Saturday will be quite warm in the southerly drift that ensues by midday Saturday a surface low is perched just west of Ireland and this will bring some showery and windy conditions on Sunday. But that is a long way off
  11. Outlook - essentially high pressure will be the dominating influence over the next few days as a high cell tracks from the SW > SE via the UK. Not all plain sailing as systems will ingress around the northern flank thus tending towards a NW/SE split somewhat which is well illustrated with the precipitation chart. Meanwhile the NH 500mb profile and the Atlantic analysis for midnight and the WV sat. image for 0300 So following on from a post yesterday. The weakening cold front that is currently crossing the the south of England and Wales is now essentially just a cloud feature with a few bits and bobs of rain/drizzle but as it stalls along the Channel this unfortunately will linger all day and through tonight over the south west and southern coastal areas. Behind the front where the sun breaks through it will be quite warm but cooler in the north where showers will continue for a while over western Scotland albeit the strong wind abating through the day. It will be a relatively clear night in most places so quite a widespread frost by morning but a cold front associated with a low over Iceland encroaches from the north west and will bring more squally showers, and more persistent rain, to Scotland through the early hours of tomorrow. Through Sunday the front tracks a little south east but is struggling against the ridge so the squally showers only impact Scotland and northern England, possibly, Northern Ireland, whilst the rest of England and Wales will be predominately sunny once the front in the channel has gone. But as has been mentioned previously this is the point where a trough has tracked up the eastern seaboard and phased with the vortex, which initiates renewed ridging of the subtropical high in the Atlantic. Thus over Sunday night and into Monday the aforementioned low tracks into southern Scandinavia and the occlusion brings some rain overnight into Scotland as the wind veers north westerly and is quite strong for a while down the north east coast. Elsewhere over England and Wales dry with sunny intervals as the cold front is now weakening and being forced west by all the maneuvering Over Monday night and through Tuesday the high pressure consolidates and is now centred just south of Ireland thus a dry day with sunny intervals for most with temps a tad above average. The exception again being northern Scotland where the presence of a cold front will bring some patchy rain and a fair breeze. A not dissimilar, but warmer, day on Wednesday as the cold front slips a tad further south.
  12. Mild dry with high level cloud Temp 5.4C, Barometer 1029mb rising, Wind F2 WNW, Rainfall nil
  13. Has cleared up a little bit this evening so I can see a few stars. Temp currently 6.7°C down from 8.7°C an hour ago
  14. Remaining dry and cloudy with calmer conditions returning after a moderate breeze during Friday Temp 6.0c
  15. Yesterday
  16. 3C this evening and heavy showers looking decidedly.... wet!
  17. Also this chart for Easter Sunday 1973 shows a setup that would have likely produced some snow particularly further north. So a cold Easter that year, even though it was in late April, was it not also 1973 that had the infamous early June snow that stopped the cricket at Buxton?
  18. Currently reading Happyslapped by a jellyfish by Karl Pilkington, very good so far, and a bargain at only 60p from the charity shop. I think I may pick up some of his later books
  19. Because it's a potential indicator that we have passed solar minimum for SC 24 I guess
  20. It was earlier, think I might have found it looking back at the historic charts. Good Friday 1973 was on the 20th April.... but is that chart cold enough for snow in the SE so late in April? It was very wet snow, heavy though with big flakes, settled everywhere producing several wet inches of what I remember as a snowy wet mess.
  21. Dry with some sunny spells breezy at times max 13 deg min 8 deg
  22. Good points being made Karl and Mike, was just gonna say looking at the low pressure Mike pointed out and the southerly wind was almost like a summer chart, heat being transferred north followed by a thundery breakdown! It does go all Pete tong though right at the end with low pressure anchored to our NW and a fair bit cooler......... Boooohhh, shoot the messanger!!!! Edit... And the FV3 really does decide to P on our parade towards the end of its run!!
  23. I mentioned earlier about potential for southerly sourced air during early april and that's exactly what tonight's Gfs 18z shows...as for next week we have high pressure anchored over the uk so a very pleasant week for the majority, even the far north looks fine after next tuesday for several days.
  24. Same old, same old here in the south. Dry and dull. Maximum 11.5, minimum 8.8. Wind light SW.
  25. Saw triple frontier the other day, was it expecting it to be typical big names/big budget rubbish but it was actually pretty good.
  26. Nath


    Sadly, the desecration of English heritage doesnt warrant anywhere near the same response as muslim heritage desecration, whether thats media, police or public outrage!
  27. Wonder if that low west of Spain on the pub run at T228 is the trigger for a period of settled high pressure dominated weather for the UK, and maybe more... I feel this will happen, high pressure in the run in to summer,but how exactly this will develop still unclear.
  28. May as well close it! Debate is only allowed lol when the powers agree with it...
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