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Fantastic storm (NE Mallorca 06/09/05)

Locals said it had not rained since late May, my timing for the holiday was therefore brillaint, Saw the breakdown occur on the 4th when unusually rough winds from NE brought very choppy seas early in the morning after months of v hot and dry conditions, observed high cloud 5th with turbulent cloud over mountains and come the 6th i saw a absolutely perfect gigantic anvil high up above the whole North of the island looking westerly toward Palma around 13:00 but unfortunately was not cammed up for, To feel the atmosphere and electricity in this storm when it unloaded locally around 15:00-16:00 was like a dream, the hailstones were brussel sprout sized and a couple felt like golfballs!

it was like being in a gigantic hot shower, and to feel the strength of the wind tear structural awnings down and fling lilos around was something else, I could not see clearly at all yet being drenched like never before in such warm rain was exilerating, the whole storm moving NE with the wind coming from that direction was great to see, I`m definately a novice storm chaser now and the famous "T alley" becons like never before!

From the album:

NE mallorca Can Picafort-Alcudia 06/09/05

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