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Little Fakmouth

Flushing and Little Falmouth From Elizabethan times a pilchard palace (fish cellar), operated by the early 1600s by the Lobb family, was in existence at Little Falmouth, just northwest of Flushing. The first official record of the village itself was in 1653. Before the 17th century the site consisted of a small valley with a stream running down into an inlet, at the head of which was the Medieval hamlet of Nankersey. Its transformation was the work of local landowners John, Francis and Samuel Trefusis, with the help of Dutch engineers, reputedly from Vlessingen (the name of the new village being a corruption of this). The first stage of the development involved the draining of the marshy inlet and the construction of a small harbour at a place now known as Fish Cross (owing to the fact that fish was landed and cured here). Seawalls were built on either side of the harbour mouth and an inn and a few houses behind.

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